Rainy Day Repeat


I wore this dress and these boots the other day when it was supposed to rain. It did, albeit for about 20 seconds. Today though, today it is really supposed to pour and I will be ready. Ready to sit inside while wearing my boots and watch it rain outside. Because goodness knows I don’t want to get my new rain boots wet. Also, this dress is quite possibly the happiest dress I own therefore I like to wear it. I wonder if there is a theory out there that if you dress happy, you are happy. I am testing that out today.

So since I now know in full that you want to hear about my life, here goes:

We found a new town home down from the shop and are moving in twelve days.
Our one employee at the shop gave her two weeks a week ago.
We are interviewing and training three new people this week.
My sister just had a baby and she is the most precious thing in the world and I want to hold her at all times but I can’t because of life and work and other things that keep me from becoming a retired grandmother who sits in a rocking chair for 8 hours at a time.

Half of our stuff is in storage, we just went through it last night and most of it is crap, broken, or really stinky.
Did I mention we are moving in twelve days?

Now taking volunteers who want to come and help pack so I can go hold that new baby and watch you work. 


Dress: Bloom (one size left! It sold so quickly in store I couldn’t get it online fast enough.)

Boots: Hunter, Flame

Tote: c/o Jigsaw London

Sunnies: c/o Coach

PS: My heart goes out to those who were affected in the Oklahoma tornadoes. As a born Okie, much of my family and my heart still live there. I can’t imagine the heartbreak of the families who lost their homes or even children and I know it’s not much, but my thoughts are with you as you recover and rebuild.

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  1. Jhan says:

    THAT dress!! … so cute!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  2. jentine says:

    I giggled because I was like 'Is Kendi wearing a dinosaur dress?'… which you are not, but you should one day…

    05.21.13 · Reply
  3. Congratulations on everything! Your new place on Instagram looks gorgeous. Remember to take time to breathe and enjoy all of the new things. πŸ™‚


    05.21.13 · Reply
  4. Kendi Lea says:

    Well….a dinosaur dress *is* on my short list for spring. But ya — they look like little brontosaurus's don't they?

    05.21.13 · Reply
  5. Natali says:

    You look beautiful and I love your dress! Congrats on becoming an auntie πŸ™‚


    05.21.13 · Reply
  6. Joyce says:

    I love that dress! Just one left and not my size.. πŸ™
    And congrats on the niece!


    05.21.13 · Reply
  7. Jessica says:

    Didn't know you were a native Okie…another reason you're great!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  8. lillypea says:

    Bummed about that dress being sold out- as soon as I saw it I thought "my sister in law would love that, I'll buy it for her birthday!"
    Congrats on the niece and the new home!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  9. Well it doesn't get much cuter than this! Love a good animal print and how fun are those boots?! Congrats on your new place πŸ™‚


    05.21.13 · Reply
  10. Kate Swanson says:

    Oh my gosh, please continue sharing things about your life because you are so funny and delightful! Hiring/training is so stressful, but babies and giraffe print dresses make the world a beautiful place!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  11. Julia says:

    What a fun dress for a rainy day! Congrats on becoming an aunt. Good luck on the move… πŸ™‚

    Julia @ http://www.livingoninspiration.com

    05.21.13 · Reply
  12. Kendi Lea says:

    Haha yep! Born in a realllly small town and spent most of my summers there πŸ™‚

    05.21.13 · Reply
  13. Kendi Lea says:

    Gahhh I know. I'm going to see if I can re-order though! I'll keep ya'll updated.

    05.21.13 · Reply
  14. agreed – the whole thing is so happy and cute. it's making me happy just to look at it! πŸ™‚

    05.21.13 · Reply
  15. Brittney says:

    Take it one step at a time, and even the most overwhelming week will pass. Congrats on the new baby in the family!



    05.21.13 · Reply
  16. Could this outfit BE any cuter?

    05.21.13 · Reply
  17. KDot says:

    You look great!
    Try not to stress; everything that matters WILL get done. Enjoy your new place (I'd love to see some new house pics sometime)

    05.21.13 · Reply
  18. TK says:

    Congrats on everything!!!! I have heard that theory and agree with it… if you dress happy then you are happy πŸ™‚

    05.21.13 · Reply
  19. Elena Drake-Knight says:

    Love the dress and the updates! If I lived in Texas I would most definitely be coming in for an interview at Bloom; you don't need any help in California, do you?

    xx Elena


    05.21.13 · Reply
  20. Good luck with the move! Wish I could help but I'm much too far away~


    05.21.13 · Reply
  21. Rebecca says:

    This is so so cute!!! Your dress and boots are very happy, and so perfect for a spring, rainy day.

