7.3.12d{Dress: c/o Modcloth | Flowers: J.Crew | Shoes: Seychelles | Bag: Brahmin – Vivian}
Today I am unintentionally patriotic and I like it. I didn’t actually realize this until I saw the calendar and it’s July 3rd and here I am in red, white and blue. Also, someone tried to pledge allegiance to my dress, so there is that. And if you think this outfit is patriotic, just you wait until tomorrow. There might be fireworks coming out of my shirt. 
So I remember now why I don’t cut bangs; they grow like crazy. Do you hear that the rest of my hair? The bangs are beating you in this race.
(Dress last seen here.)

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  1. I love your dress!!! It’s so beautiful! I’ve actually been trying to find something similar to that…


  2. i feel like bangs always seem to grow quicker cause they’re shorter and right there in the front of your face. your hair is growing fast, don’t worry! 🙂

  3. It always seems like the shorter hair grows faster than the longer… I dont know why that is… Anyway, sper cute dress!


  4. love this outfit!

    also, i totally feel your pain on the bangs front. mine are currently almost down to my nose and I keep pinning them up so they don’t get stuck between my face and glasses. I’m tempted to give myself a trim, but the last time I did that my roommate told me I looked like I had “rat bite” bangs. 🙁

  5. Ok, can you be any cuter in this? Really. Love this sillouette on you! The dress is just crazy cute

    Lindsay @ LindsayJEveryday.blogspot.com

  6. I like your patriotic look!  Cute dress…perfect for summer.  I have the same problem with my bangs…they’re the perfect length for about three days, then they need a trim…goodness forbid I trim them myself!

  7. This dress is so darling on you!  I’d pledge allegiance to it too! ha ha.! Very pretty!


  8. This turquoise is just such a gorgeous colour for you!  I absolutely love the stripes and the fit of the dress is perfect

    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  9. Hey Kendi! I don’t think your last link is working, at least it’s not for me. 🙂 (The one on the word “here”.)

  10. Oh Kendi, I’m brainstorming a patriotic outfit but will mostly likely end up looking dorky and trying to pass pink and cornflower blue as our country’s colors! I love this dress…maybe I’ll shop all year to have a cute 4th outfit by 7/4/13. 


  11. Kendi-
    What foundation do you use? I recently stopped tanning and am having a hard time finding something for my light skin. All the powder based stuff is too dark! I need help 🙂

      1. I used the powder foundation from Laura Mercier for months and my skin did NOT like it. I continue to use her concealer – it’s perfect. I guess I will keep searching OR try the tinted moisturizer and see how that works! Thanks 🙂

  12. Recently saw this dress on ModCloth–you wear it well! I love the rosette pins! Also, I feel your bang woes. I love my bangs + MUST wear them because I have a five-head–but it seems they are often either too short (fresh from the hairdresser) or too long. Thank goodness for bobby pins!  I think your hair looks great! 

  13. Perfect July outfit! I love the mix of aqua blue and red. I’ve got the same speedy bang dilemma, though I am trying to grow them out. I just wish the rest of my hair grew at the speed of light.

  14. i like your unintentional patriotism!  and that dress is so cute!  btw, the link to the last time you wore that dress didn’t work for me …

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  15. What a cute dress, I love these little flowers in the front, they take the dress from ordinary to super-pretty in no time. 🙂
    xo Andrea

  16. Are you gonna be wearing a firework bra, a la Katy Perry?!?!? If so I think tomorrow’s post should be a vlog!!!!

  17. Haha! Like Katy Perry style (re: fireworks coming out of your shirt….)??

    I think it’s cute! Borderline candy striper but a very summery one!

  18. Aw you look so damn adorable. I mean adorable like I'm your grandma watching you graduate kindergarten and I just want to pinch your cheeks and embarrass you. Is that weird?

    Sarah's Real Life

  19. I hadn’t yet finished reading this post when I decided that I had to write something to compliment your new hair. Mostly because it’s super super cute. And then you wrote about how fast bangs grow out. And here I was thinking I was the only who experienced this odd phenomenon! Anyway, you look super cute (as always!) and I hope you keep the bangs a little bit longer!

  20. Dress – super cute!

    Question:  I hope you read this far down on your comments, because I’ve been wondering this for a long time and would love an answer!  I have similar hair to you (although yours looks much better conditioned), and I want to cut my bangs in a similar way.  I am wondering the following:
    1. How thick is your hair, and did your hair texture affect how you were able to get that style?
    2. Do you ever have trouble keeping your bangs to the side?  If so, how did you figure out how to fix that?  I’ve tried the blow-drying your hair into submission technique, and it works for about an hour.
    3. You live in a hot climate.  How do you handle having bangs on your face, especially in the summer?

    Thanks for taking a look at this! 

  21. You are so darling!! I love love love your hair and bangs and this dress looks so great on you! Happy 4th Kendi!! xo

  22. I love that lipstick, it’s pretty spectacular, actually. Do you mind me asking what shade/brand it is?

  23. This is so precious. Love the matching lipstick and flower. Such a nice touch! 


  24. You look soooooooooo sweet in that dress, the flower is a nice touch of red. Lovely shoes too.


  25. Is something going on with you? You look so different in these pictures. Your face looks really different. I don’t know what it is about it… 🙁 Hope everything is fine, I know you’re not a fan of oversharing (don’t blame you one bit).

    Anyway, I really love that dress. The blue in it is the perfect color for summer.

  26. This isn’t to be a smart comment by any means, but you look pregnant in this dress. And if YOU, who has an amazing body, looks pregnant, it definitely won’t work for my still-carrying-20lbs-of-post-partum body! Darn… I wanted to buy it!

  27. hahahaha love this! my bangs are always growing crazily fast, too!! its quite annoying. 🙂

  28. Look how gorgeous you are!

    xo Jenniferhttp://seekingstyleblog.wordpress.com

  29. This is such a pretty dress on you!

    xo Jenniferhttp://seekingstyleblog.wordpress.com

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