I wore this last Wednesday.

{Blouse: Similar | Similar Jeans: Target or J.Crew }
You know what’s cruel? Posting old photos of a good hair day on a day that you aren’t having a good hair day. It’s a reminder of what could have been. Sigh.
This post was about to become an ode to mint jeans, but as I was looking at these photos I realized that these “ankle-cut jeans” don’t actually hit my ankles. I’m eye-balling it but that’s a good 3 inches up from my ankles, which makes them “cankle-cut jeans”. I’m not sure I would have bought them had I noticed the word ‘cankle’ on the tag. But on the other hand, I have mint colored jeans so that trumps overly long ankles any day. 

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  1. pretty mint pants!
    Tina @ http://www.tinacious.me

    05.31.12 · Reply
  2. Van Nguyen says:

    Love how you style your mint jeans.  I want mint jeans but never have the courage to buy them yet.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  3. tomato/tomaaahhto ankle/cankle, i think this is a fantastic outfit and i’m going to borrow it right away. mint + navy + tan.
    i have a pair of mint cords and it has taken all my willpower not to buy a pair of mint jeans TOO because it just seems wasteful (pioneer ancestors and all are tsk-tsking in my sub-conscious) plus it is so hot in DC there might be 1.5 days in which to wear pants until october, at which point the cool color will be tomato or coral or lemon or something else altogether! woof, it’s a rough life.

    05.31.12 · Reply
    • I found a great pair at Target for $20…so it’s okay if you can only wear them 1.5 times! (Not the ones Kendi linked to…these ones aren’t available online, but they are in stores)

      05.31.12 · Reply
  4. Gina says:

    Ha! None of my ankle cut jeans hit my ankles either….just a curse of long legs.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  5. Nicholl Vincent says:

    Love the mint/navy combo!

    follow at nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    05.31.12 · Reply
  6. Shannon Willardson says:

    Having mint colored jeans TOTALLY trumps overly long ankles, or cankles for that matter. I’ve been wanting a pair for a HOT minute!  Girl this outfit is FAB!  And remember how it’s secretly annoying that you dress SO darn well & are so darn pretty & that you’re HILARIOUS? Praise the Lord for bloggers who are actually funny!  Keep it comin’ sista!  Love your stuff.  xoxo


    05.31.12 · Reply
  7. Amy Campbell says:

    You’re hilarious. I love mint jeans. Haven’t found a pair to take home yet, though!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  8. Erin says:

    you have so many B necklaces

    05.31.12 · Reply
  9. Love the mint & royal blue combo. That shirt is fabulous – it looks super soft and comfy.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  10. Kristin says:

    I think they’re a good length, all of my supposedly ankle pants hit at the same spot. Oh, tall girl problems. Love the mint paired with dark blue.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  11. Magan says:

    I’m so jealous of your mint jeans! I can’t seem to find them anywhere in my size! Love this combo and the flowy top is gorgeous. 

    05.31.12 · Reply
  12. Jessica Broyles says:

    I love your cankle cut jeans, no matter where they hit! 😉 They’re super cute, and I think they’re the perfect length! Be glad you’re not like me. Capris hit my ankles. hahaha

    05.31.12 · Reply
  13. Lindsey says:

    You’re so pretty! I love the colors in this outfit. That blouse looks so comfy and it’s perfectly on trend! xo

    05.31.12 · Reply
  14. STYLE BY JODIE says:


    05.31.12 · Reply
  15. daintyanddecadent says:

    I love the mint jeans and how flowy the blouse is!



