I may have gone to three different Targets in less than an hour last Sunday. Here’s the story. I didn’t want to wake my sleeping husband up at 8 to jump out of bed and run to see the new Prabal Gurung collection at Target. Okay let me rephrase that: I did want to jump out of bed before 8am and drive to Target to buy up the collection before the other crazies did. I did not want to wake up my husband in the process because he would judge me or most likely stop me. So I laid there, picturing all of the pretty items in my size flying off the racks. Finally around 9, I woke him up with a few nudges, pretending that I had just woken up, too, no way had I been awake since 6:30 am thinking of ways to spend money. Not this girl. So I casually mention we need to drop by Target on the way to open Bloom, so maybe we could leave say an hour early? We ended up not leaving an hour early so my trip was compromised and before I knew it I’d spilled the beans as to why I needed to drop by Target. B figured out this was not a casual trip, this was in fact a mission. So I ended up going to three different Targets in search of this dress. And by going to, I mean basically I rolled out of a moving car to run in to see if they had the dress. Let it be known — this dress was not stocked in the three Targets within driving distance of my house. There is an upside — I did score this fancy dress I’m wearing today. I feel like it’s a pretty good trade. 

Also, if you did score my dream Target dress, please spare my feelings and don’t tell me. Lie to me and say it was ugly and ill-fitting. My feelings thank you.


Dress: Prabal Gurung for Target

Blazer: Similar

Booties: Madewell

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  1. This dress is just as beautiful as your 'dream' dress, and your styled it perfectly. Your makeup looks gorgeous! Xo

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