2.11.12d{Similar Sweater, Rose Jeans, Purse}
I have worn this outfit a minimum of two times in the last three days. (If I told you three times, you’d probably judge me, so let’s just pretend I’ve only worn it twice.) There are a few reasons this might be the perfect weekend outfit. It’s comfortable but still put together, I’m wearing a weekend acceptable heel and it fulfills my fascination with colored pants. 
Please ignore the sunglasses. The light was much too pretty to pass up even through all of my make up left my face for the day. And trust me, no matter how pretty the light is, tired melted make-up face is seriously scary.

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  1. loved the rose jeans. they look so neutral and they are pretty in combination with grey shoes. you are not wearing stockings! you can't do it in here (turkey).

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