    05.31.12 · Reply
  16. Brynn says:

    The color of your blouse is just divine!  I love it!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  17. Natali Karppinen says:

    Simple and comfy outfit. You look lovely!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  18. Typhanie Stewart says:

    Really love the shirt!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  19. Lydia says:

    So gorgeous!! Love the blue & mint together… 
    Gonna try this out one day 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration…www.theyoungertwingirl.blogspot.com

    05.31.12 · Reply
  20. Kimberly says:

    Oh hi – I think I need that blouse – it’s perfect!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  21. Laura says:

    Hahaha the cankle part is funny! Who would ever buy jeans with a label comme ca! And I am in love with that top, I have a similar cut one which I now want to go put on but this blue can’t be denied as the best colour ever! And from Bloom…I’m loving this brand of yours!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  22. Voyage-On says:

    Adorable! love the mint -but i’m rocking lime green this summer. All in the family, right?

    05.31.12 · Reply
  23. I just need this whole outfit. So cute!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  24. Is that necklace/charm from Anthropologie?  I’ve been eyeing it myself, and now that I see how cute it looks, I’m pretty convinced.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  25. Joyce says:

    haha cankle cut jeans! hehehe funny
    you look great!  i love the colors… !

    05.31.12 · Reply
  26. Kelsey Wilburn says:

    you just have such an amazing sense of style! i love your blog and love your posts.
    -kw, ladiesinnavy

    05.31.12 · Reply
  27. Tess says:

    Oh…… You think having long legs is a curse? How would you like to exchange them for mine? Bet you don’t have problem like having someone else’s armpit in your face at the END of the day on a crowded train. I tried abt every pair of ankle jeans in zara. Loved the ones with the zip details but damn it! They are all a good 3 to 4 inch longer than I would like to have them… And yeah.. I drank loads of milk..swam a lot Bulls* they work! :p long legs are great! long legs! Long legs! Long legs!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  28. I actually like where they fall on your legs. I love the mint color and that blouse is so pretty. Love those shoes too!

    xo, Yi-chia

    05.31.12 · Reply
  29. kendra says:

    i’d call them capris. but i feel that would be kind of mean, because…well…capris. Right? ick.
    but those are cute.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  30. meesedh says:

    I love those mint green pants. The navy shirt really makes them pop!


    with love from http://www.mademoisellemeese.com

    05.31.12 · Reply
  31. Jenny says:

    I still really like those jeans!  Especially the mint color 🙂

    05.31.12 · Reply
  32. Sarah says:

    I love everything about this outfit! 

    05.31.12 · Reply
  33. so cute! love the bag


    05.31.12 · Reply
  34. Kate says:

    Love the mint and blue together!

    Followme@ http://www.studentswife.com

    05.31.12 · Reply
  35. laura says:

    mint = fabulous. we tall girls have it rough, no? nothing is made for us. {hear that violin?}

    05.31.12 · Reply
  36. Catemarg says:

    Adorable! I can never Find mint jean anywhere!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  37. Sparkle says:

    you look lovely! love those shoes!! 🙂


    05.31.12 · Reply
  38. PF says:

    love the color combinations – thanks for the inspiration!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  39. Pip says:

    Love the royal blue with mint green!  I am still looking for mint skinny jeans that aren’t over $100 and they are all sold out everywhere in the more affordable brands!  Ugh!  At least you have them!  🙂 


    05.31.12 · Reply
  40. Kristin says:

    I’m mint obsessed right now so I love these. I’m guessing the necklace is an accolade to your husband? Very cute 🙂


    05.31.12 · Reply
  41. Maricarr says:

    I just got these exact same mint jeans from Target last week and I was so amazed by how well they fit especially length wise. I am only 5’2″ so I always get excited when I come across a pair of pants that I don’t have to fold or hem up. After seeing this post, it dawned on me that these pants fit so perfectly because they are ANKLE JEANS. I did not realize that when I bought them and now I have concluded that ankle pants are the best thing to ever happen to shorties like me. Thank you Kendi!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  42. Jessicajoneslyons says:

    So pretty and classy.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  43. Jessicajoneslyons says:


    check out my fashion blog. I love yours.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  44. Macs says:

    you just simply look adorable (as always!) – xox, Macs

    05.31.12 · Reply
  45. Cortnebonilla says:

    is it odd that i just want to give you a huge hug? Youre so adorable! Im really craving some mint jeans. I have so many things that would look good with them! Im glad you posted where you got this pair! Theyre the right shade. Btw, love your little doodles on your pictures! So unique and cute.