    05.21.13 · Reply
  22. Ashley says:

    Ummm giraffes are my favorite!! πŸ˜€ This dress makes me happy. Also, it's nice to be on a more personal level with you. Congrats on being an auntie! And more congrats on moving πŸ™‚

    xo Ashley


    05.21.13 · Reply
  23. Shannon Harrison says:

    Kendi! Can you tell us who the designer is? I need this in my like and Bloom is SOLD OUT!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  24. UM…I love this! The colors are perfect!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  25. Cutest dress ever! I absolutely think that dressing in something cheerful makes us feel a little bit happier. And so much going on with you right now! Hope the move goes well. Congrats on your new niece, too! Being an aunt is my favorite thing!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  26. Lindsay says:

    The best reason to buy hunter boots (I own a pair) is that you are happy every time it rains! I get so excited on rainy days because then I'm justified in wearing my adorable red Hunters!!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  27. Julie says:

    Agreed with Jessica, didn't know that and that does make you even more awesome πŸ˜‰
    I live about 15 min from Moore and the tornado hit several of our friends homes. We were able to get in there yesterday and implement a pet rescue for some friends who were away on vacation who's home was hit.
    thanks for thinking of us in OK πŸ™‚

    05.21.13 · Reply
  28. Giedre Krulikas says:

    Those boots are so cute!!! The color is perfectly cheerful and I totally accept your premise that the outfit you're wearing will make you happy. πŸ™‚

    05.21.13 · Reply
  29. Brei Delahoussaye says:

    So adorable!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  30. Jordan says:

    Love love love love x a million your outfit! That dress is so cute and goes perfectly with those rain boots!



    05.21.13 · Reply
  31. Caroline L. says:

    It's so great to hear more about your life πŸ™‚ I hope the dressing happy = happier self indeed rings true for you!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  32. Donna says:

    That dress is TOO cute! Love the subtle animal print!

    Good luck with the move!


    05.21.13 · Reply
  33. This is such a cute outfit! I love the little giraffes.

    05.21.13 · Reply
  34. Amanda Massie says:

    This dress is absolutely adorable and it is so perfect with those rain boots!

    Xo, Amanda


    05.21.13 · Reply
  35. KK @BSMMH says:

    LOVE that outfit. Haven't seen Hunter Boots in that color before…I love how it's so bright and cheery for rainy weather! I totally feel happy when I dress happy, so I hope that works for you today. Eeek! Moving stinks, and I feel you girl. Just take it one step at a time and take lots of breaks for ice cream! =)


    05.21.13 · Reply
  36. such a sweet look!! good luck with your upcoming adventures!! sounds exciting! x

    dipped in yellow

    05.21.13 · Reply
  37. Kendi Lea says:

    Hey Shannon — it's from I.Madeline. If you find it online, let me know! I'm trying to see if I can re-order since I can't find it anywhere else πŸ™‚

    05.21.13 · Reply
  38. Kendi Lea says:

    Oh no! Did you find their pets? Was everything damaged? It's just so sad. That's super nice of you to go and help!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  39. Chelsea Tubbs says:

    I love the details you shared in this post, woohoo for more Kendi! Good luck on the big move and congratulations on a sweet niece. That dress is so sweet and you've convinced me to go with that color when I invest in my Hunters.

    Chelsea & The City

    05.21.13 · Reply
  40. Julie says:

    sorry, I should have said that. Their home was hit pretty bad, but we were able to find their three pets and thankfully they were ok. πŸ™‚

    05.21.13 · Reply
  41. Jade says:

    What a lovely dress! I do hope you get more in stock, as I'd love to buy it!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  42. scunningham says:

    It is strange that I wish I could give you a hug? Or come over with a casserole? Yes, that IS strange, I guess.

    *hug* (anyway)

    05.21.13 · Reply
  43. Ashleigh | Love Stoned says:

    This dress is incredible. I love anything with an animal on it these days. What's that about?! Crushing on your Hunters too πŸ™‚

    xx Ashleigh

    05.21.13 · Reply
  44. Megan Maddison says:

    That dress is adorable and love it paired with your pretty coral hunter boots! Great Spring outfit!

