5.23.12d{Dress: Shop Mamie | Jacket: Similar or Similar | Sandals: Target | Bag: Target}
These photos were taken before I had time to tell my face to wake up. So don’t judge ol’ sleepy eyes over here. Sometimes waking up is hard to do. A black maxi dress is surprisingly harder to style up than one would imagine. I wanted to wear color but any color I put with this just looked harsh. So I went with my ‘I just got back from a market while on vacation in Mexico” accessories. Don’t act like you don’t categorize your jewelry and purses by made up situations, too.
Thank you for you kind words on yesterday’s post! You guys are just so nice. Honestly, I’m a very private person so I don’t usually like to open up much of my life online. I realize this is awkward because I take photos of my outfits and post them everywhere. But it’s true. I’m that sneaky kind of private, too which means you never quite notice how private I am. I can keep a conversation going for hours with someone because we constantly talk about them. That’s what I do. I ask more questions before they are even done with the last answer. So opening up and sharing and getting all kumbaya with you guys was a bit of a stretch for me. So thanks for the sweet words and internet love. *group hug*
Now who wants to come over here, sing camp songs and eat smores while we talk about your feelings? Anyone? 

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