Fancy meeting you here, friends. I’ve actually forgotten what day it is and was excited to know that it’s just Wednesday. Technically that’s what is supposed to happen in Vegas (I’m here for the Magic tradeshow — for clothing for the new shop, not magic supplies for my new magic shop. Although that might be cooler.) I wore this dress a few weekends back when B and I were double dating but it has quickly become one of my favorites, so I packed it to wear this week while I’m here. I feel fancy without any effort at all — that’s when you know it’s a good black dress. Plus I feel like the rest of you can kind of look like a hot mess when you have a pretty dress on. Avert your eyes to the dress, people, that’s the rule by the end of a Vegas trip. Big sunglasses too. You see the bags under my eyes, now you don’t. See? Magic. 

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  1. Those heels are great! Very pretty look 🙂


  2. Love the bag! The "similar crossbody" option leads to the sunnies, as does the sunnies link. Where can I find a similar one?

  3. Hi! I just adore your blog. It's like seeing a friend that makes you smile every time that I read. I love your small smile, too! It seems so real to me. Also, such a great dress — I am always drawn to drop waists when I'm shopping!

  4. You always bring a smile to my face with your writings, I just love the way you write 🙂 And I can understand that this dress had become a favorite! It suits you.

    Have fun in Vegas!
    x Evi

  5. Thank you, Kendi. Now I HAVE TO buy another bag. How perfect is this DVF? Divine!! You look gorgeous as always, but you already now it! This time a huge compliment for the chosen lightning, makes you look even prettier <3

  6. Okay, by far the CUTEST PURSE you own. Reminds me of the purse AH carried around in breakfast at tiffany, 1963. The contrast with the navy is divine. My mom is hooked on your blog. She shops more then ever now, you are her inspiration.

  7. Just spent some time looking around your blog and I LOVE it! Your style is so chic, effortless and beautiful. I got some great ideas for my own outfits! I will be a regular visitor for sure!

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