True story time: I quit volleyball in high school because I couldn’t run a full mile in under 8 minutes. I loved volleyball and though it’s not like I was working for a college scholarship or anything, I think that I’ve been secretly bitter towards running ever since. I have my suspicions if my body is even made to run. (Big feet, weak ankles — weird combination. It’s why ducks can’t run fast.) And to make matters worse, everyone around me is a runner. Literally. — everyone. But honestly? I secretly prefer walking. I can go longer distances and for a longer amount of time but I always feel like such a slacker. Oh you ran 6 miles just this morning? Well I ran 6 miles over the course of two years. Jealous? Take a look at my ankles. Now are you jealous?
Don’t get me wrong — I’ve tried to train for a fake marathon that I never signed up for. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl so this means that at the mention of daily exercise my mind immediately goes to training for a marathon. Yet I only know two things about marathons: you get a t-shirt and you get to carbo-load the night before. So this sends me into a tail spin: just when will I have time to train? How long do I have until my first race? I don’t have the right shoes —  Am I’m going to have to get one of those fanny-packs that hold energy gels?
Then a few weeks ago, I decided to get off of the crazy train inside my head and just take a walk with my dog. We did two miles. And then we went again the next day and the next. Most days we walk to the shop from our house and back a few times. It’s an easy thing to do each day and I’m actually starting to like it. And you know what? Today I ran. And I didn’t hate it.
**Technically my tee should say “walk, rest, eat ice cream, repeat” 
but that one was sold out. πŸ™

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103 Responses

  1. I did a Jillian Michael's workout yesterday for the first time. I couldn't even get halfway through and now I can barely walk. I hate running also so I naturally thought this would be better. HAH! NOPE!


  2. That is so me. If I'm not running then I'm not actually exercising. But I hate running. Think I'll walk instead.

  3. Love this! I just bought the Be You Tiful shirt from Old Navy and love how soft and comfy it is! It's the perfect exercise shirt!

  4. That's a start – i hate running, in fact i dont like to exercise.
    If i must do something – i'll walk.

  5. Once upon a time, I didn't like CHEESE. it's one of the main reasons I get up every day…what will I like next? Good for you!

  6. I definitely prefer walking to running. But I make myself run every once in a while. I thought training for and running a 5K would help jump start whatever it is that makes people in love with running. But nope, I'd still rather walk.

  7. You may be the only person who looks that good in workout gear and a pony tail. πŸ™‚ I've been telling everyone about how wonderful the workout gear at Old Navy is for years. I live in their running shorts in the summer.

  8. I have the same problem! I wear a size 11 and my ankle might be even tinier than yours!

  9. hahaha I prefer walking too… but running does feel good sometimes, no…? you look great in those athletic gear… and totally jealous of your legs for sure!

  10. haha Do you do other workouts? I have those capris in a different pattern and love them!I've been eyeing that tank too.It took me a while to enjoy running but still, it's not for everyone. I just think it's important to be active so everyone should find what they enjoy!

  11. Good for you getting out there and exercising, unlike me who sits on the couch eating ice cream and crying about my gut afterwards! I'll start walking/running soon. I'll keep telling myself that until I actually do it. πŸ™‚

  12. I actually really enjoy running, but walking is still incredibly enjoyable for me! I used to wake up every day at 5:45 to take my little dog for a walk before the heat settled in. I also love just doing what my roommate and I call " Jogwalks" in which we completely suit up to run, run for about maybe 5 minutes and then walk the rest of the way talking the entire time.

    Walks are cool too

    Leah Faye

    e plus l

  13. Good for you Kendi! I much prefer walking to running too and think we'll try to get out for a walk today. Thanks for the inspiration to get moving!

    Chelsea & The City

  14. The best part about running a marathon (or a half, in my case) is the carb loading the night before!!!

  15. I'm not a big fan of running either…mostly because my boobs are now pushing a DD (damn family genes). I end up biking or hiking instead, which seems like just as tough of a workout without all the chest-pain inducing bouncing. πŸ™‚

    I bet your dog enjoys the walks just as much as you do!

