6.25.12d{Jeans: Similar from Target | Wedges: Similar | Bag: c/o Brahmin}
I tend to ask myself “self, what do you want to wear today?” in the mornings and usually the answer is something with colored jeans. This is when I tell myself ‘no, you need to look a bit more professional’, so I choose something else a bit more constricting and not quite what I wanted to wear. But my heart — my heart is sitting in my closet with my colored jeans on the shelf. So today I gave in and I’m wearing my sunny yellow jeans on a Monday. 
But for professional sake, I am calling them pants.

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  1. Loved seeing you this weekend and so wanted to spend more time chatting.  Another time soon hopefully!  Love your beautiful smile and fun blogging!

  2. Lovely outfit!!! haha I love the yellow “pants!” It goes perfectly with the top and bag! (: Very pretty.


  3. Loving the burst of yellow today! I’m pretty sure you can’t have a bad day wearing yellow, nope not gonna happen. 

    Lindsay @ LindsayJEveryday.blogspot.com

  4. I really can’t decide whether my favorite part is the perfect yellow of these jeans or the fact that there exists in this world a store called Impeccable Pig. Love the look!

  5. My gosh, I hope jeans that lovely are still available at Target. I’m making a trip across the border from good ol’ Canada this week, and will definitely be hunting for as many pairs of coloured pants as I can find. And I’ve just added yellow to my list–those pants are completely awesome!

  6. I think bright yellow “pants” are a great pick-me-up for the Monday blues.. BTW you aren’t on Twitter enough- I tweeted that I saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter this weekend and you look just like the actress playing Mary Todd Lincoln. It was uncanny!!

  7. I seriously hope these are still for sale or I can find some like it! Love that with the bag!


  8. I bought those jeans from target and couldn’t get them  past my calf….. Jealous you have long skinny legs.  I have short stumpy legs thanks to genetics and being a figure skater my whole childhood.  So screw you (in a nice, I wish I could have your legs, sort of way of course).

    PS, love that top.

    xoxo Jessica

  9. Those jeans (ahem, pants!) look incredible on you! Such a lovely choice for a Monday – thanks for the sunshine from the tropical storm northwest Florida!


  10. Hold the phone. You, my partner in height, are actually wearing jeans from Target that are long?! How is this possible????

  11. Those lemon pants look great on you (:
    Also, your hair looks extra curly and good today!


  12. Beautiful choice for today’s outfit. Looking great Kendy! These jeans emphasize your legs… and I can’t see it but I’m sure it emphasizes also your posterior… :p

    Zadin ♥♥♥

  13. That’s so funny that you used to always wear skirts or dresses and now you seem to live in pants–particularly cropped colored pants/jeans.  I love it!  But sometimes I miss all your fun skirts.

  14. You should keep listening to that color-loving voice in your head. It’s totally smart.


  15. super cute look! I love those wedges! I ahve a very similar pair that I ALWAYS wear on my blog but they are heels no wedges.. def looking for a pair of wedges like this!!

  16. Ah I’m so glad you are into your coloured jeans and rebel against the usual professional norm! Love it! And the bag is kind of amazing.

  17. Ahhh yes those jeans…I want to serenade them with Hall & Oates. Do you realize how intense that is, Kendi? 

  18. Wish I could dress like this at work. You look great with your happy colored jeans & purse.

  19. I love love LOVE the yellow jeans!  Go Target!!!  And your title?  Super cute.  This elementary school teacher is smiling right now 🙂

  20. Love love love this outfit. And also love your blog, been a long time reader {but you wouldn’t know that b/c I’m horrible at commenting. sorry}  And today my good friend Lauren told me she does your hair! Crazy how small the world is. I told her I was wanting to check out Bloom when we visit them in two weeks. I hear it’s great!


  21. What a great outfit! Love that the items can be purchased for less!


  22. Okay….I have tried on Target’s colored jeans and I think my knees look wonky. You look perfect in them every time. It’s just not right.

  23. The chevron bag is excellent 😀 I’m kind of loving that pattern lately!


  24. I love the chevron Brahmin Bag! Obsessed with chevron. Great outfit post.


  25. You own your own store, so you can look as professional as you want!  Also, Mondays are a good day to brighten with the yellow “pants”!  😉  I’ve been lusting after yellow ones for a loooong time now, but always have issues finding a long enough inseam.  You’re tall too, so maybe I’ll have to try Target!

  26. I wore an identical shirt with my bright pink ‘pants’ just the other day!!

  27. Colored “pants” can look professional too! Especially with a smart looking blazer!

  28. So, I am pretty much obsessed with how pretty you look in these pictures. If only I could pull off colored jeans as well as you! Hope you and Brian are having a great summer so far!

  29. These skinny “pants” are the perfect shade of yellow. It’s pleasant and not offensive. I really like them. I find that this summer I am wearing a lot of coloured “pants” aka denim to work and getting away with it.

  30. This is the story of a girl who has skulked around your blog for almost a year, shamelessly ripping off your fabulous outfits – note: rather less elegant/cute/stylish versions of them – and parading them around as her own, but never daring to cross the line into something really adventurous. Well today, in her tiny little town, she wore magenta jeans from the 70% off rack at Target to work. And, while they were significantly tighter and longer on her than they appear to be on you, she received many happy comments, and just as many hairy eyeballs. The day was a success. Just thought you should know, I owe it all to you and your love of colored jeans.

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