Today I couldn’t decide to snood or not to snood. (Yeah, I went there.) So we took photos of both ways because that seemed like the easiest solution. So for those who like a simple look, images 1 and 3 are for you. For those who like a bit more complicated, see 2, 4, 5. And for everyone else who prefers neither, I fear that I have nothing for you. There is always this. You’re welcome.


Jacket: c/o Simply Audrey

Skirt: Similar

Tote: Madewell

Boots: Fossil

Snood: Similar

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  1. you have just the most amazing sense of style … everything you put together really is flawless …. you were meant to have your own clothing store!!

  2. Love it! But bare legs? Wowee. I'm jealous! I'm over here blowdrying chairs before I sit down to keep warm. 

    Also, pup in a cup is the cutest thing ever.

  3. Is it weird that I also sometimes have thoughts about what I want my blog post photos to look like? I'm all "Oh this will be a great outfit for a serious pose!" 

  4. aww i love all 3 options you offer today :)) not only do u have great style, u have a great sense of humour also!

  5. The link to a similar skirt didn't work! Would you mind posting another link? I'm obsessed with the skirt…

  6. omg. the pup in the cup is to die for (not that you didn't have anything for me here – cause I am most definitely snooding). 🙂 LOOOVE the snood.


  7. love both, but i tend to really love the complicated look. i'm a layerer.

  8. Absolutely love those boots with that jacket- great color combination!


  9. That is a circular scarf, not a snood.  A snood is a fabric bag pinned at the back of the neck to hold hair.

  10. So after reading this, I'm like "what's a snood?" I scrolled through your pictures trying to find the difference in the pictures. Thinking maybe its a facial expression. Then I finally looked it up on Google and found out its a scarf. How could not have noticed a scarf is some pics and not in others? lol. Love the snood and love your skirt too!


  11. oh Kendie, i missed those boots!!! love your style, and the answer is to snood, of course! big fan of snoods and scarves of any knid, big outfit makers 🙂 where is your leather Fossil skirt from last year?? 😉

  12. Love the snood, had no idea what it was called before this. You have now officially made me smarter 🙂

  13. Cute outfit. I love how you accessorized with the scarf. It matches the skirt well.



  14. this morning i walked into my roommate's room and said "can i borrow your fur SNOOD this weekend?" and then we tried to repeat snood as much as possible.

    AND the pup in a cup is one of my favorite things i've ever seen on pinterest.

  15. pup in cup!  too cute.  i like the look either way.  your Bloom pieces are killing me.  http://www.thismomsgonnasnap.com

  16. I didn't even notice. I was too distracted by the awesomeness that is that skirt.

  17. The pattern on that skirt is so cool. I love it. 

    And I love the snood, but I'd wear it either way. 


  18. Your hair looks especially awesome! You got that right in all pictures 🙂 – J

  19. The skirt is Devine! And snood away for sure.
    As for the other.. I take mine with 2 lumps ;0

  20. SNOOD, for sure!!!It gives the outfit that ''extra''thing!!!!Really nice! and I think the snood makes you happy, you are smilling in the photos u are wearing it!!! Coincidence?? no…..

  21. you are always adorable!  I need to know the brand of the skirt…love it!

  22. You look lovely, I love the entire outfit! …I have to ask, cause I've been wondering for a few weeks now…are you pregnant? You have a glow about you…

  23. Ok, I'm confused. In theatre in college, a snood was a little thing ladies bundled their hair into in the 1920's and it was worn on the back of the head. Kind of a little chignon cover. The old-fashioned sock bun, if you will. This looks like an infinity scarf. What happened? 😀

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