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I think the thing I like best about summer is the uniform. Granted I don’t have just one, but I have a general summer look that I am usually always wearing. This would be one version: a chambray top, lightweight skirt, sandals. I tend to never stray from this look no matter where I am headed — brunch, dinner, pool. That’s what is great about a uniform — it always works no matter where you are. (Excluded: fancy awards ceremony and things like prom.) 
I’m wearing a one-piece here so I was obviously headed to the neighborhood pool, but button that chambray up and I’m unstoppable until 10 pm because that’s my bedtime. Summer uniform activate. 
Also — thoughts on one-pieces? I feel like they’ve made a comeback this year. I’m tall so I usually shy away from them (obvious reasons that I will not explain here) but this year it seems that most one-pieces have stepped up their game. I went with classic black on this one and I actually like this suit better than my typical tankini.  What about you — leaning more towards a one piece or sticking to a top and bottom combo this year? 
Old Navy Straw Tote / similar from ON
Old Navy Panama Hat / this floppy version is cute!

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57 Responses

  1. Most nights I can't even make it until 10! The joys of adulthood right. Your summer uniform is perfect, chambray for life!

  2. I'm tall too, and I can't tell you the last time I even tried on a one piece. For obvious reasons. I occasionally consider trying, but I'm always afraid I'll just wind up depressed. And uncomfortable.

  3. I just can't even imagine a one piece fitting properly. I am a tall girl (5'8") and I have yet to find one that looks good. When are you going to be brave and show us the whole thing!? 😉

  4. I bought a black one-piece from target this year. I love it! So classy and flattering. I love how you bring that classy look to casual outfits. Inspiring.

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