I feel like Betty Draper in this dress, but without the alcoholic, cheating husband and three kids. I’m also not blonde nor a housewife but I did end up doing laundry and the dishes yesterday while drinking a martini. I’m kidding there was no dish washing yesterday. 

Is it just me or did you wake up today and have a mini-freak out when you realized it was Friday? Why do summer days fly by? And why am I so much less productive? Could it be because there isn’t wi-fi at the pool? Because it’s hard to hit afternoon deadlines when you sleep through them? Do you like when I answer my own questions with questions? 

You don’t have to answer that, I’ll just assume it’s yes. 


Dress: bloom

Heels: c/o Dr. Scholl’s 

Bag: c/o Joie

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  1. ha, totally agree!! summer flies by and i am always horrified by how little i have gotten done. next summer, my plan is to make very few goals for myself. like, i will take the amount of work i could normally accomplish in three months and i will divide it by 7, and then i will take that one-seventh and try to accomplish it all summer. then i can feel good about myself again.

  2. Well and — ahem– you are wedding planning so OF course it's going to fly by! And I agree on the summer division plan — what if I divide mine by 24?

  3. I have been SO lazy this summer…I think it's from days in school and being programmed to think of summer as a fun only time. Love your shoes!

  4. So very Betty Draper!
    It's sad but every summer after tte 4th of July I'm always thinking how summer is basically over! It just seems to fly by. Now if only I had a pool with wi-fi or really just a pool….

  5. Kendi, I have to say that I think your photos have been particularly awesome lately – are you or B doing anything new? Also, I'm totally on board with your domestic strategy; I don't cook without a glass of wine in hand, why should vacuuming be any different?!

  6. Haha. Love this dress, and laughing at the questions. I'm with ya.

  7. Love that dress! I see on the website that is says fits true to size…but I'm unsure what size to order. Do you have a size chart I could reference? Trying to decide between M and L.

  8. Such an adorable dress and love it paired with that bag!


  9. Hi Jess! I can help you out. Since we have all sorts of vendors sizes are all over the place. What are you typically? A medium or a large? I'm a standard medium (sometimes large at bloom, truth be told) and this dress i'm wearing is a medium and I have plenty of room. If I wanted it to fit tighter, I'd probably size down to a small but honestly I like loose clothes so I stuck with this one. Let me know if you have any questions. Also if you want to email and ask measurements of both, just email info@bloomdowntown.com and we can measure both the medium and large 🙂

  10. Such an adorable outfit! I 100% have a it's Friday dance/wiggle!!


  11. I completely agree. Housework should only be done during happy hour. (Although the martini bit was a lie, I'm a red wine kind of a girl.)

    Thanks on the photos! Not much has changed but I use VSCO filters in Lightroom now and LOVE them. Rarely use photoshop to edit any more, which is so much quicker now. 🙂

  12. I am a size 10 and usually wear medium but sometimes large because I'm pretty busty (36D). If there is ample room in the bust I would lean towards a medium. Is the waist elastic?

  13. Very cute outfit. I bought those shoes months ago at Stein Mart for $30. They are very comfortable and I get lots of compliments every time I wear them.

  14. Haha I'm thankful there's wifi at my pool or else I'd get NOTHING done. Thanks okay sometimes though 🙂 Love the polka dots!

    xo, Ainslee


  15. You are so funny! But really thank goodness there's wifi at my pool! Love the heels!


  16. Your pictures are always so fresh! They make me happy! Would love to know what camera and lens you use! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Xo, Amanda


  17. this is so good! i can't believe how much less i can get done in the summer. that dress and bag are fab.

  18. Waist is not elastic but there is a side zipper. It's not necessarily like the dress is super roomy in the bust, like over roomy, but it's not tight. Does that make sense? Let me measure it and I'll reply here again.

  19. That dress is definitely Betty Draper! Polka dots are my favorite! I had no idea Dr. Scholls actually did shoes- loving finding out new info. I'll have to check into their website!
    Simply Akshara

  20. I really like the simplicity of this outfit, the patterns really make this look like a pulled together outfit without a bunch of fuss, which lets be honest, no one is going to do in the heat (except crazy people, and they deserve the hell they are putting themselves through).

    Have you ever talked about the post-processing you do to your pictures? I always love how your pictures turn out.

  21. Love this dress Kendi. So pretty and I love Mad Men. Need to do some serious catching up on that show.

    Dont' forget to enter my giveaways: Henri Lou bracelet and Gigglosophy bracelet and to join my weekly link up this Thursday.



  22. Oh Betty, you look so Draper! Oops… did I say Draper, I meant dapper! You're a pretty sight, Kendi.

    P.S. Those shoes! 🙂

  23. Just got these shoes, and they are the most comfortable wedges ever!!!!!!!!! Love the look and your style.

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