Along with my striped tee, the ol’ chambray shirt has treated me well over the years. Although I’m not retiring my trusty one from Gap years ago, I ended up getting a new one this weekend at Madewell because….well…. it has polka dots. My other one does not. That is reason enough for me to update. In other news, whoever is to blame for bringing polka dots back in style for adults, I thank you. 


Top // Madewell

Skirt // c/o Jigsaw London

Tote // Madewell

Booties // BC Footwear

Bracelet // c/o Bauble Bar

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  1. I too am thankful for polka dots coming back in style!! I find myself obsessed.

  2. I'm so in love with your simple style. I'm a minimalist myself when it comes to fashion, and every time I feel insecure about my style being too plain, I pop over to your blog and see how beautifully you pull it off. 🙂 It inspires me every time.

    <3 Annie

  3. Hey thanks, Annie! Yeah I just feel a bit silly if I have too much piled on — plus it makes it hard for me to work throughout the day. I end up taking pieces off during the day that I might as well have just started out simple! But some girls can really pull it off and I love it when they do. Just not me — I'm a simple gal 🙂 

  4. I wanted a polka dotted chambray shirt but i already have a non polka dotted shirt so i didnt get one… Now i need to!! 🙂


  5. You look adorable. I'll be in the DFW area over Thanksgiving. Can't wait to come check out your shop. Looking to stock up on gifts – I'd love to get clothes for myself but I think my baby belly might hinder that.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  6. I have been trying to talk myself into a chambray shirt and I'm thinking it's a yes. I'm loving the larger dots on this one, and may end up splurging for it. I just bought a pair of polka dot pants, so maybe I'm just drunk with power and can't stop seeing spots!

    You look great and the cut of that skirt makes your waist so tiny!

    Secondhand Magpie

  7. I have seen that top on a couple of people and I freaking love it! Plus the boots with it are so Kendi!

  8. I love this! Polka dots are a totally good reason to buy a new shirt 🙂 Love the skirt as well.

  9. Polka dots are definitely a trend that fade in and out but my love for them never dies!  That shirt is so cute, and I LOVE your booties.

  10. I thank whoever is to blame for the return of the polka dot as well. I <3 dots. And I love that shirt. 🙂


  11. I love everything about this – what a great way to transition shorts skirts into fall! Consider it pinned.

  12. So cute! I absolutely loooove your boots!


  13. Your hair looks adorable in this look! It usually does, for some reason it stood out to me today, even above the polka dot chambray. 


  14. I love this look! You always have fun with your clothes, makes me want to try a little harder sometimes.

    x's & o's

  15. Such a great shirt! I love how you kept it feminine and not too country by pairing it with the skirt.

  16. I wish fall in New England was bare leg weather. Then again, this outfit would look just as cute with tights! Score!

  17. Aw I love this look! so simple yet cute – plus I need to snag a skirt like that. and there's nothing wrong with buying anything at madewell. ever.

  18. Cute outfit! I love the polka dots on your chambray shirt. 🙂 Love the booties!

    xo – Sheilawww.sheislovelyblog.com

  19. I love everything about this outfit! Super cute Kendi! 


  20. I am hppy to see an update with the chambray shirt. I still have not found one for me yet, but this one is a contender! Love polka dots!


  21. If you get a "thank you" card for the person who made polka dots cool for grownups, let me know. I want to sign it too. I have a polka-dot chambray as well and I'm a fan. Looking good as always!

    Sarah's Real Life

  22. I've been wearing my polka dot chambray into the ground…it's just so cozy and versatile! Love your glittery heeled boots 🙂
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  23. I love the skirt and blouse combo! (: It always looks so good. 


  24. You look so radiant in this.  Also like you're having a fun day.  Could be related, I s'pose.

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