    Hugs to you during the next few busy weeks! You'll make it through… πŸ™‚


    05.21.13 · Reply
  45. This love is SUPER adorable! LOVEEEEE the dress. It's so darling.

    good luck with the move!! Moving is such a pain in the you know what!


    05.21.13 · Reply
  46. Lacey says:

    Hey Kendi,
    I love this whole look. I was wondering where your monogram necklace is from. I reallylike it. Thanks!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  47. Anca Madalina Baboi says:

    Amazing look, Kendi! I loooove the dress, such a cute print! And it fits you perfectly! I like this shape very much!




    05.21.13 · Reply
  48. Nikki says:

    That dress is so adorable and it looks fantastic with the boots! Good luck with the move! We moved last summer and it is always a nightmare no matter how prepared you feel!


    05.21.13 · Reply
  49. Tina Kragelund says:

    How great that you have found something new – 12 days Will come and og before you have time to worry. Maybe it will turn out to be just what you needed… There is an old saying "what ever you Think you Can do it or not, you are right". Maybe that goes for dressing happy as well :0) I put on my blue tutu skirt when ever i need to feel extra happy – works like a charm on me and the people around me.
    Wish you all the best with the move – a first step in a new chapter

    05.21.13 · Reply
  50. Your dress is so cute !!! Love your great blog πŸ˜‰


    05.21.13 · Reply
  51. Julia Bradbury says:

    Oh Kendi I'm in love with you, you look really yummy wearing your Rubber Wellingtons, they are such a lovely color and look adorable on your bare legs, I want to pull my Wellingtons on and meet you for coffee.
    Hugs and Kisses

    05.21.13 · Reply
  52. Classy Chic & Chardonnay says:

    That dress looks like the happiest dress on earth! Sometimes when I'm feeling down I always put on my brightest clothes to lift up my spirits!! Congrats on all the exciting changes!!
    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

    05.21.13 · Reply
  53. Karen L. says:

    This outfit even made me happy, and I'm not even the one wearing it! πŸ™‚ I love dresses- but dresses with giraffes on it? Get out. Happy, happy!
    P.S. Here's my strategy for feeling less stressed when you have a gazillion things to do in very little time: break it up into do-able, realistic increments each day. You will feel better knowing you have a plan of action and it will all get done on time and you will feel accomplished each night as you check off your day's worth of "to-do's" instead of harried and stressed. (of course, if you don't get them done, that compounds the stress- so get. it. done.)
    And reward yourself with some time for nothing else other than holding a sweet infant in your arms and enjoy every second because they are not tiny for very long πŸ™

    05.21.13 · Reply
  54. MAHL Twirl says:

    Amazing dress and good luck moving!!!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  55. Jaclyn says:

    Such a fun outfit! I love the dress and the boots πŸ™‚

    Sounds like you have a busy couple of weeks ahead, I hope they go smoothly and that you get lots of time to cuddle the baby!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  56. Oh my gosh that dress is so adorable! Moving is the worst, I feel your pain.

    Kristina does the Internets

    05.21.13 · Reply
  57. Andrea says:

    love lvoe love this!!! and what a tiny little waist!


    05.21.13 · Reply
  58. That might be the cutest dress I've ever seen! The print is definitely happy!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  59. Anne Hill says:

    the print on this dress is amazing!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  60. Ainslee says:

    I love your hunters and printed dress, so adorable! πŸ™‚

    xo, Ainslee


    05.21.13 · Reply
  61. Giraffes make the cutest dress print ever, just by looking at it makes me smile! Hope you enjoy the rain with a cup of coffee and a nice read.

    Cee. β™₯

    Code Overdressed

    05.21.13 · Reply
  62. Jen C says:

    Great dress! And I don't know that I've seen that color Hunter boots before – super cute! I didn't realize you were an Okie originally…I hope your friends are family are OK.

    Also, I didn't comment on your big post because I just wasn't sure what to say….but I totally identify with everything you said. I always thought I suffered from depression, which I do a bit, but turns out it's more anxiety than depression (epiphany thanks to my *wonderful* therapist). But they're so similar and both so hard to explain to people who don't have the same experiences. I used to write a lot about that kinda stuff on my blog but shied away from it because I felt like things got a little dark. Your post has encouraged me to open up more about it. I only have a couple followers but just documenting how I feel & the improvements I make is good for ME.

    Thank you for having the courage to post such personal (& meaningful) words to your thousands of followers.

