B and I have this magical time between the years of 2010 through 2011 that we talk about often. This was the magical time of gym membership and actually for the first time in my life using it to it’s fullest. But you see something happened in late 2011 and we just kind of gave up working out. To be fair, that something was moving cities, opening a store and flipping my life upside down. And then of course, canceling said membership. Just a few things which stressed me to the max and lead me to eat my feelings (see: french fries and wine) and stop moving all together. Now that time is only mentioned late at night when I murmur “remember that time we used to go to the gym” as I count how many days it’s been since I’ve worked out instead of counting sheep to fall asleep at night. 
Being about 14 days behind on everything always, I still haven’t made my new year’s resolutions. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a change, so B and I have decided to move more and stress less this year. If I can’t be on a beach vacation all the time living stress free than the least I can do is work out and be kind to my body. Right? Right
Lucky for me and you, Old Navy is having 40% off their Active line through Wednesday which is where I picked up a few things to help me move a little bit more. After all, if I can’t look good while doing it, what’s the point? Fashion is my first love, fitness comes in around number 15. (Personally I bought up a few of pairs of compression leggings. And while I don’t understand the fab technology behind them, they feel like skinny jeans. Perfect.) And as far less stress goes, a beach vacation doesn’t seem like a bad idea now does it? It’s for my health.
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  1. I love Old Navy's active wear! Cute and comfortable – it's absolutely perfect. Usually, though, instead of hitting the gym I just lounge around the house all day in their yoga pants. I don't think they'd be nearly as comfortable in a yoga class as they would on the couch. I'd like to think I'm just using the pants to their fullest potential.

  2. I love ON's active wear. It is so affordable and I pretty much live in their yoga pants (even though I never do yoga….).

  3. they really do have some of the BEST active wear, for such reasonable prices…i love their new bubble tanks, wearing one to yoga tonight!

  4. I totally agree with you. If i have cut clothes to work out in, it makes me more inclined to go workout. I've been sick since the end of September and haven't been able to work out. My goal was to be back last Tuesday for my bootcamp but I'm hoping to head back tomorrow. I'll have to check out Old Navy's active line. 



  5. I think everyone is on the same boat. Staying active has to move up the list; for our own sake. 

  6. I actually recommend Target over Old Navy for bottoms – Target's items are Champion (C9) and I've ran in their stuff for years after years! But I do love Old Navy's tops (for cheaper) their second skin tanks – I loaded up when they were 5 bucks – and got about 15 of them for running! 

  7. It's sometimes hard to get to the gym but I do dance classes at mine and I'm always counting down the days until my next class! And I definitely find working out helps keep my stress in check! 

    Charlee Anne @ thepreppygraduate.com

  8. I am working from home today; and since I only need to impress my dog, I am wearing my ON yoga pants and hoodie right now (even though I am not doing yoga, nor working out). It motivates me to go to the gym when I look coordinated and am comfortable. I love the ON bubble tanks too!

  9. Amen, sister! Old Navy's active gear is actually my favorite. Obviously, it isn't something they are well known for so everyone always asks and says "Really?" when I tell them that…. yes, really. The compression leggings are the best, yes!

  10. Side note….did you see the Gap featured you in a facebook post today??? You wearing their heart sweater, cute!!

  11. Love your blog! I don't usually comment, but since you're talking about working out, I wanted to give my two cents about a group fitness workout I joined two years ago and am obsessed with. It's called Camp Gladiator and there are locations all over Texas, including McKinney! The gym doesn't work for me but this totally does. I show up and do what they tell me (weights, core, a little running, etc) and I'm so much healthier. Lead by a trainer, not like a bootcamp, very encouraging and for all fitness levels. And the price is great if you commit to the monthly plan. Ok, I'm done with the shameless plug! http://www.campgladiatordallas.com/dallas_locations.html

  12. I love Old Navy compression leggings! They are just as good as many pricier brands I've tried. I really like those tanks, too. Better snap up a few more now that they're on sale!

  13. I had a pair of capri running pants from old navy. They were OK. but when I searched for running gears, I often read other people complaining that old navy stuff doesn't really last and slips off very easily. My new obsession is LuluLemon. 🙂

  14. I feel like once I actually work out on a regular basis I can justify LuluLemon. 🙂 I've heard so many good things about their stuff but have never checked it out!

  15. Thank you for telling me! Is it as intimidating as CrossFit? I'm really just a treadmill + free weights kind of girl. Mainly bc I'm not coordinated and I hate working out in front of people, but I might look into that 🙂

  16. Now you have justification/motivation to work out more! 🙂 Seriously. yesterday when i was running outside, someone paid compliment to my lulu outfit and I ended up running one more mile. lol

  17. I've never bought anything from their line, looks great! I'll have to go check it out. 

  18. I hit up a huge sale before Christmas and got a lot of interchangeable pieces from their active line. I really love everything I got. The compression capris are da bomb. That's still cool right?

  19. Nooo definitely not like CrossFit! They don't yell at you and there are people at all different fitness levels including people who aren't coordinated. You get so focused on yourself no one notices each other. I mainly do it to stay in shape, but also so I can drink good beer and eat pizza without feeling guilty about it:)

  20. I just got the compression leggings this past weekend and LOVE them! I wear them to yoga and just about anywhere I want… so cute and comfy!

  21. I ordered a ton of activewear and just got my order yesterday! I LOVE the Compression pants… I'm going to have to try the leggings on because of all the good reviews!

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