For your sake, I’ve edited myself on photos. I believe I got it down to 12 from the original 1,000. You are very welcome.


Wednesday morning of last week we headed to Soho for the IFB Conference. I was a panelist on “The New Entrepreneur” with Mr. Newton, Taylor Sterling, Katie Armour, Katie Rodgers and Michelle Madhok. (Side note: Mr. Newton might be the best person I’ve ever met in life. He coolly sat down next to me and we chatted like old friends. Who does that? Also, I think this means we are best friends now?)



The panel was about business and blogging, but not necessarily the business of blogging. It’s hard sometimes because I came into this as a blogger first, well technically as an awkward girl first then a blogger, so at times I have to remind myself, “yes Kendi you are also an entrepreneur.” The only regret of being on a panel is that I don’t quite remember things I said. Not remembering things that fall out of your mouth in public is a shame. But what I can remember is that I said that women were made for entrepreneurship — we are inclined to details, multi-tasking, handling everything while juggling everything else. Simply put, we were made for this. And if you have that spark in you, that little sparks that whispers to you “you could do that” then you should listen. I sat up on the panel with 5 other normal people who listened to that voice that said that could and still says they can.


It was nice to hear other people talk about their business and their philosophies. Do we do it for money first or for the love of it?  Do you really need a plan or do you wing it as you go? Both sides of each question were represented and to tell you the truth – no one was wrong. We all run our business they way we want to run our business. It was nice to hear other’s philosophies and how strongly everyone believed theirs to be true. (Which I believe is the truth. You are your own truth, so why not believe it wholeheartedly?)


I think the most comforting thing I heard was that no matter what, following your dream is hard work. We’re all tired, we are all a little worn down but tired of the dream? Never. That in some sick twisted way was the biggest comfort for me.


And then I talked to bloggers and showed them my jazz hands. They were impressed.


No, then I talked to bloggers who also wanted to start businesses. Who wanted to open store fronts or online stores and become entrepreneurs with their own talents but didn’t quite know how to yet. But yes, they were also impressed with my jazz hands. Of course they were,  I mean look at them.


All in all, it was a fun panel that I actually ended up learning more than I probably shared. I just take, take, take, don’t I?


Then we explored the city for the better part of two days. This is my husband. Say Hello to B. (I forced him to take this photo and he probably hated it. But the kid can dress therefore you get your photo taken.)


We walked back up the hotel that afternoon by taking the slow route. We walked through the West Village, Meatpacking District, up to the High Line and back over the Hell’s Kitchen. B had been to New York for about 20 hours one time last year. It was due time he saw the City. And that we did.


Poor kid. Subjected to photos on the street. At least I didn’t draw arrows on him?


We walked as far as we could for two days. We didn’t even see a tenth of what the city has to give. I think the best part of New York is the energy it shares. I don’t know if it is the amount of people, the thousands of businesses, the creativity that thrives but you fall in love with the city within minutes of arriving. It’s magical. Even the dirty streets and the strange smell on every block becomes romantic to you. All of a sudden a place that should intimidate becomes intimate and you suddenly feel like you belong. Eight million people and they let one more girl in. That was certainly nice of them.


This will not be the last of me, New York. You have a friend for life.

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145 Responses

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. Just wanted to say that I loved what you had to say about New York. I lived there for a while and I miss it every day. Glad you had a good time. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a very successful trip to NY! Glad you had a good time and that you enjoyed being on panel.

  3. Totally love your panel outfit! Wish I could look that good in what I wear, just once would be great! Your husband is very handsome!  Hope you had a wonderful time x

  4. The last paragraphs of your post describe EXACTLY how I feel about New York. It is magical, yet busy and hectic…and I love it! So different from the slow Texas pace. I always have to tell people in New York to please slow down their talking because this Texas girl has a hard time understanding what they are saying!

    – Sarah {}

  5. Amazing! I loved NYC the time I visited, cant wait to go back. What hotel did you guy stay at (if you don't mind)? 

    I'm excited to see what you bought. 
    Also FAO is not only amazing for kids… I kind of fell in love and spent too much there for a grown ~young adult~ 

  6. I love seeing more lifestyle pix on the blog!  Looks like so much fun.

  7. So fun! I'm going next week for Coterie and I am SO thrilled to visit the city for the first time!

  8. Great photos. I wish I took more while there.  And I do not believe you that those shoes are comfy. Even in my sneakers my feet hurt in NYC. I don't know how people look cute and live in NYC.

    And SOOOO uber pissed I didn't get to see you or meet you. I'm your biggest stalker, i mean fan… Heard you were quite the comedian though.

    xoxo Jessica

  9. They are from J.Crew Factory Store! I could not believe how comfortable they were and they held up so well. They do not look like I walked for two days straight.

