Admittedly I don’t know your guy. But I know my guy pretty well and he’d approve off all things on this list. (Honey, this is not preview of what’s to come. Don’t get too excited ok?) 
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man slippers | $100

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  1. do you have any recommendations for a robe? something warm & loungey, nothing like Hugh Hefner though. i'd like for it to be real comfortable for him but not make him look like douche.

  2. Like these suggestions, thank you. Know some guys might like the IncinerGrate from FIREase. Neat unique gift.

  3. thank you! i've never shopped there before so i am unfamiliar with their sizing. my husband is about 6"0 and 155lbs. they only have S/M, would that be too small/short for him?
    thanks again, so much!

  4. I'm 6' 210 with kinda broad shoulders and got the L/XL (my normal shirt size) and have plenty of wrap around material. This hangs almost to my knees easily so I don't think length will be an issue for you/him, especially if he wears it with a t-shirt and lounging pants.

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