I’m back! I’m alive! I survived the snowstorm unfortunately named Nemo! Actually I got the h out of New York before that snowstorm hit. Well actually as the snowstorm was hitting. I was sweating bullets as flights were being cancelled left and right at the terminal gate. My husband and I were on separate planes and as my plane took off, I thought he was already an hour in the air. Wrong. He was still sitting on the plane, on the runway where he stayed for FIVE hours before finally taking off. I will never complain of a late take off ever again, right?

Of course the snowstorm wasn’t as bad as they predicted but still this Texan girl is terrified of blizzards. Unless they are from Dairy Queen, and then I welcome them with open hands and a spoon.

So we get home and it’s sunny, then it’s rainy. Then it’s sunny! Then it’s rainy. Today it’s just Seattle, so I dressed accordingly. (Is this how the cool kids in the northwest dress? No? Okay cool.) Oh and that cord that’s hanging out of my purse? It’s my ear phones. I didn’t realize it was there until right now. One day we will be professional at this picture taking thing and everything will be tucked, ironed and in it’s place. One day.


Jacket: c/o Simply Audrey // Similar

Sweatshirt: Similar

Pants: Gap

Shoes: Madewell

Tote: Madewell

Hat: Similar

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  1. Yay, I'm glad you made it out of NY safe! Your poor husband, he's a trooper! 

    I love this outfit, & the pop of red lipstick just takes it to a whole 'nother level!

  2. Poor bryan! That happened to me on the way home from Nebraska one time. Not fun. I love this outfit! Every time you wear that jacket, I die. It's perfect!

  3. You look absolutely adorable here! I love this casual outfit. Yes, the weather down here in Texas is pretty unpredictable at least we're not covered in 5 ft of snow!

  4. I'm loving the casual vibes you have going on in today's post! Northern ladies do tend to dress a lot like this…mainly because it's our only way to remain somewhat stylish without ruining our favorite pieces! Hope you are staying dry!

  5. Those boots and that bag are simply amazing, of course they are from Madewell! I've wanted to have something from their shop for AGES but am still saving up … they're so expensive!

    Glad you made it safely away from Nemo!

  6. I hear ya with the delays! I once set on runway for couple of hours too – not fun… And flying alone is even less fun 
    Lovely outfit! 

  7. I seriously laugh out loud every time I read your posts. Also, I share the same sentiments about blizzards. Ain't nobody got time for that…unless it's DQ. 

  8. Blizzards should definitely be of the ice cream kind only. Glad you made it home safely! I'm definitely eying a military jacket, but haven't found the right one yet… The hunt continues.

  9. oh my goodness, there is nothing worse than being stuck on a plane on the runway for 5 hours.  glad you guys made it home safe and sound!

    loving your madewell shoes and tote 🙂

  10. Ugh! I am so sorry about your plane experience. Airports, bad weather, and planes always give me anxiety. 

  11. I love this outfit Kendi! I like want to be in this outfit right now. Perfect for our not so awesome weather in the Northeast. I am glad NY didn't get it as bad as they predicted and you made it out okay/on time but in MA we got 25 inches in my town and it was crazy. 

  12. Definitely hipster Seattle-esque. And I hope it's still cool to look this way because this is the exact look that happens every Saturday and Sunday for me.

  13. Kendi I love this outfit! very cute,  not as bright and colorful as your usual outfits but still very cute. It looks a lot like what we girls in Kansas wear.:)

  14. Haha you crack me up. Dairy Queen blizzard! That is terrible he was stuck on the runway so long. I can't imagine having to fly after being enclosed for so long. I hope his flight was quicker than 5 hours!

  15. LOl. Hilarious even with the slight photo bombing of the cord -pics are still great . Loving them boots girl. Now do I wanna pull the trigger on $200 boots ? Dunno yet. Great look.


  16. Haha I know what you mean, girl. I thought about these boots for 6 months before I bit the bullet. I still don't love the $200 price but I do love the boots and I know they'll last me for years.

  17. I hope you had fun in NYC! Wish I could've gone to the event. Love the necklace here, so pretty.

    xo C

  18. Such a cute look! Loving your tote and necklace! Glad to hear y'all made it back okay! I cannot believe your husband was stranded on the runway for 5 hours! I don't know what I would do!


  19. Love this look. And also – today I attempted to look fashionable for the first time since Nemo (we're in Boston…) and my husband looks at me and said, "What up, Kendi?!" I think he knows my not-so-secret obsession with your blog:) 

  20. Being from Washingyon State, I would say that you nailed it :). Very hipster and muted colors. Super cute for a dreary day.

  21. Oh dear, as an Australian, I'd have been terrified by flying through the blizzard myself! I love this outfit and I am sure it is just what the fly kids in PNW are wearing. 

  22. Totally Seattle! Except your hair would be frizzier…lol.  But yup, that's how the cool kids look up here!

  23. This outfit is so perfect to me right now. I've been under-the-weather, so nothing looks better than a cozy, casual outfit. Also, I love that the cord is hanging out of your bag. There's something more personal about outfit posts when it's not so perfect. 🙂

    xo Ashleyluckylittlebird.blogspot.com

  24. gorgeous necklace. is it a recent h&m find? cause i totally want it. xD

    on a totally random note, how did you get your disqus to look like this? did you code it yourself or is there some features on the disqus website i missed? cause i would love something like this for my blog.

    love, x

    blog | twitter


  25. Your lipstick color is AMAZING. I've been searching for a good red and have similar coloring to yours. Do you mind sharing the brand/shade?

  26. What the what? I was wearing almost this exact same outfit today and I didn't see the blog post until now.  Great minds and all that…

  27. Are you starting a store in Seattle? Portland is a great option too since I live there and I would definitely shop at Bloom! 😀

  28. Ok, dying laughing from the Dairy Queen blizzard comment! If I ever need to see some great styling or have a little bit of laughter, I know this is the place to be. Your outfit is pretty great, too! xo

  29. I am so glad that you got home safely because if you hadn't then I would have to go more days without reading your blog. Then I would become depressed because I seriously laugh at every one of your posts.


  30. So glad you made it home ok! You seriously lucked out. Friday was absolutely insane (ice cold, 50mph winds, and snow!! It kept piling up!). I'm happy to be home where at least the temp is higher than 30 degrees 🙂 Btw I could have used that hat in New York..

  31. Adore your outfit. Totally effortless. Glad you made it home and it sucks that you and your husband were separated. The storm looks insane. I lived in Alberta for most of my life and I grew up with crazy winter snow storms. Don't miss them now that I'm living in Vancouver.



  32. Are you those boots comfy? i'm look for booties but I've always found heeled boots, even with a short heel, hurt the balls of my feet. 

  33. I'm glad you made it back okay. I think the cord is a nice touch! you could do this in every picture. It will be like a where's waldo to keep your readers sharp!

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