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Remember when Kate Spade launched a new line, Kate Spade Saturday? Remember when there was an awesome limited-time pop-up shop at Fab?  Well that shouldn’t technically be a memory yet because it’s happening right now and I thought I’d let you know first. Good friends let friends know about online sales. Also, it’s Monday morning and I’m already online shopping, this isn’t a good sign is it?
Find the whole Saturday collection on Fab. Online only until July 31st. If you are new to Fab, you can always sign up and explore for free. 

*this post is sponsored by fab. 

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  1. Fun! I adore Kate Spade, and am loving her Saturday line. That fun print in both the shorts and the dress is to die for! Also, just curious, Kendi- but how many blogs do you read per day or per week? I know you're a busy lady with Bloom and whatnot, but just thought I'd ask out of curiosity! Here's to a happy, busy Monday!

    xo, elle | Living in Color.

  2. Hi Kendi,
    Love your blog! Unrelated but I was wondering if you can help me with an issue with an online boutique that I believe was featured on your site previously? It seems to have went out of business and I never received a purchase I made from them.
    Mary Ann

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