Right before we left for Spain, the weather decided to give us a not-so-warm goodbye. I was actually quite cold in this outfit, believe it or not. I mean it is May. Does the time of year means nothing to weather, anymore?
Of course, I think it was just a nice way of preparing me for our trip across the Atlantic. I’ve gone through a few weather changes ranging from warm to perfect to cold to hot again over the course of a week, so I actually feel quite at home. Since starting on this trip (first time in Europe for me), I feel as though I’ve already learned so much about travel; what to do and especially what not to do. You better believe there will be a ‘what not to pack’ post later, because yours truly packed all of the nonessentials. I mean, we all saw the overpacking coming, right? Do as I say, not as I pack. 


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  1. Love this outfit! Those jeans look really good on you, and I like the printed clutch πŸ™‚ Hope you are enjoying your time in Europe! As an overpacker myself, I'm looking forward to your thoughts on packing! πŸ™‚

    Away From Blue

  2. Love your style! You always mix in a little affordable with a little pricey πŸ™‚ so great!! Have an awesome weekend!

  3. Hahaha Kendi, I can't believe you over packed! you have traveled so much and always tell us not to put too much into that bag. Hope you are having fun!

    Happy Medley

  4. Great outfit. Yes the weather here as well has been less than kind to us. I used to over pack but now I literally pick out the outfit I'm going to wear every day and that helps a lot. Of course I still manage to throw in a few extra items, but I'm getting much better at what to pack. Have fun in Europe!!!!!!



  5. Just thought you should know you look super cool in this outfit. Not cold, just cool. Also I'm loving your travel photos on Instagram. I think now I really am the last person left who hasn't been to Europe. Le sigh.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  6. Haha can't wait for your travel posts! I'm sure they'll be hilarious and fun.

    xo Ashley


  7. I'm going to Europe this summer and am really interested in what you packed. I'm also interested in learning how to survive jet-lag πŸ™‚

  8. I'm headed to Paris in two weeks, so if you have a recommendation for a pair of comfy AND cute shoes that can be worn with dresses and that allowed you to walk miles a day, please let us know! This is my third trip to Europe, and my trial and error approach to finding the right shoes hasn't been working for me. My feet have ended up miserable on both trips. πŸ˜‰

  9. Love the leather clutch and your sunglasses <3




  10. cute shoes! & can i just say, i am obsessed with everything clare v at the moment πŸ˜‰

  11. Cute! I got gifted those raybans for my birthday and I get so many compliments on them and I chopped my hair off a few months ago too ! It looks great on you! Have an amazing trip, sounds so fun!


    Lauren M

    Make It a Double

  12. So excited for a packing post (or 2)! I'm planning a Europe trip for August and would love some help!

  13. When I saw this post, I immediately coveted those shoes. Found em online where I could get them for slightly less than sticker price and hoooooleeeeee cow are they even more gorgeous in person. I'd always thought wedges were the utmost in tacky (you're in Dallas, you've seen what some of these girls wear), but consider me a convert.

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