Wouldn’t you know minutes after these photos were taken I pretty much ruined these pants. Coffee straight to the lap. I mean looking at it now I can see where I went wrong — checking my phone with one hand in the car, coffee no lid in the other hand, Bryan driving, speed bumps. Not that I’m blaming my husband for the spilled coffee, no of course not. But I am saying that speed bumps are meant to slow a car instead of launch one. Eh, white jeans though. We’ve had a good two and a half year run. That’s pretty remarkable for very white, very stainable pants and a very clumsy girl. I’m calling it a success in my book. 

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  1. I adore everything about this outfit! I was looking at some truly lovely plaid button-ups the other day. Had to talk myself out of them since I was supposed to be Christmas shopping, but I'll be back, I'm sure. 🙂

  2. Love this story. It's so me. And yes, yes it is a success to have made it this far.


  3. Clorox II will take it out, I have had everything on a 7 year pair of white levis that i would cry if I had to part with. Happy Holidays ;c)

  4. definitely a success. I'm the clumsiest girl in the world. I had a coffee spilling incident in Starbucks just yesterday. didn't even make it out of the store without spilling. haha. Love this outfit!(:


  5. The vest is a perfect touch! You look fabulous

  6. This ensemble is the best! I'm a buffalo check print fan. I did a post on it back in October. The grey actually neutralizes the bold check but in a good way. Not to mentioned, the white jeans look great on you. This is a look I may have to try. You look great.


  7. Oh no! RIP, white jeans. It's an excuse to pick up a fab new pair, right? 😉 I love how you styled them with the buffalo plaid. I've been meaning to pick up a buffalo plaid shirt of some kind myself!

    xo Kimi

  8. This outfit is definitely something I would wear! Minus the white pants due to a messy child. Love it all!

  9. I literally JUST wore that shirt yesterday! But with black jeans.. I like it with the white! Great minds think alike! 🙂 Looking fab as always!

  10. I'm obsessed with the vest and stalked it on oldnnavy.com as soon as I saw it on your instagram the other day and it was already almost sold out then. Now it's totally gone. I'm so sad!

  11. RIT dye is the perfect solution for stained white pants that still fit great!

  12. I suggest a thick paste of Oxyclean (add the powder to water to make a paste) on the stain for many hours. Seriously. It's a freakin miracle product. I wear and buy a lot of vintage clothes and have seen Oxyclean take out ancient mystery stains. Good luck!


  13. Hahaha. I must say, I love LOVE the way you write your posts! The only thing better than a cute outfit is a cute outfit with a story behind it. 🙂

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