You know why I love the holidays? Because you can dress like you are twelve years old and blame it on the holiday spirits. (Technically spirits have a double meaning here — this could be warm feelings or liquor. Take it as you will.) B and I are on a Christmas marathon this week and will be celebrating not one but 4 Christmases. I’d like to say that I have outfits for all of them, but really I only have this one. The rest of the week will be celebrated as it should be: with lots of food and in sweatpants. I’m hoping the same for you. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, friends. I hope it’s a good one. 


Dress: Madewell

Coat: old Anthropologie

Sweater: J.Crew

Tights: Similar 

Booties: Similar

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  1. Merry Christmas, Kendi! I love love the little collar necklace. I ordered that jacket online last year and it did not work on me so I returned it. Since then I've seen it on both you and Naomi and it's gorgeous on you! 

  2. Happy Holidays, Kendi! Love all the colors, and your dress! It's kind of like a fancy alternative to sweatpants, no? 🙂

    <3 danihttp://www.diyfatshion.com/

  3. I'm loving colored tights, I aim to get some here soon. I hope you share more outfits with them!

  4. Happy Christmas! I love the combo of coral and pink. And no, you don't always look like you're in 3rd/4th grade or that you are 12 years old, so knock it off! You're a beautiful WOMAN and you should start thinking of yourself that way too!


  5. Hehe!  I dress like i'm twelve years old all the time, but i never blame it on the holiday spirit!  Maybe i should. . . maybe i should!  Yes!  I'm counting on lots of food and yes, stretch pants will be worn!  Merry Christmas to you!  Ya look gorgeous!


  6. I am totally in love with this look! Does that make me immature? 

  7. that pink coat is just beyond! love the festive look, but I will be joining you in sweat pants and lots of foooood.  http://www.thismomsgonnasnap.com

  8. Dittos on dressing like a kiddo…looooove the opportunity ot wear bright and festive colors! You look absolutely dalring 🙂
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.comCheck out my Jose Eber……GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  9.  I love the cardigan!! Great outfit! Happy holidays! (:


  10. Merry Christmas!  I love this outfit.  So festive!!

    I hope your four Christmases go better than the movie 😛  Yay for food and sweatpants!

  11. Merry Christmas, Kendi! I don't know what I would've done for my social media project, had I not found you ;).


  12. Hi Kendi,

    Great use of color! I usually try to pair complimentary colors but rarely think to use analogous color scheme. Quite wonderful. Thank you for inspiring!

    Dani // andbubblegum.com

  13. Love all your clothes and blog Kendi! 🙂

    If you or anyone has time, please check out my cousin's photography website/blog! http://xoxo-victoria.blogspot.com/

  14. I've been dressing like a 12 year old, too! Love it, and love the collar! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  15. First of all, I am absolutely in love with your haircolor. It's so perfect for your skintone and your personality too! Secondly, I'm almost certain that your sweatpants ensemble is not as drab as you describe it. It probably is bedazzled.


  16. That is such an adorable outfit! I love the colours and the gorgeous necklace. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday week. Cheers!

  17. I love that jacket so!! Such a stellar holiday outfit, who cares if you reuse it! Happy holidays

  18. i just wanted to say thank you for wearing this madewell dress all the time on your blog, because its so cute, i had to go buy it, and now its one of my fav dresses EVER!  

  19. I love how you style colors. You do the things I cant ever imagine doing! and who would of thought that these colors would mesh so wonderfully together.?!  you did, obviously. looking lovely as always. xo


  20. you may have convinced me to finally get a collar necklace – you pull it off so well!

  21. Love the color combo!
    So polished but still comfortable.
    Love it!


  22. I totally love how you mix up different greys and warm colours – this is genius! super sweet photos too <3
    would you like to follow each other?Axxhttp://epiquemoi.blogspot.com

  23. I love the color of the tights! And the jacket is to die for 🙂

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