Although I’m glad I chopped my locks this time last year, I’m really glad they are getting longer these days. Because let’s be honest — short hair you must wash and style every single day (at least I did — the bedhead that I awoke with was truly terrifying.) But long hair? Long hair was made to be dirty. Not that my hair is dirty in this post. Oh no I woke up at 4 am, showered, washed and dried my hair just to braid it. I just like the option of it being dirty. (*wink, wink*) I’m always clean, ok? Always.

What is it about floral shirts that make me feel like a flower child? Probably the part that I wasn’t alive for any of the 60’s or 70’s and I don’t have a correct grasp on the term ‘flower child.’ My definition is a hot mess of a person running a shop who likes to braid her hair and wear a flowy floral shirt. It’s practically Woodstock over here.


Top // Madewell

Jeans // Anthropologie

Tote // Madewell

Shoes // c/o Blowfish (2011)

Lips // Sephora

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  1. I love the braid! And yea… Long hair def was made to have the option to be dirty.


  2. I've always been a short-hair-girl, and having spent the last six months desperately growing my hair I get terrified when my sister tells me off for washing it every day. Such a weird idea for me, I mean: clean hair = clean heart (or something like that!)
    I need to get acquainted with dry shampoo… too many hours being wasted with a hairdryer!

  3. Girl…. these pants are too tight!  Look at all the wrinkling/creasing/whatever you call it… it completely distracts from whatever else you have going on.  These ripples mean size up.  Sizing up is not a bad thing: sizing up is for comfort, it's for form flattering silhouettes.  Sizing up is our friend.  Oh boy.

  4. I was JUST going to say – "gosh, it's really looking like Woodstock over there," but yo took the words right out of my mouth. 😉

  5. those pants!  you look great, don't worry about being dirty.  when you have kids, you can totally get away with washing your hair once a week.  and you have a store. and a blog.  and a busy life. so i think its totally acceptable!  plus you pull it off so cute.


  6. Just bought this print from Madewell in dress form! Great find 🙂 I read a lot of online fashion blogs, but yours is the only one I lol reading, so way to be fashionable and funny!

  7. Wow, I've been reading your blog for – oh my, is it almost a year now? – but I finally had to leave my first comment to say that I LOVE that hairstyle! 

  8. Great look! I absolutely love your pants!
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  9. of course i love the pants and hair, but i'm seriously loving the top! it's such a perfect length, and it would go with so much!

  10. I AGREE! (and not at all in a bad way, here.) Kendi – I love your blog and fashion – but what the seams on your pants are doing is called "puckering" – it's the material/fabric pulling/puckering at the edges of the seams. Sometimes, poorly sewn material can do this – or – when something is just a bit too tight. I'm guessing the coated material doesn't sew very well – and could be causing some of the puckering here. It being a tighter fit could also just be making the puckering worse or more noticeable. Some "skinny" jeans do this, too.

  11. I love your hair like that and those jeans look great on you! xo, Amy

  12. Hahah I'm thinking the same. I had a very short bob that I would style everyday even when I wanted to be lazy. But since coming to grad school, my hair has GROWN and Im glad since I find styling quite time consuming… and taking away from sleep (not study)!


  13. I, too, shower and dry and style my hair every single day! I've read so many things about how great dirty hair is to style, but my morning just doesn't feel complete unless I follow through on the entire process. 🙂

  14. Hey Kendi, 
    why don't u teach us how to braid our hair like yours? What about a video? Hun?!?!?
    Great outfit! Loved the shoes! Cheers!

  15. Short hair bedhead is seriously the worst thing in the world…and having to shower in the morning to avoid it is impossible when its freeezing outside!

  16. I don't know if you read all of your comments but I would love to know how to braid my hair like that.  I love that style, but it always seemed too involved for my short attention spanned self.  But it seems, anyway, if you can than maybe it's not as hard or involved as I think.  Ok, maybe that came off as a little condescending, but trust me from reading your blog for a couple of years now it just seems that you appear to be as physically coordinated, technically inept and just plain have the attention span of a toddler as I am.    So if you can point me to a good tutorial for that awesomely cute milkmaid do it would me much appreciated.

    Jessica K

  17. Kendi — love your blog, love your outfits, love your attitude. You have a great body and you show it off well. These skin tight pants to the point of looking sprayed-on-80s-Poison-video however, are not so flattering. I fear what we'd be seeing in your frontal area if your top weren't just long enough to cover it. You've got a lot of support for these pants, but I just gotta be honest.

  18. I hope you believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery–because I just bought that shirt. I love it and it's gorgeous on you!

  19. Oh my gosh. Your shirt is perfect. I love it so much!! Your hair is amazing too!! (: 


  20. Such a cute look! YOu look hippie-esque, while having a totally pulled together look! Love it! 

    New fan and follower here!xx
Holly Foxen Wells

  21. love your blog so much
    your outfits-by-color really help me to mix and match my outfit

    love from tropical country in equator, Indonesia 🙂

  22. What a beautiful blouse! I love it paired with the metallic pants!

    xo Rachrachiecakes-rachael.blogspot.com

  23. Gah! Must.get.leather.pants.
    And yes, long hair rocks. Long, dirty hair.
    I think you would have made a great a hippie by the way. Showering or no showering.



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