    05.31.12 · Reply
  46. “Cankle-cut”…too funny!  All I see are gorgeous mint jeans and killer wedges…love those wedges!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  47. Jess says:

    Where is that long inital necklace from? I want one!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  48. Hannah says:

    I always feel a bit off in ankle pants, maybe because I feel like I’m wearing too small of pants aka “cankle-cut”. HA i may just steal that new term and use it as often as possible. 

    xo Hannah

    05.31.12 · Reply
  49. love the shoes!!! lovely outfit!!!!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  50. Jess says:

    the jeans are great no matter what, you are just too darn tall girl!! love mint jeans!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  51. Kacie's Kloset says:

    I am so jealous of your mint jeans! I ruined mine over the weekend ( I should have know not to eat ribs while in cute clothes) and I’m still sad about it 🙁 You look great!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  52. Oh this is one of my favorites in a while 🙂


    05.31.12 · Reply
  53. Courtney says:

    I feel like everyday is a bad hair day lately. Driving me nuts!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  54. Basically, I’m ditto-ing Tania’s comment. Couldn’t have said it better!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  55. carli says:

    Haha, I’m in exactly the same camp. All ankle cut jeans are cankle cut on me. o well. They still look super fab on you! love this outfit 🙂

    05.31.12 · Reply
  56. I love the shoes & bracelet… the whole outfit is comfy, cool, cute!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  57. Simply Sarah says:

    love it all – you are just TOO gorgeous!!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  58. I always have this problem. Being 5’11 isn’t as glamorous as it looks sometimes! x

    05.31.12 · Reply
    • Amber says:

      I tried some ankle crops on the other day and they barely went over my calf muscles.  And in a skinny fit, it was not flattering 🙁

      05.31.12 · Reply
  59. Even though they may be “cankle-cut jeans,” they’re still looking pretty fabulous on you!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  60. Genie says:

    Your smile is beautifulI! I think you rock those ‘cankle’ cut jeans just fine. On me they’d probably just plain old skinnies since I’m such a shortie 🙂



    05.31.12 · Reply
  61. Joy says:

    Really love the mint green ‘cankle’ cut jeans! I was having a hard time finding a pair. Will definitely have to stop by Target and see if I can find a pair. Ty Ty!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  62. Noelani says:

    Love the top, 🙂

    05.31.12 · Reply
  63. I actually love that length on you! And the color combination is to die for (I just accidentally typed “dye” and almost left it…). Cute shoes, too!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  64. Happy Medley says:

    love your outfit and so jealous of your canckle jeans – can’t find a perfect pair :-/ 

    05.31.12 · Reply
  65. That blogs is very pretty!  I can relate with your good hair day envy.  Mine is curly and has a mind of it’s own!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  66. Blairwood222 says:

    “Everyday” in your blog title should be two words: “Every day”… Common misuse, but they are used for different purposes.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  67. jaana says:

    love it ALL.  even your cankles.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  68. Jessica says:

    Love the color combo!  Mint is my new obsession.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  69. Julie D. says:

    Love the outfit!  those mint jeans are gorgeous.
    And ankle cut jeans are often too short for me too… in fact they’re usually capri length.

    Hudson East

    05.31.12 · Reply
  70. Maja says:

    I don’t know how long I can go on without mint jeans. Especially now that I’ve seen this colour combo! Great outfit, you look fantastic!