  16. You can be a runner without training for a marathon. Just 2-3 miles a couple times a week has huge benefits. Good luck! You're awesome.

  17. walking is just as good (and more enjoyable) than running!! I've started to run just one mile a day, only 10 minutes or so, because I hate running but need exercise. It's acutally super easy!!

  18. I love this. I was a competitive dancer for many years o in my mind running is what you have to do when you're in trouble!. Most of my friends are runners and every time I've tried to start I just burn out after a few days. I much prefer walks with my dog!


  19. Good for you! It's not easy, but no one expects you to be good right away. Just a tiny bit longer each time. It's ok to walk if you get tired. Then run again. That got me through two half marathons! I'm unable to run right now with this giant belly, but I'm looking forward to getting back out there in a little while… Good luck!

  20. Big feet/weak ankles….my God, you just put a name to my problem! Except I also have bad knees and asthma. I feel you. Here's to wishing we could run but just walking instead!

  21. I think, so often we feel like if we don't have time for an "epic workout" it's not worth doing it at all. In May I embarked on a challenge ( #mileadaymay: http://littlelessy.com/2013/06/mile-a-day-may-recap/ ) and decided that at the very least I would run 1 mile every day. When I had more time I ran more but the point was that I had to find 10-12 minutes a day to be active (shouldn't be that hard, right?!). The thing is, it all adds up and walking/running 1 mile is better than not doing anything at all. So maybe rather than "I have to train for a marathon" the challenge could be in consistency. Now it's June 11th and I'm going on 42 straight days of working out – at some point I became unstoppable!

    Keep at it! It get's easier!

  22. I'm the same way! I've been walking a ton lately and now when I try to run, I don't hate it so much!

  23. Weak ankles – I feel your pain! the bane of my existence! (Well ever since I broke one – it turns out that a plate and nine screws can slow down a good run!)

    But I adore these shoes! I looked forever for cute running shoes (Obviously with pink or purple involved) but my feet are way too big and had to settle on lime green and blue mens ones! Stylin' haha

    Fab post. Keep up the walking! xoxo

  24. I totally feel ya. Running is all about baby steps! About 9 months ago I could barely run a mile without dying…literally. But I just completed my first half marathon a week ago!! And ya know what, my mile still isn't anywhere near 8 min! πŸ™‚

  25. haha! The t-shirt and the carb-loading are truly the best parts of training for an organized run! I'm running my first 1/2 marathon this Saturday and I'm excited… and nervous! Like you, I always hated running, but something snapped in my mind back in the fall and I was like, screw you, mental block. I am a runner! And I'm going to prove it.. Short legs and all! πŸ™‚ Anyway, good luck with your running journey.. mile by mile, you'll get there. And I adore this fitness look, FYI. Whoa. Long comment for a first time commenter…… πŸ™‚

  26. I am a walker – hate running! My dogs make walking necessary and we go at least three miles a day. It's a great time to think. I definitely come up with my best ideas while walking my dogs.

  27. Good for you. I've heard that walking is actually better for you than running…less hard on your joints, apparently. And that shirt is awesome, although the "eat ice cream" version is far more accurate for me as well. : )

    Flounces & Hubbub

  28. I just picked up those same leggings. I love them. I ran today and almost barfed – clearly should've walked.

  29. Love this post! Thanks for the laugh and encouragement to get off my bum!

  30. Good for you ! Any exercise is great exercise !


  31. I'd love for you to visit my blog if you have time πŸ™‚

    xo, elle from Livingin Color.

  32. I loathe running. I finally decided after many failed attempts at picking up my pace and distance that running is not for me. I like walking, and I like doing circuit training workouts like the Jillian Michaels tapes. If I tried to stick with running, I would probably never exercise. It's better to find what works for you and do it, I think.

