Technically I should be wearing a sweater today and maybe a heavy jacket. It is that cold. I think I can speak for all of us when I say ‘Spring, where the h are you?’ Doesn’t the atmosphere care that I have spring outfits ready and lined up to be worn? Weather can be so selfish, sometimes. But on the bright side, it’s not scorching hot already here and that means I can still wear layers. More importantly denim on denim layers. You know I’m always happy to wear a Texas tuxedo. 

How is your week going? I feel like I haven’t even seen you guys much this week. Has it been crazy for you? For some reason, this week is going about 90 mph. I mean, it’s already Thursday. I had this realization today at the bank. And not in a “yes, it’s almost Friday!” way. More like in an “oh crap, it’s Thursday??” way. The bad news: my to do list is probably not going to happen this week. The good news: well… it is almost Friday. One should never be angry about Friday showing up so early.

PS: For those who asked, the peplum top I wore in yesterday’s post is from Target


Jacket: Bloom

Top: old Gap // Similar

Jeans: c/o Big Star USA

Heels: Nine West

Purse: Target

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  1. Where is your necklace from? I absolutely love this outfit. Always wondered how to do denim on denim. Should've known you'd be the one to rock it 🙂

  2. I'm also in Texas (College Station), and I also had a blazer and cute top all picked out for today. But it's cold enough that instead I'm wearing a turtleneck and boots, and I'm in my office huddled in front of the space heater. Come on TX, it's April!

  3. That blazer is too cute! I love that it is 2 colors! That bag is really cute too and I love that it is Target! I too have been wondering where spring is. It is currently rainy and maybe 50 degrees, which is unacceptable for April.


  4. It's been a long week here too! I'm totally ready for some more sunshine and warmer weather…maybe that will make the weeks drag less…or more…whichever one is the better one. 🙂

  5. So cute! Love all the layers! AND you're totally right, Friday is SO close!


  6. I love this look!! Especially your bag! I looks much more expensive than Target 🙂

    Erica of

  7. aha! i thought i was going crazy searching fanatically through the Gap website for the Peplum top to no avail – but alas, we don't have Target in the UK 🙁 boo. Loving your hair in todays shoot btw.

  8. Love the Texas tuxedo – that chambray top looks amazing with your jeans and I'm still SO nervous to put denim on denim in the same color family (blue denim on white denim, totally fine – but blue on blue? EEK!). I'm going to need to try this for sure!


  9. I love your bag! Cute jacket btw and I'm thinking of ordering it from BLOOM online… Love your little store!


  10. You look great in this — like always! I can't wait to see what else you have planned next!

    Jaclyn, of Written in Fashion

  11. Kendi! I love your hair! Just thought I'd say that (I also love the outfit but you know, I love every outfit you put together).

  12. Great outfit… but I'm loving the necklace you're wearing. Can you share the details?

  13. You could pretty much recreate the entire look (sans the awesome purse) from F21 🙂

  14. Your hair looks so pretty! BTW, where is the necklace from?

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