Having a Moment: Camel

I know. I wanted this post to be about camels, too. But truth is they aren’t having a moment in fashion, but the shade of camel is. At first I was just going to talk jackets and coats, but on my journey through Pinterest I quickly learned camel is actually everywhere. Blazers, skirts, pants, scarves — therefore it indeed is having a moment right now. Let’s break it down and see how you can wear it right now.
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Classic Camel: I call this collection classic because it pairs with all things neutral, denim or already in your closet. Black pants, white top or chambray top or hey how about a grey sweater? The simplest of things look a bit more elevated when paired with a camel coat, jacket or blazer. (My vote is for a blazer — a pretty much year round choice.) I really love the camel + white + black combinations lately. The parts are all very simple but the sum is an elevated and perfectly styled combination. Pro tip: If you are looking to step up your game but not spend much money, look at classic color combinations such as this and lean especially on neutral tones. No one ever said that perfectly styled had to be expensive. Going for classic pieces is one of the easiest ways to instantly look chic. 
// Camel Blazers + Jackets //

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Sporty Spice: Street style is everywhere these days. Sneaker chic as I like to call it,  which looks especially chic if you pair it with a long camel coat or trench, as seen above. I love the mix of the coated denim, converse and long jacket. Again, it’s the classic mix of white, black and camel. You really can’t go wrong with those shades but you can go casual. I can always get behind casual chic. 
// Casual Camel Jackets // 

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(sources, l to r: 1 / 2 / 3* / 4)
Color Pop: Essentially the color of camel is just a shade of brown. (Of course it’s the perfect shade, but still at it’s origin it is a bland brown.) And we all know the best way to make a blah neutral pop is with color. Red, of course, is always a classic. Again dressing in the classic shades will never steer you wrong. But I tried to pick a few other unexpected color combinations to pair with camel, as seen above. I think the lavender might be my favorite but I love the play of yellow or the neon pink. In fact, bonus points if you chose neon pink — make that genius points. One more thing — the best part of a shade like camel is that you really can’t go wrong with a color combination. I’m sitting here trying to think of a bad combo and I’m struggling to find one. 
// Pops to Pair //

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(sources, l to r: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4*) 
Camel Everywhere: Like I said before, the shade of camel is most poplar in jackets and blazers but that doesn’t mean that’s always the best option. My favorite look is a nice camel trouser. The hardest part is finding the right shade of camel and I haven’t seen these in person but this pair is pretty darn close. I also love a classic camel pencil skirt — paired with stripes like above and oh-la-la you are living out my french girl dreams. 
// Camel Everything //

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(why yes that is a camel on a camel colored sweater above.)
Have you seen this trend around as well? What is your take on how to wear this shade for fall? 

*still trying to find sources for these images! if you know, help! πŸ™‚

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  1. Adrienne J says:

    Oh my goodness, the pops of color! Must find a camel & neon combo STAT.

    10.03.14 · Reply
  2. lavieenliz says:

    love the camel coat


    10.03.14 · Reply
  3. Beautiful inspirations. I love camel coats!


    10.03.14 · Reply
  4. Laura says:

    Loving these camel looks! Didn't expect the weather to get so cool here so quickly but think I'm going to have to pull my camel coat out from winter storage!

    Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer

    10.03.14 · Reply
  5. Camel is so versatile! Love how you really proved this!

    10.03.14 · Reply
  6. arantxa says:

    like very much this selection !

    10.03.14 · Reply
  7. Great post!! Camel is such a staple and fabulous color!


    10.03.14 · Reply
  8. Jessica says:

    I'm trying to decide between a camel peacoat and an oversized baby pink peacoat…the turmoil! You aren't making my decision any easier, since I was leaning toward the pink πŸ˜‰

    26 and Not Counting

    10.03.14 · Reply
  9. Mandy Jacks says:

    I have always and forever will love camel. My purses the last several years have always been camel. It is classic and beautiful.

    10.03.14 · Reply
  10. Elizabeth Hawn says:
    10.03.14 · Reply
  11. Definitely having a change of heart about camel. Loving it with a pop of color!
    xo Adri

    10.03.14 · Reply
  12. Still looking for the elusive perfect camel coat!


    10.03.14 · Reply
  13. scunningham says:

    As soon as I read this, I knew I was going to comment – I have J. Crew's camel-colored sweater with a camel on it. (You mentioned it above!) It's super cute and, yes, I DO wear it on Wednesdays. (No, I have no shame.)