    I hope you see this πŸ™‚

    05.21.13 · Reply
  63. Oh I've moved so many times that I now keep the boxes my glassware came in just so I'l have a box to move them in without having to wrap each wine glass! Also I've been know to use sheets and towels to wrap breakable like frames and such..It's a job! Hopefully it will all go smoothly for you!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  64. Jennifer says:

    Those boots are the perfect color!

    xo Jennifer


    05.21.13 · Reply
  65. melissa rosenkilde says:

    What an adorable dress Kendi. Wish I had Bloom right down the street!


    05.21.13 · Reply
  66. Jess_Dynarski says:

    I love this outfit. It's so happy and perfect for a dreary rainy day. I believe that rainy days are the best days to wear uplifting colors and fun prints.

    I'm sending you good vibes for your upcoming move.

    05.21.13 · Reply
  67. Amber Rathvon says:

    This dress is so adorable, I can totally see why it sold out immediately! You look gorgeous as always, Kendi. =)

    Avec Amber

    05.21.13 · Reply
  68. Kristin says:

    Cute dress! I love the color of those boots. I have them in black and am kind of regretting not buying a more playful color. Congrats on your new niece! My sister is expecting my niece in July and I'm sure I'll be like you…just want to hold her all day πŸ™‚


    05.21.13 · Reply
  69. oh my gosh that is the cutest dress ever, it makes me happy seeing you wear it

    05.21.13 · Reply
  70. ashleigh says:

    That dress is amazeballs!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  71. This is so cute! The coral hunters are fabulous!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  72. Christine Robertson says:

    I love the dress! Like for real LOVE. I would so come help pack if I lived in Texas, I actually love packing. It's weird. Alas here I am useless in Canada. Good luck with the move!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  73. Kelsey Wilburn says:

    you look gorgeous! πŸ™‚ adore this dress. congrats on the house! wahoo!

    kw ladies in navy

    05.21.13 · Reply
  74. EnterKelly says:

    Congrats on the new house! And your outfit just totally rocks πŸ™‚

    05.21.13 · Reply
  75. Oh. My. Goodness. I adore that dress.

    05.21.13 · Reply
  76. Georgette says:

    I love this dress! They go so well with the boots!

    05.21.13 · Reply
  77. Elaine says:

    i love these new posts πŸ™‚

    05.21.13 · Reply
  78. thank you for mentioning Oklahoma. It has been a sad day here.
    My husband is an expert packer and I wish he could come help!

    05.22.13 · Reply
  79. Such a cute print, love the colors too!
    xx Allie

    05.22.13 · Reply
  80. Jamie Weingartner says:

    Kendi, I am a faithful reader and have never commented before. Want to let you know how much I admire your courage in your recent posts . You are a beautiful person inside and out. And this dress you're wearing today is adorable. You look stunning as always:)

    05.22.13 · Reply
  81. Danielle Wojcik says:

    When I saw the first picture of this dress, I thought, "ooo, I like the cut and colors." When I saw the giraffes, I actually dropped the f bomb. It went something like this: "oooo" skurrrrrrrt (that's the figurative tires screeching to a halt in my brain) "*f bomb* are those giraffes?!"

    05.22.13 · Reply
  82. Jackie says:

    That dress is INCREDIBLE. No wonder it sold out so quickly.

    I think your theory about feeling happy when you dress happy can be proven correct. I find a direct correlation between how I feel and how I dress. Shopping also makes me happy. New clothes (or boots) are basically key for feeling good on any given day.

    I had a horrible work day on Friday and literally felt like a new person after I bought myself a couple new tops downtown.

    xoxo Jackie

    05.22.13 · Reply
  83. Erin C says:

    This dress is perfect. I hope you get it back in the shop soon because I absolutely love it.

    Lately I've been trying to change my wardrobe (slowly, because I'm broke) to reflect the fact that I'm becoming more feminine and just plain growing up. I'd love to read more of your thoughts on clothes and their reflection of what you're going through inside in the future. I can say that at my worst times in life (dealing with loss, depression from that) I dressed almost exclusively in dark colors. I wasn't making an emo statement, it just came out that way. I'm trying to work more light blue, light pink, and white into my wardrobe now πŸ˜‰

    And I'll run the shop so you can hold your niece! Those first few months are too precious to miss a moment of possible cuddle time.

    05.22.13 · Reply
  84. lisdom says:

    Seriously, how cute is this dress!? Hope you're starting to feel better. I've been there and totally understand. Also, prayers for Oklahoma.

