4.30.12.d{Top: Similar | Scarf: Similar | Jeans: Gap | Bag: c/o Brahmin | Shoes: Blowfish}
A few weeks ago I was helping a girl in the store and I tossed a pink polka dot scarf her way. She looked at me bewildered and said “what do I do with this?” I spouted out a few different ways she could wear the scarf, one being with a striped shirt or a floral shirt. She said “I can do that?!” all the way keeping her big eyes on the suspect: the polka dot scarf. I assured her that she can certainly mix that scarf with anything she darn well felt like mixing it with. Because really — who is going to stop her? If she liked it, then she should wear it. Isn’t that what personal style is after all? 
It dawned on me that when I get dressed I rarely think “can I do this?” (Granted, sometimes I probably should.) But today as I was getting out of the car to take photos I grabbed my polka dot bag, looked at my striped shirt and thought “Can I do this?!” 
Then the nice voice of shop girl said, ‘yes, yes you can.’ 

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  1. Today I am wearing a floral short with a polka dot swing coat. I debated about whether I could do it and then I decided that both the prints were small and neutral enough and I actually love it! So you rock the polka dots and stripes!

  2. I mix ridiculous amounts of prints and somehow it ends up looking stylish. You really just have to go for it!

  3. I just want to say I adore your blog. Your outfits, language and style are awesome! You inspired me to start my own blog 🙂


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