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I found these shorts the other day tucked away in some of my warmer things as I was pulling some things for fall outfits. (Which, for the record, was a presumptuous move. I could go swimming today and not get chilled.) Every once in a while, I’ll forget about a piece that I own and then I rediscover it in my closet again and wear it more than before or sometimes I buy something a season too early and then find that I wear it all the time in the present season. These things don’t surprise me. What does surprise me is I can’t for the life of me remember when or how I bought these shorts. And I remember everything when it comes to clothes. Some people call it obsessive; I call it a natural ability. The only thing I know about these shorts is that they are from Gap last fall and they are in my size. But to be honest at this point I’m not even sure if they are mine. 

Is anyone missing a cute pair of shorts? Have you come in contact with me in the last 12 months? Did you leave your bag unattended at an airport or at a recent sleepover with me? You have 24 hours to claim or they are mine.

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  1. Love it! That's such a great blazer. I really have to start going to Gap more often. I always mean to, but get distracted by other stores in the vicinity, like J. Crew and Loft. 

    And your shoes are divine. Like all your shoes. You should show us your closet one of these days. I bet it's all kinds of pretty.

    Isn't it awful that all I can think of when I think "black and yellow" in my head is that awful Wiz Khalifa song?
    xo from Miami,

  2. Hi, I'd love to know where your watch is from, I can't see it 100% but it looks super cool.  

  3. Love how you paired that blazer with your re-discovered shorts. Super cute.
    Also..it must be the day to wear yellow! I've got my yellow sweater on today. Woot!www.beautyandbows.com

  4. So chic. LOVE that blazer!! And can I claim the shorts? 🙂


  5. Those are great shorts. I love it When you find something you forgot you had…. or maybe in this case, something you forgot you stole!

  6. I would seriously consider stealing that blazer right off you! I love the darker cuffs and how well it fits you – maybe I just need another blazer? anyway, love the mix of colors and hope that you get to keep the shorts!!! 😀

  7. I am so in love with this blazer that I can't really focus on any of the other fantastic parts of this outfit.  I've been looking for a herringbone style like this forever and yours is perfect!

  8. Would it be weird if I told you I was looking through some of your posts from last fall just the other day (for outfit inspiration) and you were wearing these shorts, so when I saw them in today's post I thought to myself, "Hey, Kendi just wore these the other day!"  And then I read the story about the shorts and how you don't remember getting them.  And then I realized that I feel kind of like a stalker…  So, anyways, I loved the shorts when you wore them last fall and still love the shorts for this fall.  🙂 

  9. Love this outfit. I couldn't pull off the shorts – your legs are much nicer than mine – so they're definitely not my shorts! 🙂

  10. I really love this outfit! I mean I usually love your outfits but this blazer is amazing! And the shoes! And the purse! I want to love blazers but I always feel like I'm wearing a straitjacket…

  11. Loving that blazer! You are just too cute!
    xo Heather  http://ahopelessnotebook.blogspot.com/

  12. Hi,
    Your makeup always looks so flawless and natural… can you tell me your favorite products?

  13. I too have a knack for remembering where I got something, when I got it, how much it cost, and every time I've worn it (without looking at my blog archives). I can't say I've ever found something that I don't remember purchasing. You should definitely be suspicious. I hope they aren't exploding shorts…do you hear a ticking sound? On the plus side, if you're going to explode today and you're going to be remembered by your last outfit, this is a cute one.

    Sarah's Real Life

  14. seriously scary thing – those look exactly EXACTLY like my black shorts i have from H&M, but of course those aren't mine you're wearing cuz mine are safely tucked away in my bottom dresser drawer. hahaaha
    i love wearing my shorts with tights in the fall and winter! do you??

  15. Love the outfit! 
    As far as the shorts are concerned, nope, not mine. But I do miss one of my grey socks. Any idea? 🙂

  16.  I am glad I am not crazy… I remembered those shorts from outfit posts a long time ago too!

  17. i can`t lie, i`m wee bit jealous that you are able to wear shorts right now…. hello fall!

  18. Wow- this look is so cute! Can't believe those shoes are from Payless! New fan and follower!

Holly Foxen Wells

  19. didn't you post awhile ago about buying basics and how your future self thanked your past self for buying these shorts? maybe it was a different pair of black shorts i'm thinking of …

    anyways, i love your new shoes!  and the colour of that top is awesome!

    xo julesinflats.com

  20. i love finding items of clothing i had COMPLETELY forgotten about! maybe that means my wardrobe is too big…

    cute shoes 🙂

    Katie x

  21. LOVE that Gap blazer!xoxoCathy, your Poor Little It Girlhttp://poorlittleitgirl.com

  22. I love those shorts! Its such a great piece to have bc you can wear them all year round (tights if its chilly, but not sure how cold it gets in TX..). I hope no one claims them!

  23. This whole outfit is perfection!  I am absolutely in love with it!  Hope you don't mind if I copy it


  24. I have the same exact shorts form Gap! I bought them at the beginning of the summer.

  25. Loving the simplicity of the colors and how they mix so well into such a chic outfit!

  26. I truly love rediscovering new clothes. Once I left a laundry basket full of goodies over at my parents house during a move and reacquainted myself with the basket after a year… It was heaven! Also, the blazer is fab! 

  27. Shorts and blazers are just so fetching together…love your style!
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  28. I'm doing ONE YEAR no buying new clothes, kind of like 30 for 30 but times 12. 🙂  Doesn't it sound like of liberating?

  29. really cute outfit! I love the lime blouse, it gives the outfit a bit of a punch! great blog! shall we follow each other?

  30. I do that too! Can't tell you when my next exam is or what I had for breakfast yesterday, but I could tell you details about the day I bought the denim jacket and pencil skirt I'm wearing.

    Love that blazer, too – perfect warm-weather-fall outfit! 


  31. i'm so obsessed with my closet that i can tell you where i bought EVERYTHING.  that being said, those aren't my shorts 🙂

  32. Hahaha! I'm the same – I tend to remember where I bought all my clothes. And circa how much they cost. Then I'll suddenly experience a black hole like you just did, and I wonder what was up with me on that particular day. High fever? Too much wine at lunch? Or just a bout of selective amnesia?!?

  33. Hi! I really like this outfit but the shoes…! I love them! I didnt find them on sole society, what's the brand please? I know its an old post but ..you never know..

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