5.10.12e{Top: Ruche | Jeans: Similar | Necklace: Acanthus | Heels: Similar}
In the shop, I hear people’s thoughts on style and trends all day long. I’ve learned that if someone is going to say something out loud that it usually comes in the form of an extreme opinion. It’s either “I LOVE this” or “I HATE this”. I’ve had to develop a thick skin against people’s thoughts on trends — which as you know is hard for me when it comes to clothing. (What do you mean you don’t have an emotional connection with woven synthetic fabrics and of -the-moment trends?!?!) This shirt actually encompasses the three trends that most people who come through the shop have expressed strong feelings about: birds, sheer, asymmetrical.  (Birds: “strange!” as one lady pronounced. Sheer: “why would you want to wear a shirt under a shirt?” another woman said. Asymmetrical “is this some kind of joke?” from yet another very concerned shopper.) But today I am well prepared to defend my love of all three.

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  1. I agree! I was in a store recently and a woman picked up a pair of the leopard jeans and turned to her husband and said, "hey, an early Halloween costume..who would wear these anyways?". Ahhh me:)

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