The other day I got inspired to clean my closet up and pull my fall pieces to the front. As I was going through my autumn pieces, I was simultanously thanking my past self for the cute purchases and making a list of things I need for this fall. The biggest thing on my list? Shoes. It’s always shoes. The irony of this is that they are usually last on my shopping list but the first thing I need when completing a look. I mean, shoes can make or break an outfit people. This is serious business. 
Besides the must-have black bootie for fall, I’m really in the want for pumps. (I feel like a working woman from the 80s when using the word pumps for some reason. BRB, gonna go tease my bangs now. *shifts shoulder pads*) I have black pumps covered but I’m on the hunt for navy and this mysterious purple color I’ve created in my head. Luckily I found them with a quick color search on Nordstrom’s site. There they were in my size, in my price range and in the color I’d imagined. (That’s pretty much where I shop for all of my shoes nowadays. I just drill down on the search options until I find exactly what I like. MAGIC.) You would not believe my closet’s reaction when I showed them these shoes. Actually there was no reaction since it’s a closet, but I can imagine it smiled and clapped. 
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  1. I would never imagine pairing those two colors together would look so pretty! And that skirt is gorgeous. I may have to try this color combo

  2. You look wonderful… but that's not the main reason I had to comment. You are The Funny! I chortled a few times while reading this post. Chortle: Not a word you hear too often as it sounds like a medical term for a malady of the throat or a skin rash manifesting with lumps.

  3. I'm forever loyal to Nordstrom. They're so helpful, and their return policy is amazing! Also, those pumps are ADORABLE… I'm tempted to pick up a pair myself!

  4. hahaha you are so funny! but yes, you look like a working woman but i think from the 50s with a modern twist! loooveee the color of the pumps and your nails

    Xo, Belen

    A Hint of Life

  5. Wow that color combo is killer. I too am in the search for the perfect black bootie. Do share if you find it!

    -Emily |

  6. Love this outfit! It's so different but looks amazing.

    I actually have a request. I've followed for a while, so if you've done this in the past, could you please direct me to a post?

    I've been on a budget the past few years – and I'm not talking "no Starbucks twice a day" budget – trying to pay off my car and student loans, etc. I've done it (yea!), but my wardrobe has suffered. I plan to go the first weekend of October and at least get some basics. Could you do a basics post? I live in Texas, too, so I don't have to get a crazy winter wardrobe, but I'd like some versatile pieces. My bro is getting married in Brooklyn in November, so I also want to make sure I don't look country come to town. 🙂 Of course, I've been to NYC almost a dozen times, but still…

  7. the perfect, mystery color for fall, it's a berry of some sort. chokeberries? idk, but you've nailed it with the pairing (+ sky blue = genius)
    happy weekending!

  8. I love this color combo! That purple is gorgeous and I wouldn't have thought to pair it with that shade of blue.

    xo Julie

  9. Ok. Between the color combo and the texture of that sweater, I fully intend to rip you off. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?? But honestly, this outfit is so perfect!

  10. I literally just hit purchased on a skirt from Express that has a very similar shape to this one {it was on sale…twist my arm}. I am going back to work for the first time in 6 years & desperately need to brush up on my work wardrobe…my denim is making a sad face at me! Currently hunting for pieces that are work & after life appropriate!!!


  11. Love the pumps…such a beautiful color, and the skirt looks really lovely on you, too! You can always count on finding what you're looking for at Nordstrom. It's definitely one of my favorite places to shop!

  12. I am so obsessed with that wine color, and I would have NEVER thought to pair it with a pale blue-but it is sooo PERFECT! I love your style!

  13. Love love love love this outfit. I always want to wear heels but in College Station I feel like everyone would be like, "Hello, we're in College Station. Where's your yoga pants and oversized tee?"

  14. I'm loving that color combo together! fabulous!



  15. LOL on the "pumps" thought! (I LOL a lot, though, when reading your text.)
    You look lovely, as usual.

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