My husband so kindly let me take these red shoe laces out of his oxfords so that I could knock off a certain pair of J.Crew booties (which are sadly no longer online so you’ll have to take my word that these are the exact knock off, ok?). I’m giving myself a pat on the back right now because I bought my lace up wedges a few years a go and who knew that they’d still be considered cool three years later? And even if they aren’t considered cool, I’m wearing them. I mean wearing a huge heart on your sweatshirt is probably not considered that cool either, but has that stopped me? Never.

So I got my hair colored with some red a few months ago and since I was a hair color virgin, I had no idea that roots happened so quickly. Call me an idiot, but how in the world do people keep up with these types of things? I woke up one day and there they were, just staring at me like I’m the impostor here. Ladies who color your hair monthly, I salute you. I also solute those who do laundry on the regular and who paint their nails within the lines. You are all my heroes. 


Sweatshirt: Wildfox

Chambray: Similar

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Similar

Tote: Madewell

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  1. My hair was a berry color and it would fade soooo fast. I feel you! Love the polka dot pants 🙂


  2. I gave up on coloring my hair (ESPECIALLY red shades) a few years ago for this exact reason… I have neither the patience nor the cash to color my hair every single month. Ugh. I think that is the beauty in ombre dyeing – still looks pretty but no real up keep! 

  3. Gorgeous!

    I said fuggedaboutit to roots.  I only do wash out color now, so I don't have roots to deal with.  It's sad that it doesn't last as long, but if I don't get around to dyeing it when I "need" to, my roots aren't glaring at me.

  4. I have always wanted to color my hair, but fear this exact situation! I can only imagine how awful it will be to keep up once I become (gasp) gray!

  5. haha!! Thank you, thank you! (I paint my nails pretty good. Don't be fooled and think that I do laundry regularly, or make regular hair-care appointments.)  Your wildfox sweatshirt is THE cutest! I love those! 🙂


  6. I dyed my hair red last year and I was amazed too!!!  I only lasted for 4 months as a ginger…sad day. 

  7. Hi Kendi i love your style!  I live in Dallas and always love seeing fellow Texas bloggers 🙂

  8. I love this outfit! That sweater is so adorable. Also, how awesome that you have a hubby that lets you steal his red laces – I hope that I can one day say that I have a husband that cool. 

    Also, I know what you mean about the roots; part of the reason that I have not died my hair yet. I am tempted to do the whole ombre thing though, because then you don't have to worry about the roots!


  9. My natural hair color is about yours, and I've learned that highlights are easier than full color, and ANYcolor is easier than red. Red just looks so vibrant, and makes even the prettiest, richest brown hair colors look ultra dull. So sad. My hair used to be the color of yours, but the upkeep was annoying. 
    I think it still looks good though! And no one would really be able to tell that much if you keep wearing high heels. That way, no one under 6 feet tall can see the top of your head. Which is most of the world. So then you don't have to dye as much. Win win. Right?

  10. I have wanted to color my hair since forever but just thinking about doing the monthly touch ups is enough to keep me away.

  11. Love the Hair!! But it is such a pain to keep up. I'm even a hairdresser and I'm so bad at getting my roots touched up! 

  12. I love this outfit, I would so wear it. And I'm on the hunt for the perfect wedge booties as well. I can paint my nails within the lines only because I have so many nail polish and shoes I cannot afford the nail salon anymore lol


  13. I love the heart sweater unashamedly, and there was a heart sweater at target that I nearly bought until I reminded myself that I already have a million sweaters I never wear. 
    Also, I agree with the dyeing-hair-monthly heroes. I could never be that consistent. Yet here I am contemplating going totally blonde just for the fun of it.
    It won't be so fun when my roots show up in the opposite color and then I have to keep it up or dye it back to brown… 

  14. I've been trying to figure out how to wear my favorite chambrays now that it's gotten colder. Duh- layered under a cute sweater! Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. My monthly trip to the hair salon is a huge pain in the butt but I doubt I will ever go back to being a natural blond now that I have dyed my hair red. I just get too many compliments now to give it all up.

    Love the booties!


  16. I did the same with my hair (reddish tint) and the roots just showed up! I'm going in on Saturday to get a touch up! Bless those blondies out there! Love the J.Crew Knock-offs, sometimes you just have to improvise!

  17. My monthly trip to the hair salon is a huge pain in the butt but I doubt I will ever go back to being a natural blond now that I have dyed my hair red. I just get too many compliments now to give it all up.

    Love the booties!


  18. I just saw those pants at the Gap! Love them…even though I really want the anchor pants I saw…Anyway this look is SUPER adorable. 

    I color my hair every 6 months or so…my roots grow in but honest the red in my hair usually fades a bit so it always sort of looks natural or a natural ombre.


  19. I get my hair colored every six weeks! Eventually you just get used to it being a part of your routine.

    I absolutely love that you switched out your laces, what an easy and cheap way to change up lace up booties! So cute, Kendi

  20. love the shoes and also your hair looks GREAT! i used to do the whole monthly hair color thing until i went ombre. now it looks like i put a lot of effort into it when really it looks better and better the longer i let my roots grow out. it's like the best form of trickery i've ever pulled off.


