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If I were a good blogger I’d have an outfit up at 9 am on the dot. But really I’m just a blogger who slept in today. But may I point out that my post is only 6.5 hours late — not that bad, right? 

I’ve been on the lookout  for a good hedge to shoot in front of. (It’s true, my brain is now trained to look for photo locations. Give me a blank wall and I’ll give you an outfit.) On our morning walk today we finally found what I’ve been looking for for years — a green wall of leaves. Isn’t it so pretty? If we take photos here everyday this week, you’d be cool with it right? 


Top: Free People

Jeans: Gap (years ago) // similar

Tote: Madewell

Shoes: Madewell

Hat: Gap (old) // similar

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  1. Curses to those that expect a 9 am post on the dot every day! i have to pre-plan posts because there's no way i can post first thing in the morning – so kudos to you for even getting a daily post up! cute outfit!

  2. You look so adorable! Love this outfit on you! And, I also love the hedge, looking forward to a week a leafy green backdrops! xo

  3. I seriously love this outfit. I've been on the hunt for just about everything in this post. A pair of jeans like those and those dang madewell shoes! I put off buying them and then they were gone! I haven't lost hope yet.


  4. The fact that you even plan to post at 9am is admirable. I absolutely adore this outfit, especially those pants! I keep buying flares with the hope to summon up the courage to wear them but no dice yet. You should never stop!


  5. Digging this boho look! So 70's, it screams peace, love and happiness! Chic but flowy fun.


  6. LOVE this outfit! So boho chic. I have always been in love with flare jeans, but I'm always too self conscious to wear them due to my height and body shape. You wear them fabulously with this top and gorgeous hat, though! Great fall look. x


  7. This is SUCH a stunning outfit. I love the top, I have it in stripes.

  8. So boho and cute. How funny! I am house sitting and I noticed the prettiest wall of greenery filled with colorful pink flower and I instantly though… outfit pictures here would be so adorable. I was so excited when I saw it and I will most definitely be taking advantage of the neighbors flower wall this week!

  9. something about the way these pictures are taken- they are seriously like the most beautiful pictures ever. You are killin' it my friend.

  10. So pretty. Im the same way trained for pic locations. Except in Chicago I may never find a wall of Green. even a blank wall is hard to find. Most of the time Im afraid I'll get shot in the places i take pics! The lighting is so perfect and the green is a perfect background! Great find!


  11. I'm pretty sure I have those same jeans from Gap! I bought them on sale for about 7 dollars. I've worn them only once but after seeing this I really wanna try them out again 🙂


  12. It's a lovely hedge. A stunning hedge. The only problem I foresee would be if you shot an outfit here that was camouflage. Then it would be just your face and hands, and that would be WEIRD, kind of like this comment.

  13. It sounds like you're looking for compliments when you say things like, "if I was a good blogger". And then you go on and on for opportunities for positive comments to be made. You are great at what you do. So creative and so unique. Stop acting like you don't know what you're doing. You have so much to be proud of-own it and quit whining.

  14. I feel like the editing on these photos is different from your past photos. I'm diggin it. A LOT.

    And, of course, your outfit is SPOT.ON. Effortless & pretty & cool. Love it, Kendi!

  15. You look like you walked out of the 70s! Also, may we please trade hairs?

  16. You look amazing!!! Not just the outfit, but your very pretty face looks even prettier (not that looks matter…errr), but you look amazing. I hope you feel amazing because you are.

    Happy Tuesday!

  17. You look beautiful Kendi! I'm always on the lookout for secluded areas to take outfit photos and you definitely scored with this hedge wall. Loving the breezy boho feel of those bell-bottoms!

    Chelsea & The City

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  18. I think this is my favorite outfit of yours ever! I love that I could potentially look this cute at 4 months pregnant. Thank you for the hopes and dreams!

  19. You look fabulous in this. I could never pull this off but with your height the top is just 1970's gorgeous.


  20. I absolutely adore this look. I seriously need those shoes!
    xo Jac

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