I know you’re probably thinking that I bought all the turtlenecks at Target that fateful grocery shopping day, but I did not. I bought two out of the probably fifteen, so there was some self-control and constraint shown that day. I went in for this basic one and walked out with that one and this pretty sleeveless number. Yes, it’s sleeveless and a sweater. At first it doesn’t make sense, but now that I think about is actually quite genius because I can easily layer a jacket over and not have it bulk up in the sleeves. It’s a win-win situation for my arms and my neck.
I love love love this color right now. When we were at market for the shop buying up all the pretties for fall and winter, this color was shown over and over again in all different shades so I knew it would be big this season. It’s just that I didn’t realize I would love it as much as I do. And this light pale pink might just be my favorite. Just don’t tell the other shades of pink in my closet, they will get jealous and go all Mean Girls on this sweater. 
(FYI: I bought one size up for this slouchy look)
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50 Responses

  1. My Gma has been rocking the sleeveless shirts for years. We always tease her that she looks like Rambo, so we started calling her Grambo. There is your random story of the day.

  2. That knit looks incredibly cozy! I love how you paired a blush pink with an emerald, what a combination.


  3. I would have never thought to get a slouchy turtleneck tank?! And wear it with a skirt. I LOVE this. Thanks for sharing. sweetsauceblog.com

  4. As always, a perfect outfit! I love reading your posts, they always make me smile!

  5. I bought that skirt and then returned it. It was "too much" for my lifestyle and I need to stop buying clothes I have nowhere to wear them. But, I did love it…

  6. I thought the same thing! As a former Nordstrom bra fitter, you are wearing the wrong size brassiere.:)

  7. I love this light pink color in winter! Beautiful.


  8. You're right – such a beautiful color. You look very stylish!

  9. How did you fix your hair like this? I've never been able to make my hair look that good when pulling it back like that.

  10. Brian and you found the perfect background to show off the lovely color! Wonderful!

  11. I would have never thought of paring blush with this green but I love the colour combo. I'm also so in love with blush this winter! Can't get enough of it.

    Catherine x

  12. the inner child in me is having flashbacks to terrible turtlenecks. but this looks so good!! i love the blush color too, it's pretty perfect 🙂

  13. This is very cute! I love the color combination, the skirt and the bag!


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