    Maja – clotheskinksandcurls.blogspot.ca

    05.31.12 · Reply
  71. julia martin says:

    your hair is getting so long!

    love this outfit, chic and comfy

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

    05.31.12 · Reply
  72. Natalyascloset says:

    I LOVE this flowy top + cropped pant combo! So chic! XOXO, http://www.NatalyasCloset.com

    05.31.12 · Reply
  73. Um, cute.  Very cute.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  74. Adry says:

    Love this whole oufit! Will be buying the mint jeans from target soon! Just bought the red ones there and posted about it. http://www.adryonthedaily.wordpress.com

    05.31.12 · Reply
  75. Love this outfit!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  76. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have never noticed how short the ankle-cut is. 😉

    05.31.12 · Reply
  77. KK @BSMMH says:

    LOVE those jeans…I’m literally running to go buy them. And by running, I mean walking quickly and driving in my car because I’m wearing heels, duh. 🙂 So cute! 

    05.31.12 · Reply
  78. bevy says:

    Do you know the power you have? I bought that Melie Bianco purse because I saw you carrying it one too many times and decided it would be my next purse! I hate purse shopping, so much so that I will carry the same purse for like two years, at which point, said purse will become worn out and I will be forced to shop for a new one. I’m quite happy with the choice. Thanks for showcasing it!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  79. Taylor Morgan says:

    I have the same problem you have! I am 5’10 and it’s rare things hit me in the places they are suppose to! Still looks cute on you though!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  80. Rachel says:

    ha, i literally snorted – as i was taking a big bite of a pb&j sandwich – when i read “cankle-cut jeans.” can you please pass on to me your awesome sense of humor and writing style? oh, and your closet. that, too.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  81. Well, at least these pictures show that you can rock cankle-cut jeans! 🙂 I certainly can’t…they all look like capris on me and I am SO not a capri girl! 🙂
    Handprinted Summer Scarf Giveaway!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  82. Sweet Harvest Moon says:


    05.31.12 · Reply
  83. Janey says:

    I love the color combo of mint and navy. And cankle jeans are still very flattering!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  84. Katie says:

    the mint is pretty, but i’m all about the blue, it looks like the perfect shade of floaty blue blouse!

    katie x

    05.31.12 · Reply
  85. I have the opposite problem, Kendi. I have to buy ankle cut jeans so they’ll be a normal length on my short little legs 🙂 

    05.31.12 · Reply
  86. Love the blouse! So pretty!


    Rachel’s Lookbook

    05.31.12 · Reply
  87. Julie says:

    Love your sense for color combos.  Also, the pant length looks fantastic on you, in my humble opinion.  Thanks for all the inspiration you provide here.  Love your looks and enjoy your cute personality.  🙂

    05.31.12 · Reply
  88. Shannon V says:

    That top is so dreamy for a navy blue colour & I love it paired with mint jeans.


    05.31.12 · Reply
  89. Iliyana Licheva says:

    lovely!!! I really like it!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  90. Sarah says:

    Absolutely love your top! You look so pretty!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  91. eliza says:

    um, i don’t wish to alarm you but i LOVE this outfit. oh my gourd, i needs me some mint jeans. ridiculous.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  92. Corinne says:

    Seeing gorgeously styled mint jeans everywhere is driving me crazy – I’d like to snap up a pair but I’m on a shopping ban (for my 30×30!) so have to restrain myself… 😉 Great look!

    Life Etc

    05.31.12 · Reply
  93. Kat says:

    I have a shirt similar to that from H&M! I never thought to pair it with mint… I like! I’ll have to try that out.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  94. Love the mint paired with the blue, it’s a very lovely color combination.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  95. Maria says:

    Um, right. The mint jeans are nice (length be darned) but it’s the deep blue top that steals the show. That color looks great on you. I like the gold necklace against it too: a timeless combination.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  96. Brooke @ what2wear says:

    I think having mint colored jeans totally trumps their length haha
    Brooke @ what2wear, Monikabrooke.blogspot.com

    05.31.12 · Reply
  97. Hoodoo Voodoo says:

    This outfit is so simple and chic. Luv it.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  98. Ciara says:

    Absolutely beautiful smile in that last picture! Very adorable outfit. As always, your color scheme is amazing!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  99. Anonymous says:

    I love your style! I love your necklace too! Can you tell me where it's from! Love the "b" for your hubby!