  33. Oh my gosh, I agree with you. Everyone I know is a runner. I too struggle with running, I am just not built for it I guess. But walking is great. I always think it's about the distance, not the time πŸ™‚

  34. Kendi, you never fail to make me laugh, smile, or even snort!!!
    I deplore running so I walk on an incline (good for the rear area!)
    You know, if you make that t-shirt…..everyone here would buy one!

  35. Running a mile in less than 8 minutes is HARD! I don't blame you for quitting. Walking is lower impact and better for your knees, and also gives you most of the same benefits, so I say go for it.

  36. I LOVE the Old Navy workout line. My husband's a personal trainer/CrossFit coach and so we practically live in the gym. I have worn SO many brands from Nike to lululemon to Reebok and one of my all time faves is a pair of black Old Navy workout capris that I've worn at least once a week for TWO YEARS and they are still in great shape. The fit is awesome and they are so flattering. Eep, now I want to go buy more Old Navy workout gear…

  37. I had to quit running because my knee was all, "I hate you." That's when I just started walking and discovered how great it is. And you know what? Walking burns *almost* the same amount of calories as jogging and is easier on your joints (because, let's face it, we're getting old and our joints hate us too). SO do your thang, girl.

  38. I feel you – my hips and ankles hate me if I try to run. I just got back from a lovely walk in a nearby park, so thank you for putting it out there that us walkers aren't slackers.

  39. Geez, you even look cute and stylish when you excercise/rest and eat ice cream πŸ™‚

  40. Kendi – I was a hard core runner for years (marathons, 10 km a day, etc.) Ended up with a hip injury and adrenal fatigue (I burned out my stress hormones) that has left me unable to run like I used to (I am still healing after over a year w/yoga, diet and meditation). I have become a hard core walker instead. It is much better to appreciate nature than try to conquer it. If you enjoy walking, don't apologize for it. The health benefits (esp. for depression) are too many to mention! Enjoy the sights, sounds, look at the trees, listen to the birds, etc πŸ™‚

  41. Haha, I quit volleyball because of running too! Only it was in 7th grade….on the first day of practice ever. They made us run laps before we did anything else in practice, and I thought it was stupid, since you don't need to run long distances in volleyball. I hate running. I stayed for the whole practice, but I didn't come back after that. Walking is way better than running.

  42. I hear ya… sometimes this "active" thing is just what we need! Love the tank!

  43. Hi Kendi! I love your trainers, where did you get them from? I can't find them on the Nike website πŸ™‚

  44. Love the Old Navy gear! How did you feel about the sizing for the pants? I just ordered them in black in a small and medium, and can't decide which is the pair to go with. The smalls are super snug to put on, but the mediums are a tad loose in the waist. Thoughts? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  45. I always size up in their active pants (not the shorts though!) because I don't like skin tight clothes, so I like them being a bit loose in the waist. These fit perfectly once I sized up, I love this pair.

  46. I HATE running too! With a passion. But I really need to exercise so I do yoga, spin and sculpt and it's so much easier but still a good workout.

  47. I'm sure you can run you just don't have to run under those demands. I love running, I jog at my rhythm and feel awesome after!

    PS- not a fan of the new commenting method.

  48. This entire post reads as though you wrote what was in my head! I do run at least once a week, but I've still never experienced that illusive runner's high! Also fitting is that I almost bought this tank last week. What confirmed that you were in my head was how you described what your t-shirt would have said! I would totally buy that one. Maybe we should make one…

  49. I am definitely in the same boat as you….I have never been able to run long distances, and hearing about people running marathons (I'm not sure I could even pull of a continuous 5 minutes! :P) has made me a little jealous in the past. But recently, my brother told me about a new study that was published, in which researchers found that walking the same distance that you would run is actually more beneficial for your health, so I'm feeling a little better about myself (whatever helps, right? :P).

    Also, it turns out that getting a puppy and risking having a hyperactive dog in the evening is great motivation for a daily dog walk (aka exercise) too!

    Hope you're having a great day!


  50. Ugh, running… Running is not my friend. Similar to you I had to run a mile in under 12 minutes in middle school, and when I clocked in at 12 minutes and 1 SECOND, they made me run it again. That was it. I have never run again… And don't plan to unless I am being chased by something big and menacing. Walking though, that I can handle!
    Love those pants, super cute!

