I didn’t realize that when I titled this post ‘full bloom’ that I was actually in all bloom. I was actually just thinking about how this jacket which is like wearing a bouquet, which immediately makes me happy. Who could be sad in a floral blazer? No one. I honestly should be wearing a full on puffer jacket instead of just a blazer because it’s so, so cold out. But I don’t own a puffer jacket and this blazer is pretty much perfect so you can see where my logic went this morning. I’ll pick pretty over comfort any day. 

jacket: bloom / here as well
top: bloom 
jeans: bloom/ similar 
necklace: c/o baublebar
boots: similar
tote: similar

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  1. Love it, girly! Such a perfect jacket for spring! Now if only the weather would work with your wardrobe…we'd ALL appreciate warmer weather up here in Minnesota. Love it!

  2. Will you do a how to on curling your gorgeous hair? Mine is a similar length and I can't figure out the half curl, I always have full tight curls….boo.

  3. That is such a great jacket. The print is "grandma's 70s couch" in the best possible way. And I love the cut and the texture!

  4. In general I am not a fan of floral print but I like this one a lot. You look beautiful and happy…like your jacket 🙂 I like the way you styled it with black ankle boots and jeans to keep the look modern and fresh. Love the statement necklace, as well. BTW, your hair looks fantastic. This style really suits you.

  5. That jacket is beautiful! I've been loving everything floral this year. I wore floral today on my blog 🙂

    <3 Vicki

  6. Beautiful blazer and it really makes me crave spring! Love your necklace

    Greetings from London,


  7. This is the second floral piece I've seen today that I liked (J's Everyday Fashion had a gorgeous dress), which is crazy considering I thought I didn't like this pattern on clothing. Love this outfit!

  8. Such a perfectly stunning jacket..perfectly structured and encourages us to think warm spring thoughts – despite the cold and snow in the northeast! Love this look with the booties and jeans. Makes me wish bloom would bloom in philly!!

  9. Great outfit. Gorgeous jacket. Sorry you are still suffering in the sold. I live in tropical Qld in Australia so I can only imagine ; ). I shall send warm thoughts your way. Have enjoyed following your blog and getting great outfit ideas from your posts. I enjoy your pithy, dry comments as well. Such a shame I can purchase from Bloom though!

  10. OMG I love that blazer! I'd look like a crazy wearing that where I live at this time of year, but I'll need to pick up something like that when it warms up just a tad.

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  11. Gorgeous blazer! Love that you kept everything else neutral to balance it out and really let it pop!


  12. Love this look! I just invested in a cream moto jacket, but you've sold me on floral!

  13. Love this look! I just cut my hair and love this wavy look you're sporting–can you share how you achieve this beautifully undone look please?!!

  14. I really can't wait for Spring now! This blazer will be just perfect when temps finally start to cooperate but you look stunning right now Kendi.

    Chelsea & The City

  15. I just took some screen shots of your amazing haircut to take to my salon tomorrow! I love this cut! The jacket is amazing too! Susan

  16. That Jacket is amazing! Love it with those jeans. Whenever I try to do the partially tucked in t shirt casual look, it never works. I end up looking sloppy, like I forgot to tuck in the rest of the top or something! You make it look great though.

  17. Such a pretty jacket, I love how you made it edgier with the boyfriend jeans and booties.

  18. HI! i can't seem to be able to find the jacket with your link 🙁 is it sold out?

  19. You look so gorgeous!! That jacket is amazing!! I'm loving the new hair, it makes you look sassy 🙂

    XO, Kayla

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