    05.31.12 · Reply
  100. Seekingstyleblog says:

    Great top! And great hair day… 😉

    xo Jennifer


    05.31.12 · Reply
  101. TheresaTran says:

    I love everything about this outfit!!! The mint jeans are amazing and the blouse looks so cute with it! (: ADORABLE.


    05.31.12 · Reply
  102. Hannah says:

    Love this outfit – navy and mint always looks so great together! As for cankles, pfft, you’re cray cray if you think you lack long ankles! x

    05.31.12 · Reply
  103. Olga says:

    This shirt is so cute! I love the flowing, light feel 🙂 And I love those shoes!

    xoxo Olga

    05.31.12 · Reply
  104. Joanna says:

    I love your shirt 🙂

    05.31.12 · Reply
  105. I bought the same jeans and they fit me the same way! It’s cause we’re tall:/

    05.31.12 · Reply
  106. Edonbeck says:

    Great blouse! Love this unexpected color combo!


    05.31.12 · Reply
  107. Tricia says:

    #tallgirlproblems     …I’m sorry. I don’t even have a twitter, I swear! 

    But seriously this happens to me all the time. This is why I pretty much only buy 36″ inseam jeans.

    05.31.12 · Reply
  108. Tiffany Cook says:

    Such a cute outfit. Love it. Thanks for the tip on Payless shoes. I had all but given up on them until this post : )

    05.31.12 · Reply
  109. Amielle says:

    That shirt is absolutely perfect. And the mix of the mint with that dark blue is so unexpectedly wonderful.  

    06.01.12 · Reply
  110. Vanda says:

    I think Navy blue is YOUR colour!!!! You look stunning in this simple but yet chic outfit!!! Kisses from Greece!!!

    06.01.12 · Reply
  111. Bettina says:

    I love that flowy top! Curious, can you by Bloom items from your store online? 

    06.01.12 · Reply
  112. Lubna says:

    Really love the colors of your outfit, the blouse is so wonderful and flowy! 🙂

    LubnaELLE VOX

    06.01.12 · Reply
  113. Mica says:

    Really like the blue and mint together! Nice relaxed outfit 🙂


    06.01.12 · Reply
  114. Mint colored jeans are the shit! I just wore some yesterday and I think they’re my new best friends. The only unfortunate thing about them is you can’t wear them every day because everyone will know…or can you?

    06.01.12 · Reply
  115. Chaz says:

    Cankles or no cankles, those jeans look great! (no cankles in your case)
    You do great color combos. I’m not sure I would have put those together but I LOVE this whole outfit (and your hair looks great too!)

    06.01.12 · Reply
  116. Mannie Surcam says:

    U continue to impress with ur outfits

    06.01.12 · Reply
  117. rhodawong says:

    love the casual look!


    06.01.12 · Reply
  118. that bag and the mint jeans are so gorgeous

    06.01.12 · Reply
  119. I want mint colored jeans!!!

    And I completely understand the whole cankle-cut jeans. I’m 5’9 so those ankle jeans do not look the same on me as someone shorter, but I figured I’d just go with it and embrace it haha. 

    06.01.12 · Reply
  120. Stephanie says:

    Lovely.  Perfect simple outfit.

    06.01.12 · Reply
  121. Leah says:

    Lovely colour combination!

    06.01.12 · Reply
  122. AlissaBurton says:

    beautiful hair day! and its getting so long already!

    great photos, great post! and happy weekend 🙂

    alissa bhttp://alissab.us

    06.01.12 · Reply
  123. Jupe_Cambria says:

    Like the floaty top with the button placket, so pretty!

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my HANDBAG GIVEAWAY!!!

    06.01.12 · Reply
  124. Gloria Quiroga says:

    Adorable as always 😉

    06.01.12 · Reply
  125. Love this!

