It’s the weekend. Let’s get our pattern mixing on shall we?

(PS: I keep buying hats. It’s a new thing that I can’t stop. So forgive me but it’s just going to happen.) 


Jacket: Simply Audrey

Top: Anthropologie

Jeans: Gap

Boots: BC Footwear

Tote: Madewell

Hat: Anthropologie

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  1. How do you magically mix so many patterns together and don't look like a crazy woman like I do? It has to be magic.

  2. I bought this hat from Anthro a while ago in cream, but I returned it. Gah it looks so cute!

  3. I have to say this.  You crack me up and I love your style (obvi.).  This hat is awesome and a bit thuggish, if you will.  It made me say the title of your blog like this in my head: Kendi 'Erday.  Have a great weekend.

  4. Why stop buying hats? You look so cute in them! Happy weekend!


  5. I love the polka-dotted pants with the striped shirt!!


  6. cute pants, like the way you styled them…



  7. You seriously continue to rock the beanies! So very darling! I think pattern mixes are beyond appropriate for a Friday! 🙂 Happy Weekend to you!!

  8. Love this combination! I had never thought to mix my polkadot jeans with army, it's like an 'aha' moment, haha!

  9. LOVING those beret hats! Too cute! (Hopefully I called it by the right name??)
    And those pants are super unique and cute!
    Super outfit, perfect mix of feminine and masculine! 
    .~.*~.*Natasha*~.*~.A Modest Fashion Blog:www.natashatkerson.blogspot.com 

  10.  I love this outfit! I just recently bought very similar jeans from the gap too! can't wait to wear them! thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  11. I love the pants!!!! SO CUTE. (: The polka dots are perfect! 


  12. Defiantly something I would wear!


  13. I really like the subtle pattern mixing going on 🙂

    Also, even though a few weeks ago I said I couldn't afford your bag because I am le poor (which is still true), I did finally purchase it when bags were 25% off a few weeks ago. Thank you for the inspiration – it's my new favorite bag 🙂

  14. Hats rule. The end. I love it mixed up. They talked about mixing patterns on Good Morning America and you get an A+. 🙂


  15. Such a pretty look! I love the polka-dotted jeans. Everything looks so cute together. I have a jacket just like that one and I love it, it goes with everything!

  16. I'm so in love with this look! The pattern mixing, the slouchy hat, the army jacket, just perfection. Well done 🙂
    xo Jac

  17. Love this outfit. Love the pants and HAT! But, what's up with that pop up ad!? Not cool, dude. 

  18. I love these polka dot pants…the larger, kinda painted-looking polka dots are really cute!
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.comCheck out my Jose Eber……GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  19. Stripes and Dots never look this good on me. But this outfit gives me new inspiration! I'm going to have to try them again. I'm loving your pants!! Perhaps I need to give GAP another try! Love this whole look (jacket, polka dot pants, striped shirt, and cargo jacket). Everything! 

    of http://borderlinefab.wordpress.com

  20. I HEART this whole outfit!! I love how you mix the different prints and all the colors go so well together 🙂 As always you look so lovely!! 


  21. On the scale of my obsessions, you + your outfits are right up there with Chick-fil-A and Target. Let me just tell you – that is saying A LOT for me. This outfit makes me happy. Because it's cute. And I feel like I could wear it and not look like a total goober. 
    xo Oliviahttp://www.wanderlust-and-such.blogspot.com

  22. cute spotty jeans! i saw them in gap but didn't know how to wear them, i love that you've chosen a classic striped tee to wear with them, great idea!

    Katie x

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