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| Jeans: c/o Goldsign (similar) | Scarf: Similar | Wedges: Similar | Purse: Melie Bianco}This weekend we hung around our favorite town, Austin, for a little mini-getaway. But when you go out for a date night, it’s just not handy to bring a camera. (Although I am not above that. There is little that I am above.) So again with the trusty iPhone for outfit shots. I hate to waste a good outfit. But seriously — why am I just now figuring this out? Did you guys know that you can use the internet, send text messages and play games on your iPhone as well? I know, I’m still in awe.  Side story: (as if my whole blog isn’t one huge side story) this weekend as we were setting up for the wedding, a lady desperately asked “does anyone have any tools in their car??” I of course heard “jewels” and perked right up. Turns out, jewels are of no worth when a wrench is needed. 

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  1. Ya the iPhone can be a wonderful thing, I need to try taking outfit picture with it yours look great. So glad you had fun in Austin, I grew up there and miss it badly. 

  2. I love these colors so much I can’t take my eyes off of you! that’s not creepy, right? I love that you chose more neutral accessories, but you already know that was genius. Keep us posted on more new things you learn about the world wide web!

  3. Love all the colors. I seriously love the whole red + purple or red + pink thing going on right now. It’s so pretty in such an unexpected way!


  4. Haha, does anyone have any jewels in the car! Love it!  I’m totally loving your outfit, the colors are fabulous and seems pretty perfect for a date night!

    xo, Yi-chia

  5. Those are iPhone pics?!  I’m IMPRESSED!  My Droid definitely doesn’t do that well.  Loooove all these colors together!

    PS – Have you given up on the 30×30?

  6. This outfit is so colorful and pretty. I love it. Hope you had fun in Austin- I love it there!

  7. Hahah… Funny post! Yes, I don’t usually use my phone for pictures. Mostly because I don’t have an iPhone and my phone doesn’t really take great photos… Cute color combo though!!

  8. the shots look awesome!  no harm in a little phoneography!  its an art-form you know. 

  9. These iPhone photos are awesome and I’m SO with you… I hate wasting a good outfit! 😉 And how fabulous that you went to Austin (awww!), it was such an amazing place to visit this past year and I can’t wait to go back!! xo

  10. Fabulous. I wish I could pull off an outfit as bold as this. I have a feeling I’d look like a clown. You, however, look fresh and fantastic! 

  11. I do not have the courage to wear so many colors, bu this outfit is amazing. And we all love your side stories. They distract us from our own. 

  12. You can’t help but smile when looking at this outfit.  So fun, colorful, and cheery.  Always looking fab, Kendi! 🙂  Kisses from Hawaii!

    xx Love & Alohahttp://elisharon.blogspot.com

  13. that side story is HYSTERICAL! also, i don’t have an iphone, i have a janky lil freebie. BUT i have been finding that for its cheap-ness it is GREAT in a pinch when i don’t want to bring my camera along. it has served me well. i never want to waste a good outfit either. you look lovely!

  14. A+ for the iPhone photos…they came out so well! Love the colors together. Just bought a pair of red pants and can’t wait to try mixing them with something bright. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. You look so vibrant, I love it!
    Brooke @ what2wear, Monikabrooke.blogspot.com

  16. Kendi,

    All these colors fit your personality – bright, happy and hard to ignore,

    On a side note, having English as a second language you cannot imagine the things I hear. But it is always a great for laughs later.


  17. I love the jewel tones!! They are so pretty. (: I love how you paired them all into one outfit! 


  18. llove the colors girl!! looks amazing on you
    xoxo Meagan

  19. Such a great and unexpected color combo!! Lovely lady!

    Gems>Tools. Always 🙂


  20. You are so adorable and funny.
    I love all the tones in this outfit! They make me happy : )
    My blog/life is also one big side story.

  21. Love all the colours in this outfit – you can do no wrong!!


  22. love the colour combo!

    great-looking iphotos, too!

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  23. I wore exactly the same color combo to a cocktail party … I don’t think people got it. But you get it and that matters to me!!! Connection? Yes? Me creepy? Perhaps.

  24. Kendi, I love this look. All of the beautiful and bright jewel toned colors go so great together!  Oh, and by the way, I would have thought the lady had said “jewels” too! Don’t ask me for help using a wrench! Haha! 😉 

  25. haha you wait until someone comes up with the brilliant idea of a wrench that can be transformed into a necklace! it shall happen… or maybe cars should be unbreakable. that´d be nicer 🙂
    cute pants!! still on the colored denim train! 🙂 
    yay for the iphone saving your day! 
    XO jannine

  26. But its a sidestory we love. 

    Speaking of love, I love the color combination. Never would have thought it would work but it does! 

  27. Not sure if I could pull off that color combo, but it doesn’t hurt to try 🙂

  28. iphone photo aproved–you look great! and i just simply adore all your side stories. you have a such a great, comical outlook on life that keeps everything in a postitive spin!

    happy wednesday 🙂

    alissa bhttp://alissab.us

  29. love this whole color combination – perfect!
    sarahsavvystyle.blogspot.com (enter my giveaway!)

  30. I love all the colors! My attempt at this would have looked like a muppet threw up on me.
    And I’m sure someday there will be a jewel emergency and you will be very handy!

  31. Haha! Your side story on the side cracked me up!!! I love this outfit… it itself is jewel toned! Your talent for color combinations is always delightful.

  32. haha love that you’re just figuring out the amazing-ness that is the iPhone. i LOVE mine! this outfit is fab and the bright colours work perfectly together 🙂 xx

  33. Love the color blocking on this outfit! Normally I’m not a fan, but the balanced color palette and white bag paired with the nude heels looks AMAZING. I have to try this color combo sometime!

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