    Jazz hands FTW.

  10. your husband should totally start a style blog of his own. i will make my husband follow him. oh wow, that sounded beyond creepy. and may my husband never see this comment. ever.

  11. Jessica —

    We so missed each other! But did you get to see Rachel Zoe and Lauren Conrad? Because, I might be jealous if you did.

    Girl, I'm not even lying these shoes are so comfortable. Now I stand in the store or walk around most days so I'm used to being on my feet in heels. And I'm used to my feet hurting by the end of the day. So cushy flats were a nice vacation.

  12. I realized that I rarely post anything on him! He doesn't really like being in front of the camera so I had to coerce him on this trip. 🙂

  13. i would've loved to listen in on that discussion. even though i do not have my own business, nor do i plan to have one in the near future, it can still be inspiring hearing what wisdom young, successful and hard working individuals have to share. glad you had a great time and it's nice seeing your husband as well. he's quite handsome and a good dresser as well.


  14. Pretty sure your hubby could start a men's fashion blog…or maybe you dress him? (Sometimes my husband lets me put outfits together for him)
    Either way, looks like you both had a great time, look fashionable of course.

  15. Looks like you guys had a great time! 🙂

    I love NYC and got chills reading this part of your post: "I think the best part of New York is the energy it shares. I don't know
    if it is the amount of people, the thousands of businesses, the
    creativity that thrives but you fall in love with the city within
    minutes of arriving. It's magical. Even the dirty streets and the
    strange smell on every block becomes romantic to you. All of a sudden a
    place that should intimidate becomes intimate and you suddenly feel like
    you belong."

    Sorry for re-pasting .. just about half the post 😉 but it really spoke to me. I feel the same way about that city. Love the way you write.


  16. I love the part about listening to the little spark, and how women are meant to do this due to our attention to detail and our multi-tasking abilities.

    Cheers to that!

  17. So loved meeting you and your husband. You were a breath of fresh air!
    Hope our paths cross again someday soon:)

  18. Great post. 

    The vibe in NYC is great. It can get freaky…but overall it's exhilarating.  Glad you were able to see more of it this time.BisousSuzanne

  19. You described my love for New York so perfectly. Most people don't understand, they think oh its dirty, hectic, or busy. But I think it takes certain people to really love NY. It truly does become intimate even as your pushing yourself against thousands of people all headed somewhere. 

  20. Your husband is toooo cute! How come you never showed him around here? Hahaha =P

  21. Kendi you and your hub should move here! You would add even more charm to the city 🙂

  22. Such a beautiful post! I am glad Brian got to share that with you! I so wish I could have to come to listen to you talk about your store! I see your one year anniversary is coming up! Congrats! Hope you are having a lovely week!
    <3 Kastles

  23. Great post. Thank you for the inspiration you give me almost daily. I love reading your posts and especially this one. You are a gift to the blogging world Ms. Kendi. Mahalo and Aloha.

    Thank you,Kristina

  24. I love when you speak about being an entrepreneur Kendi. I've always wanted to open a boutique and I'm finally planning it out and going through with it! You've inspired me, and I'm sure tons of other ladies as well to pursue their dreams!


  25. been reading your blog for awhile now.. love not only your outfits, but also every word you write.  Funny, sincere, self teasing…. great.. your husband should do a blog for the men!

  26. Awwww cute pics of the hubby and he does know how to dress! Nice! I really want to visit ny too… Sounds like so much fun!


  27. Thank you so much for sharing this, Kendi! I loved seeing your photos. PS, you and your husband are both total dreamboats! Perfect match! So cute 🙂

  28. Love this post!! I wish I could have been there! I'll definitely try to go next year! Your husband looks very happy in the photos (why wouldn't he be, he's married to a beautiful woman)!! 🙂

  29. I love it when you share bits of your personal life (like your husband).  You guys are so cute and happy. 🙂 thanks for such a great blog!

  30. Are we sure those are jazz hands? They look more like spirit fingers to me. Also, your husband is a cutie. If I ever get tired of having a wife and want to try a husband instead, I may take yours.

    Anyway…Wonderful post and looks like an awesome time!!!! <–4 exclamation points are necessary

    Sarah's Real Life

  31. Kendi,
    I have been following your blog for over a year now and I FINALLY worked up the courage to start my own (primarily secret, obviously) style blog this past weekend! Your great taste, wit, and charm are three components that make your blog stand out from the rest…and of course your jazz hands. Any pointers would be so appreciated (because if the style angle bombs I'll have to blog about my second favorite thing: Chick-Fil-A). 

    Thanks for being such an inspiration! 


  32. Kendi~ 

    Thank you so much for writing about this…it comes at a perfect timing while I have been contemplating starting a BLOG. 

