I feel like I should apologize for the casual posts lately. Life has just been casual since most of my days are spent building racks, hanging things or just general working on getting the new shop up and going. I figure that once I get the shop open the more dressy outfits will be coming out, but for now jeans and booties all day, everyday. Except for when I am in my yoga pants, not doing yoga.  In other news, it’s cool enough to wear sweaters and jackets and scarves. This makes for one happy girl.  
I’m working on a post about the new shop for this week. You know me, I’m not an over sharer — in fact I’d say I’m probably an under-sharer here on the internet but I’m trying to get over my too little information nature and put the process out there. I think I just get so focused on actually getting everything done and open that I forget to share the process. I am much more about the final product than the process. Which is why I’d make a terrible DIY blogger. I’d just be like ‘ oh yeah, I made this’ and someone would ask how and I’d just be like “¯_(ツ)_/¯”. 
Best to just stick to style blogging and shop opening for now. 
Old Navy Sweater  ($15 right now!)

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  1. Apologize? Are you kidding!? The casual ones are my favorite!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Love this look! That scarf is rockin…and I'm just way impressed by your "shoulder shrugging" smiley face. Workin' those keyboard symbols, girl! 😉

  3. I am loving the camel colored sweater and I am the same way about over posting. I get it.

  4. Omg gurl bring ON the casual posts. I love them and it's excellent outfit inspiration for me, as a forever-casual type of girl.

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