Everyone says you need to have a little black dress but no one ever says you need a little white cape. Probably because that should be the last thing on your ‘essentials’ list, but it’s still there. Number 1000: little white cape, right behind over the knee boots. 



Let’s talk HauteLook. I found this little black dress (#4 on the essential list) from Joie because I pretty much stalk the members-only site until one of my favorite out-of-my-budget designers comes up during a sale event. It’s like christmas morning when I check and my favorites are there. All that to say, it’s a good website to visit if you are looking for high-end pieces that are up to 70% off, especially basics that will last you for years. 

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PS: HauteLook just launched Nordstrom Rack for HauteLook on the same site. So basically where HauteLook is limited-time sales, Nordstrom Rack has ongoing sales 24/7 and members can return the items to a Nordstrom Rack store or online. Win-win situation here. Sign up to find out about their latest sales on the hottest fashion, home and beauty brands.


cape: bloom

dress: joie via HauteLook / Similar

boots: nordstrom

purse: marc by marc jacobs

sunnies: old Coach / similar

*This post was sponsored by HauteLook. All opinions expressed were my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who support me and my two dogs. 

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75 Responses

  1. You look so pretty in that cape! Bare arms in December, wow! And I am slowly getting convinced that over-the-knee boots might be a good idea.
    Also, I'm glad you can stretch your arm out all the way so soon after the break! A lot of people who break their elbow have a hard time doing that, so it's probably a really good sign that you can do that already. Heal, heal! 😉

  2. I know, I've heard that too! It's an interior fracture so it's not as bad as it could be, thank goodness! I keep it in the sling all day so it felt good to straighten it for a bit 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, that cape is just outstanding Kendi. I can imagine it looking just as splendid with jeans too. I'm ready to fly to Texas so I can shop at Bloom… honestly, your selection is the prettiest. And boy oh boy, I'm glad your arm is healing. That must have hurt like crazy. Ouch!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  4. Kendi, you look stunning and what a gorgeous cape. I am in love with this entire look.

  5. I could not agree more! White capes should be included on top of that list, is such an elegant delicate piece, you rock the over the knee boots with those uber long legs of yours!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  6. Ha, I love how you wrote 'support me and my two dogs.' That's something I would say. I haven't explored the site even though I've seen the commercials multiple times. Will have to start shopping! Super chic look 🙂


  7. That cape is just so darling! Perfect paired with the darker hues of the rest of your outfit 🙂

  8. i should really move to dallas where i could wear what is essentially a sleeveless coat/blanket all winter and look as fab as you and not die of frostbite like i would in dc. i kind of want a cape just like this but i'd need to figure out whether it would look weird over my down coat while i'm biking 🙂 but seriously, you look as terrific as ever and i hope your arm is healing!! hugs to you kendi!

  9. What a beautiful look you styled. I love it from head to toe.




  10. I just realized Bloom ships to Canada! I am now considering purchasing all my bridesmaid dresses from there. Amazing!! Any hints at what the Spring collection will look like?

  11. This outfit is excellent. I am not much for 'essential' lists — but I do believe each person tailors one such list for themselves. Maybe I need a white cape. Hmm.

    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  12. This post is perfectly timed. I just found an adorable white shift dress to wear for Christmas and this black/white combo is just the inspiration I needed to style it. Thanks so much!

  13. Is there anything you can't wear! Love this with the drop waist dress – a perfect combo! 🙂

  14. That dress is a great find but the cape is whats really amazing! I love it!

    I'm hosting a giveaway over on my site and would love for you to enter 🙂

    xo Dina

    Sweetest Somethings

  15. I absolutely LOVE this look! So sleek and so stylish! I feel like you should be walking the red carpet into so posh club in LA with paparazzi snapping away.

  16. Oh wow, that is such a perfect piece for winter. You look stunning! We'd love to save you a bunch of money on keeping your legs looking gorgeous. We're a shaving company called Dorco and our quality razors cost 30-70% less than leading brands. Read what others think about our products and see our prices for yourself at DorcoUSA.com. Thank you again for sharing this beautiful look with us!

  17. the abandoned pallets or the pile of leaves that looks like a dead animal? (no animals were harmed in the photographing of this outfit.)

  18. This is by far my favorite look of yours, EVER! You look slammin'! I'm loving this so much, must add to my inspiration folder.


  19. Oh geez… now I need this look in my life.. so gorgeous!

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