    It seems you had a wonderful time in New York! 

    I wish I could have been there to hear you speak. Is there a recording of the conference?

    Have a Beautiful Day!

  33. Kendi~ Thank you so much for writing about this…it comes at a perfect timing while I have been contemplating starting a BLOG. It seems you had a wonderful time in New York! I wish I could have been there to hear you speak. Is there a recording of the conference?Have a Beautiful Day!Kathryn

  34. I love this post! What you said about that little spark that whispers in you, I feel like you're speaking to me! I'm just getting started but I already love this blogging world so much and I have big dreams for the future! I adore you and your blog!

  35. You two are seriously the most fashionable couple! I've never seen photos of his before, what an adorable guy!

  36. Wonderful to hear about your NY trip- and your hubby looks like a celebrity!. What a great looking couple you two make.

     I started following you back when you were working for some company, and I have to say, I am so thrilled at all of your success. I always felt you had something special and authentic and talented in your blog. I know you're busy with the store, but I hope you'll also consider other writing avenues because you're one of the best.

  37. Could we hear about the "most comfortable flats ever"??  Who wouldn't want some of those?  Thx!

  38. Sounds like you had a blast!! I really want to take in a few blogger workshops.  Blogging is always evolving, and it's so inspiring to hear from other girls that have made it their own way.  Thanks for sharing!! And cute photos <3

  39. Kendi I loved reading this post! It's always nice when you give us a little peek inside your life, I don't think I've ever even seen a picture of your husband (who is a fantastic photographer)! Looks like a fantastic trip. I haven't spent much time in NYC, but I can't wait to one day. It must have been a little unnerving to speak amongst other talented and fashionable people (not to mention, how did you ever pick what to wear?) but I'm sure you were just great. Wish I could have been there!

  40. aww, this is such a sweet post!  glad you had a great time at IFB, I wish I could have been there to hear all the awesome panels!


  41. I can personally attest to the cool jazz hands you so eloquently speak of b/c I am in the picture!! (Starbucks in hand). You gave great advice and I cannot agree more with your point that women are made for Entrepreneurship. I was that blogger that asked (grilled) you about opening your own store. Thanks for the honest and down-to-earth advice. Hope our paths cross again!-Becky

  42. Awwww, how to cool to see your husband on here 🙂 You guys make a wonderful couple!


  43. So glad to hear you have a love affair with NYC too and that you had a successful (and fun!) visit. Your hubby is adorable and very well dressed. You need to feature his style more in this space! 😉

    via Emily

  44. Looks like so much fun!!
    You, AND your cute little Mr look adorable. DId he dress himself? If so, he needs to start hanging out with mine so he can teach him a fee things!! 🙂


  45. Hahahh. Such great writing here. Love how you treat your husband – such a cute couple. 

    Congrats on the panel , I'm sure everyone loved your wisdom (and your jazz hands. obviously your jazz hands)

    It must feel wonderful to have gotten to this place in your life doing something that you love. 

    "an awkward girl first then a blogger" 

    Story. of. my. life. 


  46. I can only imagine just how impressed those bloggers were with your jazz hands.  I'm impressed, and I didn't even see them in person!  But for real, I'm sure you were a lovely panelist and I'm so glad you got to have a few days to enjoy New York.  I've never been but I'm crossing my fingers that someday soon I'll have the opportunity to go!  Maybe those eight million people will be nice and let me in, too.

  47. How cute!! You two are a very good looking couple!! (: Great photos!! looks like you had so much fun!


  48. Just came back from New York last week and totally agree with you calling the city "magical" and simply, love at first sight. Crowded, dirty, and smelly but still love…ironic isn't it? 

  49. "And if you have that spark in you, that little sparks that whispers to you "you could do that" then you should listen." LOVE that. Thank you for inspiring some of us "normal" people to listen to that voice!

  50. I did get to see them! It was super cool since I've been envying them for years now. I still don't believe your shoes are comfy. Although I am wearing those Urban Outfitters red shoes and got a compliment through a bathroom stall on them. gotta love that.

    xoxo Jessica

  51. Glad to see y'all got Bryan a nice pair of red pants! Are they from JCrew too? P.S. this is your crazy awesome blog "stalker" who came to your shop a few Sunday's ago to meet you…and you commented on my husband's red pants.  He felt so cool.  It was a pleasure meeting you! ~Danielle

  52. Speaking of arrows, is there a tutorial you could point me towards PLEASE!?! I love your arrows, and can't manage to figure out the trick…
    Looks like you had a great trip 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  53. I'm a fashion merchandising student at Mizzou and just wanted to share with you how much I love your blog! I'm so inspired by this post because recently I've been thinking about starting a blog but can't get over the fear/butterflies and the thought that who would care what I have to say? You're my inspiration! I'm gonna take the plunge into the blog-o-sphere! 

