On Monday, B and I decided to shoot a mini-lookbook for bloom. It was cold, windy and overcast — perfect weather for bare legs and arms. Although the weather didn’t agree with us, it is a lot of fun to put on all of my favorite outfits in the store and play amateur model. 

While we were shooting the last look, I realized that everything I was wearing (sans the clutch) was actually mine and I decided to just wear it for the rest of the day. I told B we might as well kill two birds with one stone and shoot an outfit photo. Done and done.   
Can coated denim go into spring? This is not a rhetorical question, I’m literally asking you. I think yes, especially for early spring, but I love a good public opinion. Coated denim for spring — yay or nay? 

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  1. Yes! Total yay! Why not? Pair it with florals or brights and it's still perfect for Spring. Now, for summer, that's a different story. Only because you'll end up with pants sticking to your legs, lol! You look great as always! XO

  2. I completely agree! On all fronts — especially the summer and coated denim. That is just never going to happen here in Texas. 🙂

  3. I just realized your blog isn't written in italics anymore! Yay! lol I always love reading what you have to say 🙂

  4. sorry to reply to a reply but i just had to add to this..do you remember ross from friends with the leather pants and the baby powder?! Hilarious! summer could be a no-no with that in mind haha! 😉

  5. To answer your question: yes, yes, yes. Wear it with some neon and get a summer rocker chick thing going!

  6. Oh heck yes!!! Do it.. Coated denim with breezy top.. do it.. I say do what you want.. I love this look.. head to toe!

  7. I say yes – as long as the color of the top is kept light and springy!
    I love that print, but haaaaate those frilly arms. I think that's just my instinctive hatred of frills, though, haha.

  8. Hi, Kendi, the marbled print looks very stylish, nice styling all together, and as to your question, if you happen to ever spend your spring in Ireland, you can bring coated pants in different colors and enjoy wearing them throughout all season 🙂 <3 Zhanna, http://www.stylehenge.com

  9. Confession: I had to google coated denim. And I call myself a fashion blogger. For shame. ANYWAY, I say yes! Pair it with something lighter, such as a marbled top perhaps with hints of light blue, and it has spring written all over it!

  10. I got the Old Navy coated denim when I saw you wearing them and love them so I definitely vote yes!!!

  11. I think yay…especially with a bright color. Picture a bright yellow or neon pink, flowy tank (silk, of course) paired with those pants. YES!!!!

  12. But gray weather makes for FANTASTIC lighting! And these photos came out lovely. What a cute look 🙂


  13. The details on the shoulder of this blouse are awesome. Your lucky your in short sleeve season over there I can't wait to shed all these layers.

    Guilty of Glitz

  14. I say yay! It will be the new white after labor day rule. I'm calling this trend now! 🙂

  15. I say, of course! I think coated denim can blend into Spring nicely. Especially when paired with a colorful blouse and nude shoes (especially those beauts you're wearing). Love it!

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