Going into spring you always expect the colors to be the same as each spring — brights, pastels, whites and cremes. But it’s always fun to see what color will dominate the spring fashions. For the last few spring seasons, it seems that the favored color has been either coral or mint and this year is no exception. Mint seems to be popping up everywhere and I find myself leaning towards mixing it with navy more and more. It’s such a lady like combo, no? 

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  1. Yes. I think mint will definitely be carrying over into this spring season. I've never tried mixing it with navy though. That's going on my styling to-do list haha!


  2. Last year's mint was almost like seafoam-greeny, which I hated, but this year it seems a little more intensely mint, which I am liking! So I'm looking forward to it, definitely.
    Also, I've noticed the text is no longer italics! Yay! I'm glad you were able to figure that out. I… have no idea how to fix stuff like that when it's part of the basic blog's code, haha.

  3. Love it all! Just a heads up– the adorable glasses seem to have a broken link. (At least on my computer?)

  4. I love the glasses, but the link on them doesn't work! Can you tell us where we can get them? Thank you xo!

  5. i love to ear mint with navy, or with white… that polka dot shirt is fantastic. i have one just like with long sleeves and one that is sleeveless and I like to wear them with a mint a line skirt to the office. love the handbag, as well.

  6. Yay! I did figure it out 🙂 It was a coffee-fueled evening but I did it. Thank goodness for google right? Thank you for noticing! Hopefully it's MUCH easier to read!

  7. the link for the shoes is not working for me, would you mind updating or pointing me in the right direction? thanks!

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