Today my brain has vacated. Not to brag, but I haven’t had a full day off in a long while and sometimes it takes a toll on my brain waves. I don’t mind working one bit, but somedays I wake up and all my brain wants is sugary cereal and cartoons. And with my brain power also goes my ability to get dressed in the best outfit ever. Usually I can pull something together even if I’m tired, but not today. I try to start every week off with a snazzy outfit (yes, I did just use the word snazzy.), but today snazzy was not going to happen. Neither was cheery, chatty or anything involving a smile. Monday, do you see what you do to me?

So unless you follow me on instagram, you’ve never seen this outfit before. So it’s new to you, even though it’s one of my favorites to throw on. Sometimes an outfit just needs to be put on repeat. This is one of them. This sweater is so cozy and somehow I feel instantly put together. I love pieces like that. Is there such a thing as a statement sweater? If not, there should be. Let’s make this happen, J.Crew.

And if you do follow me on instagram, you know that I drank a few mimosas yesterday and then worked at the shop. Repeated outfits, unwashed hair and a tipsy shop girl — now you know all of my secrets. 


Sweater: Similar

Jeans: c/o Citizens of Humanity

Tote: Madewell

Shoes: c/o Sole Society

Sunnies: c/o Coach

Earrings: Vanessa Mooney

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  1. I think there absolutely should be a "statement sweater" thing – J.Crew, listen to the lady, ok?
    Love this look – I can't blame you for putting it on repeat – it would be on mine as well! 🙂


  2. I think a good sweater is a must. And this outfit could be on repeat all day and I would love it! Great outfit and I love those earrings.
    Almost Endearing

  3. This would definitely be a repeat outfit for me too… that sweater is perfect and I always love how cream & brown look together.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. There's nothing earth-shattering about wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater. But with the accessories and the confidence with which you carry yourself, this outfit really becomes something!

    Just goes to show, there's no excuse for wearing your pajamas out of the house. You can look amazing even on your off days! Go Kendi!


  5. Not having days off makes me stabby.  Last month I went over 3 weeks without a day off.  You deserve a day off.  And a bottle of wine.  

  6. I love the outit! Definitely worthy of a repeat… Esp the shoes!


  7. You frequently make references to unwashed hair. If it's any consolation, not all cultures require hair to be washed everyday, or nearly everyday. Hang on to that. Go counterculture, haha.

    I love how skinny the heel on this boot is. It starts out fat, then goes really skinny. Are they uncomfortable to walk in?


  8. Love this, but I have a question: how does one handle undergarments with sheer tops like this? Do you wear a camisole?

  9. Your hair is so SO cute pinned back like that! And while I do follow you on Instagram, I can hardly judge that I saw this yesterday. Very cute and worth a repeat for sure

  10. I love it and I love your hair!  I have one outfit that gets put on repeat — leggings, denim shirt, flats.  Easy peasy for brainless days.

  11. every cozy chic look, I saw those shoes on Sole Society do you recommend them?


  12. love this outfit. And yes there is totally such thing as a statement sweater and this would totally be it.



  13. I love this outfit – and would pretty much make a similar combination of clothing items my uniform if possible! 🙂 

  14. Today, I'm living in bloat city, so that sweater looks mighty wonderful. Just the right cut and loveliness. I also enjoy the pop of color that those earrings provide. 

  15. haha love it! Those jeans look so good on you! And nothing wrong with a few mimosas 🙂 It was the weekend after all!
    <3 Kastles 

  16. I do follow your instagram, but I never mind a repeated outfit. You earned those mimosas anyways!

    xoxowww.prettylittlefawn.blogspot.comPS: Stop by my blog if you like cats, flowers, and thrift store adventures. I just did a "What's in my Bag" post, and started my holiday gift guide!

  17. Very cute and casual outfit for a day of no brain activity – lol – you are funny. Enjoy your day off.

  18. There are definitely outfits that need to be on repeat and of course this is one of them! It's too good of an outfit- not to mention simple, comfortable-looking and classic- not to be. 


  19. I think posts like this are partly why you are so popular. Even with a pretty basic (but still cute) outfit, your personality and writing are so light hearted and relatable that it still makes for a great post! Kudos to you Kendi! xoxo

  20. I love how you always look classic look, but very modern at the same time!  You always add great pops of color, bold patterns, or just an awesome cut to an otherwise classic style!  You look amazing in this jeans and sweater look!


  21. I totally hear you on the vacated brain thing. I think it's a monday thing. I love this outfit!! It's so casual and classy, you always look so great in all your beautiful outfits and I look forward to all your posts 🙂 I've been trying to look for a pair of booties like that for awhile, so it's nice to be pointed to the right place!


  22. I love this whole outfit!  You are right, the sweater (although simple) is definitely a statement 🙂  I wish it was still available!


  23. So I tried to make this comment super witty and cool and funny….but it still sounds a bit creepy. Lol, I think your adorable and wished you live in Toronto, Canada.  We are so much alike its crazy! Love this outfit, very similar to my favorite casual go to outfit…nothing beats a drapey cozy neutral sweater, worn in jeans and a cute bootie! 

  24. Love the outfit, love the booties. Also had a couple mimosa's yesterday, so you're in good company 🙂
    xo jac

  25. such cute boots! i've been looking for a pair of black ankle boots.

    xx Allie

  26. You know what? Sometimes, an outfit doesn't need to be snazzy – this is classic, flattering and nice! No trend salad, no arm party, no buzzwords – just something almost anyone can emulate – I like it!

  27. So strange that you'd post about your purse today, because today was also the day I decided to bring my small Coach shoulder bag to work instead of my full-size purse. Which I regret now, because I'm panicking now that I don't have three types of pain-killers, four types of snacks and 37 pens at my disposal. Who invented small purses?!


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