  21. I got my hair colored for the first time in April and now my roots are about 4 inches long! I can't afford to color every 6 weeks but that's okay because Pinterest says my hair is "ombré"!

  22. I love the heart with the polka dots!! And about the roots… I dont know how people keep up them either…?


  23. Love the heart sweater!  I am a post-college, married, 20-something, and a middle school girl I teach told me "I have that same shirt!" when I wore a heart tee shirt to class.  12 years old at heart, folks. 

  24. Love the outfit and your J. Crew impersonating booties! As for the hair…maybe next time you could try highlights? Roots look a little better when your whole head isn't a different color. Or you could get lowlights and have some of your natural color put back in. Or just give up and shave your head. All good options.

    Sarah's Real Life

  25. I dye red as well, and I love it.  Except it's the hardest color to get into hair.  And the easiest to fade away.  I go to the salon every 5 weeks.  I've a lot of grey, especially in the front (always the way of it) and have just decided that when I turn 50 (I'm almost 42 now) I'm shaving it all off, and however it grows back in, I'm living with.

    Love your blog – you always look totally adorable!

  26. The perfect weekend outfit! Loving it. Also I always think roots look nice when they just start to peep through like yours are, very relaxed and natural.

    Janine xxBakeGlueandTrend

  27. Roots are the pits! I always try to stick close to my natural color or a darker version of it so as it grows out it fades also..and then just add some highlights to pump it up a bit. 

  28. I have suede bootie wedges…very similar to yours… they look good with the cropped pants/jeans…. I am always second guessing when I put them on

  29. CUTE! I love the heart sweater and pants! (:


  30. I am still a hair color virgin and would rather not think about roots. I probably wouldn't be able to recognize them! lol. Love the boots Kendi, nice way using what you have to pull the look off. You are the essence of cool.


  31. yep the roots show up! I think that's why you have to go closer to your natural color so there won't be a huge difference… Or just not to care because going to salon every month will empty my budget


  32. Your outfit is adorable and your comments are adorable. I love your new color although maintaining can be a pain. Some tips….try a different part (the color fades in the most exposed areas), root touch ups from your local pharmacy stretches your color and saves you money (so you can do more shopping of course). Peace

  33. oh my.. the world of haircolor! I'm glad that you decided to go to a salon to get your red done – I've been told that red is the absolute hardest color to replicate – especially on top of another color. My sister did red like yours – and she has naturally chocolate brown (ash brown) hair – and once you get red in your hair, it's a damn shame to try and get it OUT. If you want to tone it down and inch it back to your natural hair color – I'd go a neutral brown or an ash – threaded in (think lowlights) just to slowly help those roots grow back in. If you do dye your hair an all over brown – lean towards the ash brown (almost every brown has red in it, but ash has green to counteract the red and balance brassiness) but be careful! Dying brown back (especially if not threaded in, but just a solid all over) can get REALLY dark really fast, and get very "flat" looking (when solid). Natural undyed hair (especially your natural brown) has lots of colors, so it doesn't look so flat – you could even get away with doing a color at home. I did my sisters with a light ash brown (hair dye always goes darker than you think, especially browns) – medium ash brown can end up looking BLACK – so just be really careful if you go to a salon and get all over brown again – you don't want it too be TOO solid or too flat! Get some ash brown lowlights and you'd be set. They can even put more on top so that your roots (and natural color) can grow back in while waiting. I got my hair super highlighted in high school – and it's been 14 years and I swear I still haven't gotten my ash brown roots all the way grown back in. It takes a really long time (I have long hair.), so I just buy a light ash brown semi and use half a bottle at home, and thread it into my hair once it starts to fade – and just keep doing it (leaving my roots untouched so they can keep coming in.) Long process, but it's cheaper (at home) and works! They have lots of great at-home hairdye now! I stick with the demi (that can wash out in 28 shampoos) because anything that is darker than your current hair color won't wash out in a typical 28. Demi (or wash out hair color) tend to have more colors mixed in when you dye it, too, so your hair won't look so "flat" looking) – think Natural Instincts. Hope this helps! I feel for ya! And the thing about all this "ombre" talk – ombre isn't roots showing. Ombre is like a fade out from light to dark – and it's usually super close to your natural haircolor and if done wrong, can look super tacky! Rich, all-over mixed color looks so much better and so much healthier with hair! Ombre just looks like fried hair with dark streaking roots!

  34. If you're over the red, just try to match your natural as close as possible. Then when it grows out, it won't be that noticeable. After awhile, if there's a line between your actual color and the colored part, highlights will help or you can ombre it out. Love your pants and the shoes, by the way! Especially with the red laces 🙂

    xo Ashleyluckylittlebird.blogspot.com

  35. I did one thing related to color in my hair and that was it! It's so much work to keep it up!

  36. How could I've not known that you were a fellow (former) hair virgin?! I couldn't imagine not knowing this vital info…I am, too, considering the cross over! I've always been super proud to be one, but now I'm suddenly envious of all glorious color and seeing nothing but bragging rights to claim. So…cross over, worth it?

