{Top: Joie | Skirt: Similar | Heels: Nine West | Necklace: Similar  | Sunnies: c/o Coach | Bracelet}

Is it possible to be just kind of edgy? Not quite rock and roll, more like adult contemporary with a good beat? Because that’s what I am today, kind of edgy. I mean sure I’m wearing snakeskin and a spiked necklace, but how sweet is my lace skirt? And my bag? Leather (fake) with chains (also fake). I’m just full of risk today (but I have my limits.)

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  1. Oh you look so cute.. i would never have though to put snakeskin print with lace…

  2. Depends who's looking at it but for me this is very edgy outfit! 
    Great look on you


  3. Haha you definitely are just the right amount of edgy. Those shoes are beautiful I want to wear them to a Christmas party! Is it too soon to talk about Christmas?

  4. kind of edgy is the perfect description. the lace skirt is taming the rock and roll nicely 🙂

  5. Kind of edgy, indeed! I'm so in love with those sunnies.


  6. You are rocking for "kinda edgy." I like how the lace and the pattern on the shirt play off of each other. 

  7. Apparently, you CAN be kind of edgy, because that's exactly what you're doing. I am obsessed with print mixing (can we call lace a print?) so I love this. I may or may not have posted a print mixing look myself today. But mine probably wouldn't fall under the edgy category, especially since I'm kissing my cat in one of the pictures. Yep, I'm one of those pet people.

    Sarah's Real Life

  8. I could never actually be "edgy" so I like to think of myself as a total somewhat edgy person, which really doesn't even make sense.

  9. ahaha, I love the adult contemporary with a good beat analogy! That exactly sums it up!  Venturing into the "edgy" clothing realm can seem so strange and scary, and yet freeing at the same time!  For me it's dresses, faux leather accents and animal prints, something I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing even a year ago.  2 years in France will do that to a girl.  I guess we all have our clothing "comfort zones". 🙂 Your blog and outfits are awesome as always, and always give me my laugh for the day. Keep up the great work!

  10. There is too much going on in this outfit..I would have personally reduced it to a lace skirt, a white or black T/Shirt with a Snakeskin Stoll. The leather band and the spiked chain are a total overkill…its like a wanna be rocker chick meets wanna be…..

  11. Love this look Kendi!!  That top is to die for!!  I've been dying for a good snakeskin print without it looking tacky and you nailed it! 

  12. That skirt and bag are so gorgeous! I love feeling just "kind of" edgy!
    xo Heather http://ahopelessnotebook.blogspot.com/

  13. I HAVE BEEN WANTING THAT TOP! why is it so expensive =( looks great on you too!

  14. I've recently stumbled upon your blog, and I love love love it, and you!! I know, where have I been, right? 😉 

    I'm 6' and absolutely refuse to wear heels. It doesn't suit my work environment at all and I feel like an Amazon woman in them. (Although on a particularly fancy date with dear hubs, I will make exceptions!) What do you say to girls like me? 

  15. I immediately want to recreate this outfit! The contrast of the snakeskin print with the lace is just fantastic, and I love the way you used black to pull it all together.

  16. looove that bag– i've been looking for one with that shape.  where's it from? 🙂

  17. I love the combination of leather (even fake leather) and lace!  It gives the whole look balance.  As always you look flawless. 

  18. The lace softens the edge of the snakeskin, I think. Gorgeous combination though, and not one I'd have thought about it. 

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