{Cardigan: Bloom | Dress: Anthro | B Necklace: c/o Albeit | Shoes: Similar}

For some reason, perfection has been in my way lately. (As a recovering perfectionist, this happens all the time.) This terrible voice haunts me with it’s four little words: it could be better. It doesn’t matter what it is, it could just be better. An outfit, the store, or even dinner for heaven’s sake! Like a mean girl in high school, this voice knows no limits. So I’ve realized this voice needs to be shut down — I mean whatever happened to just being happy with who you are and what you got? 
Sure, it could always be better. I could always be taller, thinner, prettier, happier, richer, have a reality show and a Mercedes (small dreams here) and so on and so on. But then I wouldn’t be me; I’d be someone else. I’m not saying it’s not ok to have goals or dreams of improvements for you or your life. I just don’t think that it’s worth dwelling on what you are not; you should just be what you are right now. 
 And that, my friends, was my random stream of consciousness for the day. So get on with your bad self because it’s not getting any better. I kid — it’s best that it is right now and that is actually perfect. 

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  1. You may think that things can always get better, but I think that truly nothing could be better at this moment is this post as a reminder of what I need to think about and then your adorable outfit!

  2. I love your post! Always to perfectly inspiring! I also really like these photos. That dress is gorgeous and I really like those necklaces!
    Almost Endearing

  3. LOVE THIS POST!  I've definitely been getting down on myself if my goals aren't exactly where I expected them to be at this point.. Good timing!

    Oh, and I love your outfit! 🙂

  4. Gosh your posts sure hit home…it's like you're in my head, picking away at my thoughts, the thoughts I have such a hard time getting out!
    You're truly amazing

  5. Cute outfit!! Love the cats on the dress. 🙂

    xo – Sheilawww.sheislovelyblog.com

  6. Your totally right…there is nothing wrong with constantly striving for better but you gotta take time to appreciate the jouney to get there.
    Annnnd I think this silhouette is great on you! Love this look! 🙂 

  7. Love this outfit and this post! I sadly have to remind myself of that far too often. 

  8. Thanks for the free therapy.  I kinda needed that today.  And now I see I need the kitty cat dress I have been obsessing over too.  😉

  9. You're the second person I see this dress on, ah it's perfect! I do have to say, the way you styled this outfit is purrfect! 🙂 *bun and dainty jewelery*

  10. You. Look. GORGEOUS! I totally know the feeling… It's so hard to shut that mean girl voice up, isn't it? It'll just take a lot of work to shut her down. You'll get there!
    xo Heather http://ahopelessnotebook.blogspot.com/

  11. You are seriously adorable in this dress, I just can't get enough of this print! And you are so right…the grass is always greener right? But being happy with what you have and who you are is key! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. AHHH!! I was just about to buy this dress last weekend (it was on sale at Anthro) but they were out of my size. You wear it so well and I love the way you paired it with the cardigan. 

    I will have to live all my cat dress dreams vicariously through you!

  13. Kendi, you have no idea how much I needed to hear (or I guess read) this! You gave me that boost I needed to feel confident about who I am right now. Thank you! And that dress, omg I NEED it in my life.

  14. How do you get your hair so perfect? Do you use a sock… or are you just naturally skilled in throwing up perfect buns?

  15. If by "perfection has been in my way" you mean "perfection is on my body in the shape of a cat dress" then yeah. Nailed it. 🙂

  16. well…you seemed to have perfected this outfit quite easily! 🙂 
    but for real, i know what you mean. i think mostly everyone has that little voice so you're not alone. 


  17. Oh I know how you feel! I wouldn't even say I am a recovering perfectionist since I have lapses daily.  I constantly stress about umm everything… I am in a struggle all the time to let go and not worry so much.  
    Love your outfit!  It is so adorable and those shoes just make it! 

  18. I love the fuchsia heels with a light colored outfit! I wore something similar to an art event last week and it was a big hit! 

  19. what's so interesting on the floor??  just kidding.  my husband always makes fun of me when i look off to the side in my photos.  he doesn't get it.  anyway…love this.  the black + white and the pop of pink…thumbs up, sista. 

  20. I love that you put purple shoes with your outfit! And the self-love post was much needed.

    xo Ashley

  21. Lovely dress. That bun is perfection! You should do a tutorial for it 🙂

  22. I've had my eye on that dress for awhile now.  Love the kitties! Not sure if I'll take the leap and buy it but it looks cute on you!

  23. I'm a perfectionist too and sometimes I really struggle with being to hard on myself and others. But you're right it is for the most part a waste of time!

    But in other news, this outfit is amazing and lovely!

  24. I love your words of wisdom, Kendi. I also love that dress with the cats on it paired with those bright shoes. YOU are GORGEOUS and so is your sock bun that I will never be able to do 🙂 xo, Amy itwasloveat.blogspot.com

  25. All your mumbo jumbo about not being perfect is great and all, but in these pictures you look pretty damn close to perfect. But maybe you secretly have a wedgie…I don't know. Point is…you look fantastic 🙂

    Sarah's Real Life

  26. Thanks for calling out our inner nags. It feels good to call it what it is, and let life take you. Lately, when I am buried in my could haves, should haves and do it betters, I just tell myself to let it be and strive to be more present, focused and creative tomorrow. It is all about growth right?

  27. Is that an effing CAT on your dress?!  I'm dying.  Completely in love.

  28. Kendi, you are absolutely wonderful exactly the way you are! You are a beautiful person with a unique voice that touches so many. I'm glad you're working on shutting down your 'mean girl' voice. Sometimes we all need a reminder not to let it spoil the positives!