    10.03.14 · Reply
  14. Hally Joseph says:

    Laughed out loud at the camels who might've had their hopes dashed at this post. Especially as a redhead, I love camel (all autumnal shades are my domain!). This camel scarf from Old Navy is a new favorite: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=38340&vid=1&pid=122127002

    10.03.14 · Reply
  15. Sasa Zoe says:

    Beautiful camel coats! Love them<3


    10.03.14 · Reply
  16. I love camel sadly he/she doesn't seem to like my colouring!!


    10.03.14 · Reply
  17. Love that this color is having a moment! I've always been fond of this neutral, but surprisingly only have 1 or 2 items in camel! The coats are my favorite, and of course, purses! Also, adding bright pops of color is genius!


    10.03.14 · Reply
  18. I am absolutely loving camel as well! my fav would have to be the camel casual you put together! love it! I really need to go for some camel shopping!


    10.03.14 · Reply
  19. Julia Shutenko says:

    Camel is great! Always looks expensive and chic!

    10.03.14 · Reply
  20. love this post. i have been wanting a camel trench but finding the right one is kind of a chore! i have one but the color just isn't right so i never wear it. why oh why does the burberry have to be so expensive?!

    love how you found other ways to style the color.

    xo mk

    10.03.14 · Reply
  21. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    Camel is such a classic for the fall! I've always loved it!



    10.03.14 · Reply
  22. Autumn says:

    (^0^) I'm dying after read the first few sentences! Haha! I love this post! I love post! I love how you discussed more than just camel outerwear as well. I never would have thought of wearing a camel skirt honestly, but now I want one!

    10.03.14 · Reply
  23. I am with you on this. I'm all about camel!

    10.03.14 · Reply
  24. Ombre Vogue says:

    I have some camel pieces that I have been meaning to style soon! Thanks for all this inspiration <3


    10.03.14 · Reply
  25. Joules says:

    I've been very into camel lately too. This is a great roundup!

    Style by Joules

    10.04.14 · Reply
  26. Loving these coats! Perfect touch for this Fall weather. Excited to see other outfits you have planned! xo, Hayley http://www.dailydoseofdarling.com

    10.04.14 · Reply
  27. Mel says:

    Excellent color! Great inspiration


    10.04.14 · Reply
  28. Kimi says:

    LOVING camel – especially my camel coat. It definitely get its fair share of wear in the winter. Now I'm dying to wear it with black and white.

    xo Kimi

    10.04.14 · Reply
  29. Marcy Holmes says:

    I had a perfect pair of camel slacks until recently when my husband washed them with a brand new black shirt. It was very sad and I haven't been able to find a replacement. He's lucky I'm in maternity clothes now or he'd be hearing about it weekly.

    10.04.14 · Reply
  30. Oldbutfunkyable says:

    I bought an investment camel coat last year and wore it constantly. Just bought a camel skirt and that goes with everything too. Need to start looking for a blazer and some pants now.

    10.04.14 · Reply
  31. Miss J. says:

    So cool and versatile!




    10.04.14 · Reply
  32. Leanne Gaston says:

    I love the camel on the camel-colorer sweater! Made me laugh and then desperately want it πŸ™‚

    10.04.14 · Reply
  33. Naville T says:
    10.04.14 · Reply
  34. This is post is simply amazing. Best article i've read all day.


    10.05.14 · Reply
  35. Yao Yao says:

    Great post! Love all the pictures you've chosen. They are all so inspiring. I would love to have an camel coat for the winter.

    xoyaoyao.wordpress.com :: bloglovin

    10.05.14 · Reply
  36. Great inspiration!
    Have a good Sunday!

    10.05.14 · Reply
  37. MilkVelvet says:

    Camel doesn't really go well with my skin but it does look good! http://milkandvelvet.com

    10.06.14 · Reply
  38. shopkenley says:

    Where did you buy your coat from? I have been looking everywhere for the perfect camel coat but can't find anything that isn't trench or double-breasted.

    10.06.14 · Reply
  39. nikki says:

    love those jackets!



    10.07.14 · Reply
  40. Oldbutfunkyable says:

    I bought mine from Apart clothing on Amazon and it's beautiful quality 3 button single breasted. But I bought it last year so I don't know if they still have them. Happy hunting.

    10.07.14 · Reply