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I’d be lying if I said I haven’t worn this shirt in some way over the past three days. Why are stripes the easiest thing in the world to wear? Is it just me or does anyone else re-wear the same outfit over and over on the weekend? And yes I do mean without washing it. I like clothes, I don’t like laundry. 

Please tell me that’s not just me that walks around all weekend wearing stinky clothes. Anyone, anyone? 

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6 Responses

  1. So not the only one! Lol if nothing is on it (stain-wise) I spray it with some perfume and good to go 😉

  2. Did you tailor the crotch of the jeans ? I have the same jeans and mine get baggy during the course of tge day and the crotch is appears too low. I know there boyfriend jeans… They look unflattering on me ;( they look great on you! Thinking about altering them… Thoughts?

  3. I looove the outfit! It's okay to wear your clothes a couple of days 😉 If you look confident, no one will notice!

  4. love that last pic, you look lovely!  and oh totally…i'll wear the same shirt/jeans/full outfit the next day (even longer after the baby was born…let's not go there).  i will always love stripes!

  5. One of my favourite combos is nautical stripes with chunky gold jewellery.


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