  29. And this is officially my new favorite outfit on you. I want to steal it, although I need my dress just a little longer – I feel like a hooker anytime I wear something above the knee. Ironic because I was the girl in high school who was sent the the principal ALL THE TIME for wearing shorts that were too short. I hit 30 and became a nun… unless I have a spray tan and then I go back to hooker-length things to show off my tan legs.

    So instead, maybe I just need that same outfit AND a spray tan…
    ps–You look lovely!

  30. my goodness girl- me too. i am never "quite" good enough. but your outfit is fan-freaking tastic!

  31. I was sure there was going to be a perfect/purrfect pun in here somewhere based on the print of the dress…cute!

  32. so true! women are so hard on themselves. i've always been on a quest to better myself. sometimes it makes me feel driven. other times i feel like i just stress myself out too much!

  33. I scored this same cute dress from Anthro 2 weeks ago. I love it! I've now seen it on 1,2,3,4 different bloggers! LOL I think that means it's a hit. It looks fab on you too. I like the bright shoes and the bun. 

    As an artist I've been told, and agree with the simple fact that a piece is never actually "finished", which could be interpreted as constantly seeking perfection and never attaining it. Being a perfectionist has a way of ruining the moment you're living in because you will simply never be satisfied.

    Constant desire for perfection can promote growth and improvement, but it can also rob you of joy and fulfillment.


  34. Hey I feel so much the same way…always feeling like I need some help in the perfection department…but I kinda think you look amazing in these pics…so I wouldn't worry yourself 😉
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  35. Lovely random stream of consciousness and we should all do that more often if that is the message being sent!  One of the (few ;o) benefits of getting older is that you learn to accept and appreciate who you are, there is less pressure to be who you think everyone else wants you to be.  Still moments of regression but less and less so :o). 

    I have been traveling/moving countries for the last month or so and have missed a few weeks of your posts.  I must say that in this time your outfits have really changed!  Maybe a reflection on trying to dress more for yourself and less for how you think your audience wants you to dress???  Anyway, I really like the change whether it has been conscious or not.

  36. That's so cute.  I wish my hair could get that way.  Love the outfit!  


  37. Kendi!!!!
    i normally don't comment much on blogs i follow but yours is the only one I've ever commented on! anyway… i just wanted to say this outfit is MOST CERTAINLY my favorite from your posts EVER! you just look so beautiful, simple, and carefree! 
    also your post itself made me feel better about my day as well! but can't say i'm surprised your posts always bring a smile to my face! 🙂
    good luck and god bless! 

  38. Can I just say that your top knot is PERFECTION in this post? How amazing! Let me know if you figure out the reality show and Mercedes thing, ok? 🙂 


  39. This has to be one of my favourite outfits that I have seen you wear. I really love everything about it and really want to buy everything.

  40. Haha you know what's funny? When I saw the title 'Perfection', I honestly agreed as I was looking at your photos that they were perfection. That outfit, your hair, the room you're standing in. Give yourself a break, gorgeous.

  41. Thank you for putting things into perspective. Once in awhile we all need a slap in the face, to wake us up back into reality. By the way I am in love with this entire outfit. 

  42. Great post & Great outfit! You really know how to make your point Kendi. Best regards from Albania!

  43. Well I think you can tell your voice in your head that you are perfect! Because based on this outfit, you are! I love the feminine feel!

  44. Sweet words Kendi. And so true. Recovering perfectionist here also, and you're words could not have been more timely. Thank you!

  45. Amen, sister. I battle with that headspace too. Must be a late-20s-modern-woman thing! But I must say, you and this outfit are pretty darn near perfection to me.

  46. Great post. Anthropologie has such unique prints. 

    When that mean girl perfectionist taunts me, I sing her country lyrics … "I'm what I am, and I'm what I'm not not, but I'm sure happy with what I got." Or, I just watch 10 minutes of Jerry Springer. That always makes me feel that in comparison I'm nailing life. 

  47. I couldn't agree with you more!  I began to have perfectionist tendencies after my son was born as a result of my postpartum depression.  I learned that the voice in my head is exactly like a mean girl!  It is not kind to do that to yourself.  I had to learn this as well 🙂  The mantra that helps me when I begin to worry or stress that I am not doing something "good enough" I say, "It's OK, I am not perfect."  That saying brings me peace! I absolutely adore you and your blog!

  48. Yup. I raise my hand to that! Our own worst enemy is comparison and so cheers to all the everybodies just being themselves.


  49. That dress is adorable! What a great look! Also, what a perfect top knot! 

  50. Love the outfit, love the reminder to quiet the mean voice inside. 😀

  51. This is such a cute dress and I love, love, love it paired with those adorable shoes. You are so stylish that it hurts =P


  52. I think you look so gorgeous here, Kendi! And your writing about perfection is so very very me all the time, it was just weird to read that today, when my own inner voice has been especially loud and critical lately. So thanks for that and the cute outfit! It was perfect ^_-

  53. I am so jealous of that dress. I have been yearning for it since it first landed on an anthro mannequin. Sadly my bust line doesn't quite work to fill it out so it cannot be :/ #flatgirlproblems

  54. absolutely love this!  The bun is perfect.


  55. I think a lot of people struggle with that negative voice; but being perfect just isn't as fun as being yourself. By the way I love the pop of color of the shoes with the more neutral outfit! 🙂

    -Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com

  56. I just found your blog and I love you!! Your humor and sass and all your FAB shoes! Newest follower!

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