  37. You are a wealth of information!!! Thank you! I will go back brown, I just have always wanted to try red because you know why not? I like it but it's too much maintenance and sometimes you just miss what God gave ya. The stylist who does my hair is a precious and patient woman, so I'm in good hands but I had NO idea about going back to brown from red. I'm a little nervous now!!

  38. Hahaha, I don't think I'd have noticed your roots had you not said something! Oh, and I believe you about the J.Crew booties because I wanted them! 😉

  39. I used to have red hair (and loved it) but it was so hard to keep up with. I'm finally almost all the way back to my natural hair color and suddenly I miss the red. *Sigh* I can't have it both ways! 🙂

  40. Carrie Bradshaw also had the same problem with roots – although she never addressed it on the show so maybe she didn't know it was a problem? Anyway, you're in good company. – J

  41. Your outfits are always wonderful and your humor has me cracking up and coming back to read the next thing you say. Seriously – you must have been born with your sense of wit and humor. I don't think people can learn that.

  42. if you go with a color closer to your natural one try a demi-permanent color. It fades over severalmweeks so you don't get roots showing so much. Besides, have you seen the hair color on celebrities lately? Apparently roots showing isn't such a big deal anymore!

  43. Great outfit – always nice to add a touch of whimsy to your outfits. Happy New Year!

  44. I let my roots grow out WAY longer than that.  My hairstylist uses a different kind of color on my roots so that it's less noticeable when they grow out.  I'm terrified of what'll happen when I go gray, though!

  45. That's why if I ever dyed my hair, I'd do the ombre look. Pretty and much less low maintenance 

  46. I like the color and your roots, and I didn't even know it was possible for people to paint their own nails within the lines.


  47. Oh dear – I wrote a novel! Ha ha! Trust your stylist – they know their stuff! Your natural color looks almost medium ash brown with a tish of neutral (gold) brown – but if you jive the red (like my older sis did) you can still enjoy it while growing your roots out, lowlighting with a medium ash brown (or a neutral brown, not ash or golden) streaked in enough to where, if your stylist streaks it in enough and widely throughout, you could actually turn your red hair into a brown hair with reddish brown highlights 🙂 then your roots would be nothin' , and you could still enjoy your red locks! Good luck! No matter why, I'm sure it'll look great!

  48. If you sneak your roots past the awkward stage… it's be some form of ombre. Hold on tight! {{worst advice given}}


  49. I rarely comment and I'll admit rarely read your blog these days, but not because I don't love you, but because I abandoned my blog this fall and didn't look back…..but back I am, maybe. Any who;) I just wanted to say you are the cutest and I love love love your posts and following you on IG. I know what boots you're referring to and I have had red laces on my imaginary fashion to-buy list for some time, I have some lace up boots from a while ago, and now I MUST get those red laces.

  50. Roots are pure evil and make me sad:(. Love the colors and wedges are so cool!

  51. Hi Kendi!   I'm asking all my favorite bloggers to please try an outfit with a men's tie this week.   I know you could make this look very stylish.  I hope you will participate.

  52. I just stumbled upon your blog and I really do like it! Definitely following from now on. Happy New Year! xx ECF

  53. I recently began coloring my hair and was also totally stunned by how quickly roots appear. I actually use henna from hennaforhair.com because I'm breastfeeding and like to keep my exposure to chemicals minimal. It's a chore to do it myself, but its much less costly, especially once you have colored all your hair and only need to touch up roots. An added bonus, it super healthy for hair. Lov love love it. I have blonde hair and colored it auburn and its a similar shade to your new color. Obviously, I highly recommend it. Hennaforhair also is the safest option I have found, as many henna mixes for hair cn be filled with chemicals, like lead. So just a heads up if you decide on henna. 🙂

  54. Love the red laces! I have brown booties but with the brown laces… I would love to update them with a fun color of laces- so cute. Also, the heart shirt is always a winner!

  55. Your hair is darling…I didn't notice a thing wrong!  And I ADORE those wedge booties…have similar ones myself and can't get enough of how comfy they are.
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  56. Yay for heart sweaters! I'm totally going to relace my own wedge booties with a bright color to refresh my wardrobe a bit, thanks for the idea. I have no idea how people keep up with their hair dying routine either, I know I'd never have the time…lol. 



  57. Kendi! thanks for making me laugh.  You are my outfit inspiration hero;-)  I don't color my hair, I love doing laundry (I know, weird), and I try to paint my nails inside the lines but often fall short:-)
    Funny, thing….this has happened about 4 times now…I go shopping at the Gap, buy something amazing and then you are wearing it on your blog.  It makes me feel great knowing someone with fantastic style is picking the same pieces as me:-) yay!


  58. Love your Wildfox sweatshirt! You may have seen–Who What Wear just featured graphic, statement sweatshirts. I got one this fall in a ballet pink with Parisian graphics and although I feared it wouldn't be worn much, I love it!! Very innovative with the shoe laces also! 


  59. I think this color looks so good on you! If you get the itch to go red again, try asking your stylist if she can use a demi-permanent dye—it slowly fades after each wash (i.e. fades evenly) so that you don't have to worry about roots.

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