I love when an outfit comes together without any blood, sweat or tears in the morning. It may be because I can actually see my closet now in it’s entirety instead of being spread out all over the house. (My shoes used to live in a linen closet, for example. Which if you don’t have actual linens this is a very good solution, by the way.) But I pulled these three pieces together with no problem today, as if I was a professional who lived and breathed clothing or something. Coming from many days of anxiety filled mornings that included staring into the deep abyss of my closet that usually ended in tears, slowly wiping them away with the men’s pages from my J.Crew catalog, this was a nice surprise today. No catalogs were harmed in the process of getting ready this morning.
Since moving is expensive — more expensive than I remember — my shopping budget for summer is pretty much going to be spent on things like rugs and groceries and things we probably don’t need in bulk from Costco. (For example we bought a 5 lb bag of waffle fries yesterday. Because you know, waffle fries.) But I have two must-haves this summer that I really must have, if I’m being dramatic: new nude wedges since my favorite ones have bit the dust and a white blazer. Some things are just non-negotiable in life; food, wedges and white blazers. Believe it.
Blazer: J.Crew Factory  (It’s 25% off today and you can use code “spree” for another 15% off.)
Top: J.Crew (use code “summer” for 25% off)
Shorts: Similar
Shoes: Target

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  1. I've loved your nude wedges since you first wore them. Tried to purchase but they sold out of my size. Sad to hear they bit the dust! Can't wait to see what you find as a replacement because its def at the top of my *must buy* because I *need* it list!!


  2. Well *those* nude wedges are still in good condition. I should have said nude wedge sandals from last summer! I wore the h out of them and now I'm at a loss to find similar ones. But yes on the nude wedges as a must-have for pretty much all seasons.

  3. My friend and I are apartment hunting right now and every place we see we make sure there is a nice linen closet for our shoes. The important things.

  4. I thought of you often this weekend ~ so glad you are moved into your new place!! I think your priorities are right on point!! Who doesn't want cute new shoes, a white blazer and tons of waffle fries?? And not necessarily in that order!! Happy love nest shopping!

  5. So cute and I love it when a look comes together easily te or st is when you think it'll be cute, then you put it on and look ridiculous. That's annoying.

  6. Love this look! So so cute! I love it when an outfit just works immediately. Seriously, I am glad I am not the only one who has melt downs about what I am going to wear. My husband becomes afraid when he sees THAT look in my eye and I am sitting on the floor of my closet looking up and he hides in his office…


  7. i am wearing the same shorts on my blog today… you're definitely wearing them better! i need to check myself in the future on this one!

    kw ladies in navy

  8. Love these shorts and i totally agree about when an outfit totally comes together.

    I've got a great giveaway on my blog today: Sephora Gift Card. Stop by and enter and don't forget to link up this Thursday.



  9. Haha awesome. waffle fries. And great outfit, a white blazer is a total must-have!

  10. Would you please do an updated photo of your makeup pics? You always look flawless 🙂

  11. Lol the men's catalogue. The women's would never be sacrificed. Did you get new make-up? You look so rosy and extra-pretty. Maybe new blush? x

  12. You're the reason I now love Target for shoes on top of everything else that Target is awesome for. I recently got those wedges in another colour and cannot understand how they're infinitely more comfortable than my Ugg wedges. Tell me how that makes any sense?!

    xoxo Jackie


  13. I just moved too so my summer shopping budget is at an all time low haha thankfully, I have had some happy accidents with outfits coming together recently too – but nothing this amazing yet! Love everything about this look!


  14. Love the outfit, and was really excited about the j.crew factory promo code too… but it's saying the code "spree" is not valid! Booooo. I'm thinking that it's all a tricksy ruse masterminded by my wallet cuz it knows I shouldn't spend the money!

  15. Wowza, I LOVE the freshness of the outfit. White and fluorescent pops of colour are a killer combination! Speaking of which, the blazer, tee and shorts combo are a genius pairing. Sorry, I'm saying the same thing with different words! I love you, Kendi! { http://www.jupiterskye.com }

  16. Love the outfit! Each piece complements the others without being too matcy-matcy.
    About your summer shopping list, aren't you already wearing a white blazer?

  17. Love the outfit! And a 5lb bag of waffle fries is always appropriate…

  18. Love the shorts! I've been meaning to get the pair I have like those altered.
    Also, I COMPLETELY relate on the whole anxiety of getting ready thing. I cannot tell you how many times I have spent my morning sobbing because I have nothing to wear with a closet full of clothes.

  19. Great look. Incidentally, I recently tried the "partial front tuck," and I was pleasantly surprised when a) the world did not end and b) my anal-retentive brain did not explode. Thanks for blazing the trail for the fashion-timid among us!

  20. Wow! I love your entire outfit! I wish I had legs for miles like you! I really enjoy reading your blog and journey. Thank you for sharing.

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