    05.22.13 · Reply
  85. Good luck with the move and all the crazy changes!

    05.22.13 · Reply
  86. Susan says:

    On my way to help with the move, Kendi! πŸ™‚

    05.22.13 · Reply
  87. Laura says:

    This is the cutest rainy day outfit I've ever seen!!

    05.22.13 · Reply
  88. that dress is super cute!!!!

    05.22.13 · Reply
  89. Laura Whitman says:

    Oh my goodness, that dress is completely adorable – I could see why you couldn't keep it in the store.

    Sounds like you are going through quite a stressful time, so I hope that you get through this with a smile! Enjoy the time holding that baby!




    05.22.13 · Reply
  90. Little Red Book says:

    Love that dress! And I do hope that your family is all well in Oklahoma. Thoughts and prayers…


    05.22.13 · Reply
  91. nathyness says:

    This is all so exciting, Kendi! I wish you a smooth and easy move.

    P.S. I'd love to work for Bloom if I lived in Texas. Well, not just anywhere in Texas. That wouldn't work, since it's kind of a large state and all. You get the idea.


    05.22.13 · Reply
  92. Laura says:

    When I saw this outfit I blurted out 'Adorable!'. Congrats on the new member of the family! That is always happy news! Good luck with moving and the new employees.

    05.22.13 · Reply
  93. Oooh, good luck Kendi! πŸ™‚ Also, whattay outfit! I LUHHHHRVEE your look. Kisses to you + new baby! { http://www.jupiterskye.com }

    05.22.13 · Reply
  94. Samara says:

    Oh wow! Love this outfit! I wish I could find some rainboots like those, in that gorgeous colour where I live! And that dress! Hope you get more like it in future! Congratulations with your baby niece, she will be one lucky spoilt little girl with you as her Aunt! πŸ˜‰
    So excited for you and your new home! You will be living in the cutest little house! Stinky storage stuff sucks, I dread the day i have to go through the boxes of crap under my mum's house! Sometimes best to just chuck it? In 12 days though – think of all the fun you will have with your new place! New possibilities, new adventures!
    Oh, a tip my sister used when she moved last – she placed all her hanging clothes, hangers and all, into several suitcases so they'd be safe! And at the other end, she could just open up the suitcases and hang them up right away into the new closet! πŸ™‚

    05.22.13 · Reply
  95. Christine says:

    Love this outfit, you look great!! Take the time to sit and rock your baby niece as much as you can…it will go by so fast and it will calm your soul. Everything.will.fall.in.to.place. Really, it will.

    05.22.13 · Reply
  96. Vickie Simons says:

    your dress is gorgeous – good luck with the move & hope you get lots of snuggle time with little one πŸ™‚

    05.22.13 · Reply
  97. Shreya says:

    Giraffes and Hunter boots!Two of my favorite things!

    Happy Moving!



    05.22.13 · Reply
  98. Mica says:

    That dress is beautiful! πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your move, and congratulations on your new niece πŸ™‚

    Away From Blue

    05.22.13 · Reply
  99. Natalia says:

    Looooooooooooove that dress!
    And I'm pretty sure that if you dress happy, you'll be happy.
    Have a nice move! ;p

    05.22.13 · Reply
  100. Beth says:

    Just got a pair of Hunter boots for Mother's Day! I agree…they do make you happy too and if there is even a chance of a grey cloud in the sky – I wear them ? Happy feet make for Happy girls, right? Just think, in 12 days, you will be in your new place and the baby doesn't care about the boxes…..trust me!!! xxox

    05.22.13 · Reply
  101. Annie says:

    I didn't know you were a born-Okie. I knew there was a reason I loved you so much. This outfit is outrageously adorable!

    05.22.13 · Reply
  102. Jill says:

    This outfit is fantastic! It's such a happy outfit and I am so jealous of the dress. It is a very happy dress!!!

    05.22.13 · Reply
  103. Cathy your Poor Little It Girl says:

    That dress is adorable…how cute is that print!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    05.22.13 · Reply
  104. Bridget Dierks says:

    I remember moving and having to put a bunch of stuff in storage for a few months while we DIYed a remodel on our current house. By the time I returned to get my stuff, I decided to throw away half of it because I rationalized that if I didn't need it in 4 months, I didn't need it at all! Sometimes i do miss things from that rash decision, though. πŸ™‚

    Great dress. I have always read your blog, but now I want to comment because you're telling us real stuff about your life. Very cool.