  54. Oh Kendi, you can't label something "the most comfortable flats ever" and then leave us hanging without telling us where to find them 🙂

  55. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Your photos are great!

  56. Dear Kendi…I've got a little question…Could you please tell us but are you doing in a slideshow at Megan Nielsen's blog? I've just seen you and it's been kind of weird…

  57. I love the outfit in the second photo, very original and flattering (a happy medium is hard to find sometimes…), and the jazz hands!

  58. new york is a behemoth, in energy and in passion and in character…. you could easily spend 2 days exploring each of its neighborhoods. i never tire of the city!

    sounds like it was an exciting panel, wish i could have attended.

  59. i have never left a comment before, despite being a daily stalker and though i always love your written voice (as well as your fantastic style), i was just smitten with the way you described my city. "All of a sudden a place that should intimidate becomes intimate and you suddenly feel like you belong." that's part of the magic and why i adore it. im glad you enjoyed your visit + that you captured it so well in word + photo! ill actually be spending thanksgiving in mckinney and i hear it has its own magic as well. cheers!

  60. Ha — major lookalike I'm guessing. I couldn't tell you which girl you were talking about – the slideshow just sent me to a hot blonde chick. But if that's who you were talking about, why thank you. 😉

    Also, the day a street style photographer shoots me, is the day I die and become Rachel Zoe. 

  61. I love your thoughts on women & blogging and your thoughts on why we do this. I totally agree 🙂

  62. New York sounds and looks amazing. Its so awesome you get to have those opportunities. Goes to show that hard work and doing what you love goes a long way. Congrats.

  63. I am swooning over this post. It's so beautifully written; I love the last little piece on NY, especially how you say it all of the sudden transforms from "intimidating to intimate." Well put. And the ghost chairs! I died. Your hubby is very photogenic, and I laughed at the arrows comment. Thanks for sharing! 


  64. Your New York pictures look so fantastic!!  I just love New York.  That is so awesome that you were on the an IFB panel!  I hope to be able to go to the IFB conference & fashion week next year!  

  65. Great great pics! We are all so so so proud of you – I'm like the others – I've been reading/following you from days of yore – when you teased your coworkers with your colored tights 🙂 Oh, those days are long in the past! Your red flats look just like some that are at Old Navy – and I've been debating about buying them – now I just might! I must add – and I don't mean this at all in a negative or bad way – but HOLY – did your husband lose weight/tone up?! I remember older photos of him – he looks fit as a fiddle! WOW! You guys both look great!

    Lastly – thank you – thank you Mrs. Skeen, for working through Bloom and getting me my most beautiful bag. I do adore it – and it's a bag I've been hunting down for awhile now. Thank you so much for helping me out! I hope you have a lovely weekend and impress many more people with those jazz hands.

  66. I think thats great that you made the time who look up to you and what you have accomplished with opening up your own business ect. Have you ever considered started a blog dedicated to small business ownership and how you got started and how other people could turn their dreams into reality. I think you have a knack for it and would love to hear what you have to say.

  67. Sounds like you really fell in love with NYC! I hope to go one day.
    Looks like you had a great trip and you really are an inspiration to so many woman.  You have a great blog, business and personality! XOXO

  68. Great post! New York really is a special place. I'm headed up there next month for a ladies weekend with my besties and I can't wait. Loved seeing your pics and reading about your experience. Looks like you and your mister share a love of colored pants…. 🙂

  69. Thanks so much for including the pics of B in colored pants!  I have a pair of brick red pants as well that I've been trying to figure out how to wear.  since you are all about them,  I was also wondering what you thought of men in colored jeans and it appears I may have gotten my answer.

  70. Hard to believe that's the same shaggy-haired NSO dad who made us stomp around campus to the tune of "BLADES OF STEEL, KEEPIN IT REAL" and play an awkward game of hockey on stage in front of a thousand freshmen. I think we've come a long way in eight years (EIGHT YEARS?!?).

  71. Hard to believe that's the same shaggy-haired NSO dad who made us stomp around campus to the tune of "BLADES OF STEEL, KEEPIN IT REAL" and play an awkward game of hockey on stage in front of a thousand freshmen. I think we've come a long way in eight years (EIGHT YEARS?!?).

  72. Your husband is just as cute as you! 🙂  Yes, he can dress and deserves to be photographed and blogged about.

  73. Hi B. You look as cute as can be.
    My husband and I also walked for two days all over the city that weekend (and the High Line. Perhaps we passed each other.) Gorgeous weather. NYC looked (and smelled) better than I ever remembered.

  74. I love your bag! I have been looking everywhere for a good travel bag. Would you mind telling me where it's from?

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