I’m so used to wearing drapey clothing lately that I forget that I have curves under there. I wouldn’t say that I’m super curvy by definition but let’s just say that if I were a business card I’d have rounded corners. Needless to say my husband really likes this dress (and rounded business cards *wink, wink*). Little does he know that there is a secret layer of spanx under this little dress. Sometimes a girl’s got to have her secrets — and that’s a secret he shall never know. Girl code. 

I’ve been so drawn to neutrals lately. Black, white, tan, grey — if it’s slightly drab, then it’s on my list. But the thing about neutrals is that they can be quite boring when alone, but when put together they can really make a statement. I’m thinking that there is some philosophical, parts-to-a-sum meaning in all of that but for now let’s just talk about clothes.  Deep thoughts can wait for when I don’t open my post with underwear. 


Dress: Aritzia

Jacket: Old Navy

Shoes: Madewell

Tote: Madewell

Necklace: JewelMint / similar

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  1. such a simple outfit, yet so perfect in so many ways!! I can't get over how fast your hair grows … it is so super long already!!

    Jess Cause Blog

  2. This dress is gorgeous on you! You have the perfect amount of curves! And I love it with the denim too. So simple yet so chic.

  3. Kendi, can you tell us how you get that just-the-right-amount of wave to your hair? I always get it too flat or too frizzy.

  4. I can for sure. I curl it with a 1" curling iron away from my face then I brush it out. Whatever falls I just curl again and then brush them out until they are just soft waves. Do you use pomade? I use a water-based one and it just helps keep the curl but doesn't make it stiff or sticky.

  5. which spanx do you wear? i have the hardest time finding the right paid that doesn't end up with VPL!

  6. How on earth do you wear Spanx in this heat and humidity? I am still trying to figure out how to not sweat through two sets of clothes a day in north Texas heat.

  7. Love the cognac and denim together!
    I just got a similar American Apparel dress! But it's too hot here for the dress or to be wearing shape wear underneath.

  8. You look FAB! You have a great figure and honestly it's refreshing to follow a REAL blogger and not one that's all bones.

  9. Girl Code… LOVE IT! Spanx= Girl's Best Friend….

  10. I think that I'm so pissed at how the humidity screws with my hair that I forget about sweating in spanx. Honestly though it doesn't bother me and I'm inside most of the day so a/c always helps 😉

  11. I can't believe that jacket is from Old Navy. Love it!


  12. Lovely! What spanx are you "not" wearing!? i'd love your recommendation for your favorite and most versatile.

  13. killing it as always. Who knew grey could look so sassy? I have a pair of 'kind of spanx' and I cannot find them anywhere! I may have to lash out on a new pair and pray they will not give me that funny muffin belly under my boobs. I know, great imagery right? Also, does this 'tote' hold a laptop?

  14. Kendi – I just saw your post on this awesome dress – not sure if you'll see this or not – but I'm curious to know – does the dress run true to size? Or is it a little clingy and a size up is good? I can never tell with these jersey knit style dresses!? Take care!

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