    05.22.13 · Reply
  105. Good luck on your move. It's fun being an aunt. I would like to help you out but I'm really far away (many states away).

    05.22.13 · Reply
  106. When it rains it pours, doesn't it? Last year, I had two of my staff quit within weeks of each other, and I had just hired a new staff person. Needless to say, I spent months hiring and training people, but I have the best team now. What I'm saying is, things always work out the way they should. There's a silver lining in all of this stuff you have going on, and soon you'll be able to hold your new niece for 10 hours a day!

    05.22.13 · Reply
  107. denise Stephenson-Cameron says:

    Thank you for opening just a small window into your daily life! Makes me love you even more!!

    05.22.13 · Reply
  108. This is the most adorable outfit ever. I'm totally in love with this dress and I now want a pair of Hunters in this color! Good luck with your move! πŸ™‚

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    05.22.13 · Reply
  109. Amy says:

    I definitely believe that wearing happy clothes makes for a happy mood – at least I hope it's true because I do it all the time. Your last few posts have been really brave. I'm a long time reader and first time commenter. Thanks for sharing with us.

    05.22.13 · Reply
  110. AurΓ©lie FORTUNE says:

    Nice dress, very funny with this shoes!




    05.22.13 · Reply
  111. Sara says:

    So bummed that dress is sold out. It is SO great. I love the print! Good luck with the move– that is one of my least favorite things– but the reward after the move always ends up being worth it!

    05.22.13 · Reply
  112. Agi Mayer says:

    The dress is so pretty. You look amazing Kendi. Love the dress with the rain boots. Good luck with the move. Moving is hard but it's a great time to de-clutter. Good luck with hiring a new employee. That's always hard as well. When it's all said and done, sit back and have a stiff drink.

    Don't forget to stop by and link up tomorrow on my Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up and enter my stella & dot giveaway.



    05.22.13 · Reply
  113. Sarah H. says:

    Are there seriously giraffes on your dress? That is amazing.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

    05.22.13 · Reply
  114. EnvisionPretty says:

    the dress! I neeeed it! Please order more so we can all wear happy giraffes!

    xx! Danielle

    05.22.13 · Reply
  115. Nicole Dawson says:

    those boots are to die for!

    05.22.13 · Reply
  116. Andrea Litsch says:

    This outfit is Perfect!!!! Love that dress+ rainboot combo! So hilarious about your 20 second rain because I can totally relate! I have the proud owner of 2 tall & 1 short pair of hunter boots & they never seem to be given the life they deserve because whenever I think about putting them on it stops raining!!!

    Nordstrom has a beautiful tall yellow pair on sale right now!!


    05.22.13 · Reply
  117. Sincerely Sammie says:

    Are your boots a coral color? They are darling with that dress!


    05.22.13 · Reply
  118. If I lived in Texas, I would definitely come help you pack! Sorry, I'm all the way in NY.

    I LOVE your dress and boots. You look adorable and it is most definitely a happy looking dress.

    Congrats on being an aunt and congrats to your sister too!

    All the best,
    ~FringeGirl (thedomesticfringe.com)

    05.22.13 · Reply
  119. Emily Jenny says:

    Lovely photos! amazing fresh take on Hunter rain boots.


    Emily Jenny

    Stiletto Beats

    05.22.13 · Reply
  120. That is the sweetest dress! If I lived in Texas, I'd totally volunteer to help you πŸ˜›

    05.22.13 · Reply
  121. I love this dress! The print is really pretty…

    05.22.13 · Reply
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    I'm freaking out. this is the most whimsical rainy day outfit ever. i already have hunters is green but…must. have. coral. XO

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    <3 sarah

    Life by Appointment

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    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

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    O vestido Γ© lindo e ficou perfeito com a bota!



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    I seriously had a dream the other night that I had started working for you at Bloom, before I read this post. If I ever leave teaching, and MA, I may be knocking on your door!!!


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    Love the dress, the personal tid-bits and the fact that we are both moving in a couple of days.My husband and I are moving out of our newlywed apt and into a bigger place. I've decided that moving is the worst. And I have yet to pack a SINGLE box this go round. It sounds like you're doing much better than me:) June 1st is much too soon.


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    iPad developer wanted

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    HI there! I'm putting together a post on stylish ways to wear Hunter boots for my shoe blog, ShoeperWoman.com, and would love to include this look – hope that's OK with you: let me know if you'd rather not be featured!

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