    06.01.12 · Reply
  126. Love the shoes!
    I think you look fantastic despite the jeans being cankle length

    06.01.12 · Reply
  127. Partyoften says:

    I don’t think I would buy cankle jeans either.  But it looks good on you, though 😉

    06.01.12 · Reply
  128. Northernstyleblog says:

    Love this look! The blouse is so chic


    06.01.12 · Reply
  129. Would love to see you do a tutorial on how you fix your hair.  I was thinking that this was a great hair day too even before I saw your comments. 🙂

    06.01.12 · Reply
  130. lindsay clarke says:

    I have the same jeans and have the opposite problem, not one bit of my ankle shows. Still, I feel the same you do, I have mint coloured jeans. Love your colour combo!

    06.01.12 · Reply
  131. Gina Gales says:

    I love this outfit!   The color combo is fantastic and these mint skinnys look great on you! No worries about the length:-)  I can’t find the perfect pair in mint…everything I like is either sold out or too pricey.  

    06.02.12 · Reply
  132. chillairandperfume says:

    Gosh, I am so into that blouse. I could live in silk blouses each & every day!


    06.02.12 · Reply
  133. AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and I will happily follow.

    If you want some décor inspiration from Sweden, check out my blog:)
    Have an awesome week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

    06.02.12 · Reply
  134. Libby Hess says:

    This outfit is casually gorgeous and perfect for summer. I love the color combo!

    06.02.12 · Reply
  135. Wmbg says:

    great post!



    06.02.12 · Reply
  136. Kendrarose says:

    Very cute outfit! I love it!



    06.02.12 · Reply
  137. Elena says:

    This blouse is perfect for this summer- very light, comfy and will keep you from a sun burn- beautiful choice- I have a similar one:)

    06.02.12 · Reply
  138. Azaniaelshabazz says:

    i love your outfit sooo much. i love those two colors together, very beautiful. great blog. I follow you. Follow me back please? 🙂


    06.02.12 · Reply
  139. I agree with Rachel Lynne, the blouse is utterly gorgeous!

    06.03.12 · Reply
  140. Emily says:

    I love this outfit — I have the same problem with “ankle-length” pants because I’m 5’10”, but I think they look fab on you!

    06.03.12 · Reply
  141. Kwyver says:

    I’m in love with mint jeans, yours look amazing! Love them paired with the easy, lightweight, flowy top!

    06.03.12 · Reply
  142. Lovecardelia says:

    So gorgeous..I love this look so casual but cute 😉


    06.03.12 · Reply
  143. SK says:

    Love your blog Kendi! Would love it if you could take a look at mine as well 🙂

    06.03.12 · Reply
  144. seriously love this outfit! you make those mint jeans look amazing.


    wardrobe girls


    06.03.12 · Reply
  145. Myah Gary says:

    Love the mint colored pants!

    06.03.12 · Reply
  146. Ilaktionova says:

    I looove the outfit!


    06.04.12 · Reply
  147. Kara says:

    First of all, you DON’T have cankles. Second, I am tall and some ankle jeans hit me in the same place. It doesn’t bother me because there are so many pant lengths on the streets these days.Third, if pant leg isn’t too tapered I might fold it up to make the length shorter on purpose. Fourth, you look great as always.

    06.04.12 · Reply
  148. Alison Deering says:

    Ironically I have mint-colored jeans that are about 3 inches too long! If only there was some middle ground! 


    06.05.12 · Reply
  149. Kanae (Pearls and Peacocks) says:

    I love this casual chic look! I featured it in my bloggers got style too section. 


    06.05.12 · Reply
  150. this looks so flowy and chic! love the outfit!

    06.05.12 · Reply
  151. christen says:

    love this look. you look amazing. 


    06.06.12 · Reply
  152. This is probably my favorite outfit of yours. I finally got my items together so I can wear this outfit myself! You are a great inspiration to me!


    05.16.13 · Reply
  153. This is probably my favorite outfit of yours. I finally got my items together so I can wear this outfit myself! You are a great inspiration to me!


    05.17.13 · Reply