{Top: Bloom | Skirt: Joe Fresh | Shoes: ShoeMint | Earrings: Jenny Present | Sunglasses: c/o Coach}
The other night, I was reading a very important article about the resurgence of pencil skirts at Fashion Week. I can’t remember where I found it and I’m too lazy to try to find it again, but I thought that I’d relay the message to you. If you ever doubted them, pencil skirts are where it’s at. That is according to me and some person, somewhere in New York who writes for some news publication. 
I’m pretty sure I was made for news reporting, you guys. 

Oh and speaking of news, we are coming up on a year at Bloom! (I promise a story of Bloom post is to follow). If you are in town tomorrow evening, stop by the store for our Birthday Party! We can promise only three things: cute clothes, wine, cookies. And pencil skirts, so that’s four things. 

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  1. Ha! Love the skirt! And I want the bag, too. Your hair is gorgeous btw!

    x Laura

  2. The entire outfit is completely you! I love the accessories you chose for it. I have been reading some of your archives and realized that accessories really do make or break an outfit.

  3. I love Joe Fresh! But I don't know how to get it in the U.S….. Where/how did you get your skirt? Did it require a trip across the border?

  4. Total congrats on Bloom and on the awesome cobalt blue of this skirt, but really what I want to say is that I LOVE your hair in this post.

  5. Funny that they are coming back because I'm running out of outfit ideas and I've got a closet full of office wear that I no longer have to wear at my new office.  I suppose paring them with tees and non work appropriate shoes would be the perfect way to bring them back to life. Wearing one tomorrow. Done.

    Oh and happy birthday!


  6. I think you may have a career in news writing. As a PR person who works with reporters every day, I'm qualified to say this.

    P.S. love the outfit – and did pencil skirts every go away? If so, I have been terribly off trend at the office for some time now.


  7. New York! So it did require some miles traveled. They opened a new store there I believe in the last year. Loooove Joe Fresh. 

  8. That's what I thought was so funny about the article — I was like "what? they are back…but when did they leave?" But I think it was more like they are back in a street-style type of way. Not in an everyone else who goes to an office type of way.

    Also, I appreciate that. My next gig — newspaper reporting.

  9. This top does look great with the skirt. I recently bought a pencil skirt that i LOVE but just havent found a chance to wear it! I wonder if theres any way to make it more casual? *sigh*

  10. Happy Anniversary!  You look lovely and Pencil skirts are classic pieces, they can never go out of trend for me. Even if they do… I'd still continue wearing them! Just like I did with the denim jackets 😀

  11. You know I'd be there for the birthday party if I could! Pencil skirts are my thing – I've got one in every single color and every pattern!!!! Love Bloom! Congrats!

  12. Always look forward to reading your blogs. Your style is impeccable and your humor and wit is refreshing!

  13. Love the color on your pencil skirt. I wonder if the skirt works on any type of body shape?

  14. Kendi, I love you and your blog! But I have to tell you, this shirt is just not flattering at all. Sorry, I just had to get that out.  

  15. So I just stalked the Bloom site and saw that you are 5'9, YAY for us tall gals! But I can never seem to find pants and skirts long enough, where do you find yours?

  16. Usually skirts from J.Crew or I just go for maxi or midi length. Pants I usually have luck at Gap because they have regular length or longer length, which is nice. And I've actually had some luck at Anthropologie with pants, too. You just never know! 

  17. I agree. LOVE ya Kendi, but there was just something not right about this look. But then I saw it. Pencil skirts need to hit at just above the knee to be truly flattering. Just tailor an inch or two off this skirt and you will see a real difference. I'm sure this tidbit was in that article from somewhere, written by you know you, at some time ago. 😉

  18. Counting AND news reporting! You should add these to your resume for sure!  I love this outfit. Everytime I see that shirt I die because I love it so much. Now that's some deep love!

  19. So nice to see Joe Fresh on US blogs now! We've had this brand in Canada for awhile and I am really loving their new stuff these days. Love the skirt, will have to go find one :))

  20. Congrats on 1 year with Bloom! So very exciting, party ut up because toi deserve it!

  21. Wow, has it been a year already?  Congrats!  Wish I was local so I could attend the party (and constantly buy tons of fashionable clothes).  Love the blue pencil skirt!

  22. Happy b-day, Bloom! You look fab, as always. I've been dying to hear all about how you started Bloom and the process of owning your own boutique. Can't wait for all the juicy details!

  23. I love this look. Especially the top! I'll have to try to come tomorrow!

    *Enter my giveaway!!*sincerelysk.blogspot.com

  24. oooooh – you'd fit in up here in OKC – THUNDER COLORS!!!   Wahoo!   HBD Bloom!

  25. Your fresh look is making me happy for Fall!!! Now I just wish this Southern California weather would cooperate. Keep up the great work.


  26. Happy Birthday, Bloom! Wish I lived closer so I could stop by and celebrate!

  27. Looks like you can't order Joe Fresh Online? How do you get your items from there? I wanted that skirt in mustard

  28. I would totally be there if I lived anywhere close to Texas, but, alas, I am in Tennessee.  Happy birthday, Bloom!  And congrats on a job well done, Kendi. xo

  29. Your Baby's 1!!!! It seems like she was just born.
    I was at your opening. Still enjoying the Black cuff and Gray clutch.
    Congratulations on your first year!!

  30. I really like your bag and your shades, love this look


  31. in your first picture you put style mint as where the shoes are from.. i think you meant to put shoe mint haha

  32. I love you Kendi but I just can't embrace the top. I'm sorry!! But I love everything else you wear so don't worry. 🙂  Like those glasses. Love them!

  33. your LAST outfit is the kendi i remember.  mixing stripes,  patterns and colors, BRAVO.  this outfit…meh….  

    but overall, the last few outfits have been stellar!!!  style should look somewhat intentional, not haphazard.  i really appreciate you showing more tailored pieces that are cohesive and polished.  GREAT JOB!!

  34. Kendie, pensil skirts were invented for you. I mean it, person who first tried it surely thought: one day Kendie would wear it!
    very cool outfit, love the colours

    Inside and Outside Blog 

  35. Bloom and I share a birthday!!!Wish I could be there to celebrate with you…you've accomplished so much in one year and done a stellar job.  Congrats!!!
    <3 Cambria

  36. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! That is very exciting. I hope I can come back up to the store again soon. It's super cute!

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