4.24.12.d{Tee: Modcloth | Necklace: Charming Charlie | Skirt: Similar | Wedges: Similar}
I have a love and a hate for Pinterest. Hate’s a strong word, so I’ll say dislike but sometimes I become too inspired. I realize that this does not make sense outside of the world that is Pinterest + style blogging, but when I see so many outfit to re-create or be inspired from I end up just being overwhelmed and I end up sitting in my closet with an open jar of peanut butter staring at my clothes for hours. And then I love Pinterest for having cute outfits like this one for me to steal. This outfit gave me an “aha!” moment in my closet. Even my half eaten jar of peanut butter was inspired. 
(I found this necklace at a Charming Charlie’s store and thought it was a pretty good knock off of this guy.  I couldn’t find it online, but try in-stores.)

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