  51. I ran for the first time today! I downloaded a Couch-to-5k training app on my phone and am going to slowly build up to running the entire way. I was so incredibly slow today, but am not looking at the timing of anything until I'm able to run the entire way. Good for you!! And good for us! πŸ™‚

  52. I really need to get to ON and shop their workout attire! I am so not a runner so it is great to hear others honest thoughts on the activity as well!

  53. i died laughing at this because the exact same thing happened to me with volleyball + running in high school! holla to my fellow non-runner soul sister!

  54. HAHA great post!!

    Running is interesting…it's just the WORST possible activity if you're not prepared, but then one day, it just feels….good!

  55. Ugh… I played volleyball in high school, too, and our coach was also the track coach. So he used to make us run the mile all the time. I was lucky if I could finish in under 10.

  56. I HATED running too…for years, seriously. Then I started dating a runner and I grudgingly agreed to go with him one day…and low and behold..after conquering the elliptical for years at the gym I discovered I could run! I started with a mile, then worked my way up to two, three, etc until I could complete a 10k. Now I LOVE IT!

    Good job! πŸ™‚


  57. Such a cute running outfit! I'm definitely not a runner either, but I really like walking the dog. And sometimes doing a bit of a sprint if I'm feeling really energetic!

    Away From Blue

  58. Super cute running/ walking outfit J I think the way I look plays a factor in my workout. If I’m wearing something that I think I look decent in I can better concentrate on my workout. I recently ran my first marathon in May. I don’t consider myself an athlete at all and anyone can do it if you train and stick with it! #WILLPOWER!


  59. Hey Lucia — I haven't changed commenting since 2011 when I switched to Disqus! Can you tell me what difference you see? It looks the same to me!

  60. I feel ya! I was never a runner but gave it a good try last year and got to where I could run about 2 miles and was proud. πŸ˜‰ But now am learning that steady state cardio doesn't aid weight loss or fitness at all, so have switched to high intensity strength training like CrossFit! Great article from one of my favorite Paleo docs on that http://chriskresser.com/why-you-may-need-to-exercise-less and some high points of an awesome book on this topic here http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2012/07/13/high-intensity-resistance-training.aspx Complicated stuff, but the basic takeaway is there's no need to struggle at running!

  61. just wanted to say I love your point of view and your writing style! I'm a walker, not a runner. Been walking 3 miles a day for the last few months. Trying to get in a hundred miles by summer.

  62. Exercise is also a great way to deal with those gray clouds in your head. It's helped me out a number of times in the past…

  63. Try Body Pump at the YMCA yo! Tones, and changes your body WAY faster than running (or walking). Once a week for four weeks of weights…you'll swear by it. Your welcome.

  64. Me too! Walkers are legit too! And the category I fell into for my two half marathons was a runner/walker, but man oh man, that is still legit too. Go girl!

  65. I have reached a point where I can run 3 miles with no problem, but after that, I hit a wall. I beat myself up over it for the longest time after talking to friends who can run half marathons. Now, my husband and I walk around the park by our house a few night a week. It's good exercise and also quality time spent together. I still like to mix in a little VERY LIGHT jogging, but the whole running thing was actually starting to make me softer instead of leaner. Going to the doctor to see if it's thyroid related. In any case, I still prefer walking.

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  67. I have the same big feet, weak ankles issue and I hate running. I'm trying to walk my dog 10 miles a week because we're both trying to lose five pounds (his 5 pounds is vet ordered). We'll see how long both of us can keep it up!

  68. I like running but hate other things. Everyone is different. Glad you didn't hate it today though.

  69. I don't like exercising very much, but the bonus is that it's WAY more acceptable to wear neon shades in more abundance than an ordinary outfit. πŸ™‚
    And if I like what I wear to work out, then I'm more likely to do it, because I feel guilty if I put on my cute gym ensemble, but then watch TV on the internet instead…

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