So Sarah Jessica Parker started a shoe line at Nordstrom called, of course, SJP. I rarely make my way over to that side of the shoe department but my eyes fell on this grey pair and of course, this poppy red pair. (I think that’s my signature color. Yes, I’m certain it is.) But after thinking about it, I couldn’t say no to the red pair. I tried to go towards the more responsible and equally as beautiful grey heel, but even the sales guy agreed, red is so very Carrie. I mean if you are going to go icon, go Carrie. You know what else is very Carrie? A tulle skirt. I feel like this post need minimum words today. I mean tulle skirt + red SJP heels + pink sweater = done. I’ll just be over here having a Carrie moment in my tulle skirt on a random Tuesday. Don’t mind me at all. 
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  1. I've had my eye on that Halogen sweater before it ever appeared on your blog, but haven't taken the plunge because of all the "it's itchy!" reviews. What's your opinion? It looks so pretty! p.s. I was lovin' the 6-post week last week… 🙂

  2. I love everything about this outfit ! You nailed it ! I've thought about SJP shoes for some time but they are so super pricey that I've passed up on them but SALE! don't mind if I do . Thank you for the heads up girl!


  3. Kendi , definitely one of my favorite outfits.
    I am in love with SJP collection, they are on my wish list for long time 🙂
    Looking gorgeous. Mel

  4. Poppy red shoes are surprisingly versatile! I have a pair of flats that color and they find their way in many many outfits…

  5. I love the SJP shoe collection, I have decided for my 30th birthday I am going to treat myself to a pair. Its going to be hard to chose just one though.

  6. I don't find it itchy at all! It's very soft, so I don't know about the reviews. I'm not too sensitive though to wool or anything really, so I find it comfortable. I suppose if you have any bit of sensitivity, maybe not but I find it very wearable 🙂

  7. I love the pop of color in the lip and the shoe. Tulle skirts make everything look glamourous.

  8. Love the pops of red! And that tulle skirt is beautiful! 🙂

  9. I love the colors on you, especially the pink! Did you find the sweater to run true to size?

  10. I need that skirt. And those heels. I don't have any place I need to wear them other than to my job, which is super casual, but I'm sure they won't care if I dress like a ballerina.

  11. You look like a freaking princess. It's madness! Does Kate Middleton know about you? Because she needs to step it up. Pregnancy is no excuse.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  12. You are so stylish Kendi! This outfit is just girly perfection. Those heels are amazing, I know you're going to style the hell out of them with jeans and other things too, which I can't wait to see. I feel like only you could make a pink sweater and tutu look perfectly appropriate and charming, rather than costume-y. Love this so much!

  13. The sales guy is right, this shade of red is very Carrie indeed. Suits your skin tone really well too. I wouldn't dare wear a tulle skirt out and about so I'll give you props for braving the street ^_^.

    If only Nordstroms does cheaper delivery rates to Singapore, I would have snatch a pair right up.

  14. I've followed your blog for years and have never commented until now… This outfit is probably my favorite of all times! You look radiant. Your lip color with those shoes are perfection! Where can I get that lipstick for myself?

  15. That outfit Is a wee match made in girly heaven! God bless Carrie Bradshaw

  16. Gorgeous, and definetely Carrie! In love with those shoes! The color is amazing.
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