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Although not as controversial as Birkenstocks, Pale pink is having her 15 minutes right now which is quite a nice surprise for the dark colors this fall.  (I have a good feeling that it will stick around through next fall, too. So as your financial advisor, I feel like this is a good investment for your closet.) Now I’m a pink girl, but I feel like this shade of pink can be polarizing though — you either love to wear it or hate to wear it. Maybe it’s too girly for some but paired with grey, white, and black it’s just a darn pretty combo. Black adds edge, white makes it classic, and grey keeps it casual. I was also thinking plum and pink would be a good pairing or pale pink and deep navy. Do what you will but I think pale pink should be on your radar. It lets you be a rebel in the most subtle, sweetest way possible; like you’re saying ‘pale pink for fall, just who is going to stop me?’ See? The sweetest rebel on the block.  

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  1. I love that colour of pink just now … The blush trend is hitting all the shops right now. I thought it would be more of a summer colour but it looks great with winter white or even black. I love the photos you have chosen … The pink pencil skirt on Ashley Bell is lush!!

    Laura xx

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  2. Pink is also my favorite color. I for some reason never thought to pair it with gray.

  3. I am a big fan of pale pink with navy and pale pink with maroon. Just perfect. I'm definitely one who loves to wear pale pink and do all the time. Thanks for the inspo!

    XO Alison

  4. Luckily for me, this trendy color is my favorite color of all time! Can't say I wear it too often but I love it for home decor. You're right though, it pairs well with so many other colors.

  5. i like the softness of the pale pink. it works on all kinds of skin tone. hard to pick the right one, too pale, a bit yellow, slightly too bright are not as attractive. material counts, too. i like th fuzzy pink and the patent pink. sequin pink is a nice alt as a top for the holiday season.

  6. Ooh pale pink is so fun.. how I wish it didn't make me look more pale then I already am!

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