I originally had a pleather skirt on with this outfit but good sense and cold weather made me change my mind. When I had the skirt on, I asked the question “is this too much pleather?” to my husband. This is a question one should never have to ask because there is only one answer: if you have to ask, then yes. Pleather has good intentions but maybe not all over my body. 

Excuse the slight wrinkles in the jacket. Sometimes I get angry and take it out on my clothes and wad them up on the floor and forget about them until I realize I’m a disgusting human being and I hang up said clothes. In person, this jacket seems wrinkle free. In camera close up, this jacket looks like its been forgotten about on the bottom of a closet for a month and then hung up for 5 days. This is real life people.


Trench: Similar 

Top: Gap

Booties: DV by Dolce Vita – ‘Jamison’

Tote: Madewell

Sunnies: c/o Coach

Necklace: Vanessa Mooney

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  1. DYING over your trench! I'm still bundled up in lots of layers and warm coats, so I'm jealous that you can wear this spring-like coat right now.

  2. Eh…everyone's clothes have wrinkles. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying to you…just like those women who have rock-hard abs and say they've never worked out a day in their life. Pssshh…no one buys that.

  3. There is no question I own too many striped shirts (navy on white, pale blue on white, beige on white, black on white, black on beige, orange on beige, neon yellow on beige, grey on white with a dolman sleeve), and yet you've just absolutely convinced me that my life will not be complete without a red and white one, too.

  4. Haha don't you hate that? Something looks SO GOOD, and then you take a picture of it. But anyways, I love the outfit.

  5. Um, THANK YOU for the title of this post. I guffawed when I read it. Happy weekend…

  6. nice trench! and you know what? the wrinkles in the picture don't bother me – thanks for being real. like you said: this is real life. Still laughing of asking the husband if it's too much pleather! 

    love from california,

  7. Trench coats are magnets for wrinkles! Love the bright booties!


  8. I'm dying over your necklace! I've been wanting a heavy chain but can't seem to find one that I REALLY like and yours is the perfect mix. Love it. Need it.

    xo Ashley

  9. This is so darn cute! LOVE the trench and love it paired with the stripes! I kind of died over "is this too much pleather?" and I think your logic is very true! 

  10. Oh pleather! My first experience with it was in middle school but at that point it looked more like a shiny trash bag.  This jacket looks much better! ~Jessica

  11. Pleather can be tricky. Your jacket does not look like it has been forgotten at the bottom of the closet though. I am always awe struck by your ability to style a top bun. Love it!


  12. I love the spin on the classic trench coat and love the pop of color on your ankle booties.  www.learning2exhale.com


  13. I'm assuming the title is a nod to "Fake Plastic Trees." That makes me giggle 🙂 I'm not a Radiohead fan but I like that song because it's in Clueless and Clueless is the best movie ever. Anywho, I love the trench, wrinkles and all, and I'm glad you went with jeans instead of a pleather skirt. Great choice!

    ~Sarah of the New and Improved Sarah's Real Life

  14. I just tried on a camo green jacket with faux leather sleeves today at Marshalls. It was cute but it was cropped so I decided against it but now I wish I'd bought it. LOL. You always look good!

    Method Clothe

  15. Ha, I love how shamelessly honest you are! Thanks for forging the way for all of us fashionistas who just don't have time to iron! – J

  16. Love, love, love those orange boots! As an OSU grad… They make me so happy!


  17. I love how you look so put together 🙂 I also wanted to mention that I love your working closet posts! I am definitely going to use it to organize and make the best of my wardrobe 🙂

  18. Fun Outfit! I agree about the wrinkles, I never notice something is wrinkled until I photograph it and the wrinkles instantly become super obvious!

    Happy Saturday!  intherainblog.com

  19. I always love your posts, but the Radiohead reference REALLY caught my attention! Haha I love it. Glad to know there are fashion bloggers out there who I can love for more than just what they wear, and their impeccable senses of humor!

  20. I have those same exact booties! I love them! (same colour too)


  21. Hi Kendi! I was wondering which style your gap skinnies are…are they the always skinny or the legging jean? Thanks!!

  22. I love, love the cute sleeves on this jacket!  Don't mind a little fake leather 🙂
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  23. Don't apologize for your wrinkles! I didn't even notice them until you pointed them out, and then I scrolled back up to look and thought way more about them than I would have otherwise. 

    I'm only pointing this out because I almost apologized for wrinkles in a blog post the other day, and then told myself that that would only make more people notice them. No one mentioned mine, so I'm just going to pretend they went undetected. I stand by this strategy.

  24. I am on a pleather buying binge right now (if that is even a thing), so seeing this jacket is not (let me repeat, NOT) helping. Really cute outfit though! Loving the bright booties.

  25. Hi Kendi! I always love your outfits and posts! Can you tell me what shade of lipstick you are wearing here? I've been searching everywhere for this shade of coral… I'd really appreciate it… Thanks!

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