There is just something about living out of a suitcase for two weeks that makes you want to dive head first into your closet. And I do mean dive in to my closet.


This was more out of desperation than choice; I kind of had to dive head first into my closet because it was so messy I couldn’t even dip a toe in. I guess when we left for our trip I didn’t think we’d be back ever (??) so I just literally destroyed any sort of organization I had in my closet. One day this week as I spent a few hours hanging up things in my closet, pulling shoes out from under my bed / couch / back of our car, and doing piles of laundry from what seemed like months past, I felt as if I was shopping. So many pieces I’d forgotten about. Like this top; it’s a top from bloom this spring and I realized I hadn’t worn it much yet. I pulled it off the bench and it’s been in the rotation as I’ve worn it twice this week already. I call this closet clarity — I can see things much more clearly now in my closet…literally. I can see the floor to my closet again and it’s a miracle. Note to self when packing again: you are coming home so don’t tornado through your house like a bandit. 
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  1. I am loving the all white looks this summer. Perfectly done with the bold accessories. LOVE IT!

  2. Lol to 'closer clarity'. I always try to leave my room in order when I'm going on a trip, its a bit annoying to come home to a messy room. Love your look, so fresh. I love that you paired the leopard clutch with this look. Its always nice finding new and forgotten clothes in your wardrobe lol.


  3. Sounds like I need to take a vacation then, I feel like I've been wearing the same outfits over and over again for months now! I'm going camping in a couple weeks so I guess all of my 'outdoorsy' clothes will be in full rotation 🙂

  4. great minds! i went head to toe white today too! maybe it's the upcoming memorial day weekend that had me jumping the gun on the "no white until memorial day" rule. i just love the monochromatic look anyway.
    enjoy the holiday weekend!

  5. Kendi – I really like this look. It's extremely well put together. The few pops of black & leopard are just fabulous.

    I also really love your blog and your style overall really appeals to my taste and aesthetic. All that being said, I have been a little frustrated lately with the editing going on in your photos. They are so bright it's sometimes next to impossible to actually see the details of your outfit. Many times I just click on the link you provide to the item I can't see & look at the details on the retailer's website. However, it's frustrating when the exact thing you're wearing isn't available to look at elsewhere online (like today).

    I don't remember your posts being this way until a couple (few?) months ago. In every shot in this post your blouse (& pants, but more so the blouse) almost completely blends in to the white wall behind you. Posing against a darker backdrop or just less lightening during the editing process would make your outfit so much easier to see.

    Like I said, I really, really love your blog & hope that this doesn't come off as anything but a heads up & gentle suggestion (request for action?) from a caring reader.

    Thanks for 'listening' and I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  6. I love that the black sandals are balance by the black ribbon on your panama hat! Love the white one white… so refreshing!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  7. Hey Jen — thanks for the feedback. I looked through the photos again and I can see detail in my top but I definitely get where you are coming from. It might also be a difference in monitors / resolution perhaps? Now granted my shirt today is the *exact same color of that wall*, it's uncanny really. I hear you on wanting to see details and can most definitely keep that in mind when shooting in the future. I think more than anything we've been scrambling pretty much every day to get a post in on time, so we miss a lot of the good light in the morning and just have to deal with whatever daylight we've got to shoot with. In today's case it was full on sun everywhere except this pretty white wall. 🙂 Hopefully we will be able to shoot in the golden hour a lot more this summer because those are the best photos ever.

    As far as availability of products, I know that can be frustrating if I wear something that's not in stores right now. This top was in stock maybe back in January / February at other retailers but I couldn't find it any where so had to go with another option.

    Again thank you for the kind heads up. I'll definitely try to shoot more detailed shots in the future. xo – kendi

    (Side note: McKinney has an abundance of white walls I just realized. Maybe it's time to vandalize and spray paint me a nice dark wall?)

  8. Kendi – Thank you so much for your reply. I thought of the screen/monitor thing after I wrote you. I totally get the light thing and the whole just trying to get it done. I don't know how you do it to begin with, you must be a rock star or something 😉 As far as the items not being available, I find nothing wrong with you wearing things that aren't still available. In fact, I love seeing repeats of your stuff and the different ways you style them.

    I really, really appreciate your response. You've replied to me before and I just have always loved how nice, caring and friendly you are with your readers. You also didn't scoff at what could have been perceived as a negative and responded with ultimate class. With how busy you must be & the huge amount of followers you have that's super impressive.

    Thanks again and I most definitely think you should get your spray paint out 🙂

  9. love those shoes! you would think black sandals would be too much of a contrast with an all white outfit, but it turned out really great!

  10. Thank you for caring! Honestly. B and I looked through the last few posts and agree that things are getting a little hot in camera, so thanks for being kind and letting us know. 🙂 Also, we've been really into white walls lately. It's funny sometimes you don't know what you do until someone says something but I think the last 5 posts are on white!

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